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Kanga (Guest)
10-08-02, 12:52 AM
Here is a little piece of trivia for you. I know it is off the AQHA show venue topic but you guys can continue that.

The first Shameless foal was born in Australia 4 years ago tonight! He was a tobero colt who turned into the gorgeous stallion 'Mighty Shameless' who is now in WA. I was looking at his beautiful picture in the latest Paint Horse Journal and reminiscing about the little bundle of brown and white fluff that landed in my paddock after a huge rain storm (about 2am) exactly 4 years ago. Gosh a lot has happened in that 4 years!

Foaling time is tiring and a little anxious .... but gee it's EXCITING!!!! And addictive - especially with paints! :7

JOGY, I also would like to know what shows you have coming up so I can put the info on the NSWPHA web site. thanks.

10-08-02, 02:22 AM
Back to the National Show venue. Yes..Definately..No problems I would pay extra. It is a National show and should be presented at a National level venue.
And no we arnt rolling in the money either. But Horsley Park is a top arena etc. and I would have no qualms about the extras as long as it was clean and safe.
But as long as some directors dont want to go there, of course it wont!!
I certainly dont want to get embroiled on who ran the best nationals or who has run it into the ground,( we all have our own personal opinions and likes and dislikes of people!!! :D ) the thing that needs looking at now is, its time to make the move. Update the old and introduce the new.

JOGY could you email me your email address. Need to run an idea past you for the State and NPHA shows, Im now on the HVQHA committee doing Advertising/Newsletter.

10-08-02, 02:51 AM
HELLO ALL HOW ARE WE GOING ANY BABYS BORN YET,I have had one witch was born on the 7th it was a filly thank god. The only thing is that i have to wait and see if the white on her gets a bit bigger DAM DAM DAM but that is breeding paints, she is a very nice little filly small little head little ears big eye she will do well later in life i think. Any more babys out there,how about you jackie you had some due are they here yet. Anyway will talk to you all soon my next one is due in 2 and a bit weeks maybe i will have better luck with the colour then ,but as i said that is breeding paints.

bye for noe KIMBA

cocoa (Guest)
10-08-02, 02:58 AM
hi i wrote a while ago about my hot zippin chocolate horse could you tell me if there was any responce as i have been away for a while

JOGY (Guest)
10-08-02, 03:54 AM
Me email address is jgregory@ilg.com.au

TM (Guest)
10-08-02, 03:59 PM
You are probably right. I may be an idiot in your eyes (and guests) but I don't agree with telling competitors half truths. I get a little tired of hearing 'we only charge competitors what we get charged for stabling and camping', this is not always correct. (What would they expect to achieve by saying this.) Then you hear how they have to pay the costs of cleaning, water, electricity and use of facilities, not that they ever try to recover some costs in camping and stabling. Don't fabricate stories to competitors as this will always give people a reason (in their eyes) to get out the wooden spoon at stir and hold a grudge with Clubs and Associations and their committees from then on (that is when they find out otherwise). Grudges are VERY evident in the 'Western Showies' postings.

No I did not emphasise how much the extras are - waste removal I thought had already been noted. As for cleaning and security - there is no specified charges for this as it would depend on the requirements. To try to recover these costs from competitors in camping and stabling is very unfair. Clubs and Associations need to ensure that they can cover these costs before they book a venue, either that or if it was to be at a venue like Horseley Park then you could charge a gate fee then some costs can be recovered that way.

I do have to say that I WOULD NOT make a great business person as I don't like overcharging and find that I sympathise with people to much. I do realise that show committees do have to come out even or in front, it does not matter the size of the show though. It is the small shows throughout the year (for clubs) that make the big shows possible, along with great sponsorship and helpers.

What am I all for??????????? please enlighten me if you know the truth and not what you believe.
'only ever stay 2 - 3 days at a show at the most.' I would have agreed with this comment a couple of years ago (when I 1st became involved) but I do feel that you should look at updating your information, unless of course you have the wrong person. Furthermore I have NEVER stayed 2 - 3 days for a State Show, I have always show at the Apparama's, therefore that would have to be at LEAST 6 DAYS wouldn't it???!!!!

As for complaints about costs of stabling, I ONCE spoke to a State Show committee person as that year I would have only stayed one night (and that was a few years back), but due to my own reasoning did not see it being worth attending for ONE class. I believe that I must be the only 'complainer' if I'm at the top of the list. I have had the usual whine about costs, along with most others I suspect. If there is a set charge then that fine, especially if a committee cannot negotiate camping/stabling for one night, but as I said earlier I don't like half truths about costs.

'And only enter about 4 - 5 classes at a show' - don't you think that this is a little too many for myself, or are you referring to club shows? or perhaps you know how many I plan on entering this year.

As for those who arrive a couple of days before the show starts (I assume you refer to Nats and State) and stay all week. I wish to I was able to do this myself, I do have a daughter who goes to school and I have a job that I have to attend. Without this job I wouldn't attend for '2-3 days and enter 4-5 classes' as you have pointed out, therefore you wouldn't have as much competition. But what's one horse, from myself and many people in the same boat!

I have not chosen to go down the path of performance events, one day I'm sure I will but sitting on the sidelines (during events) and listening to the comments makes it that bit harder, everyone is the expert but most have different opinions.

I sure will be at the State Show, (someone has to be there to make sure that one of the Apparama's is run), but only with one horse and only in 5 classes.

'Arena Surface' - how would anyone not know? Just because you may only have ever seen me halter does not mean that I did not experience the dangerous conditions. 'Jig-Jog Halter Horses' do get exercise.

I'm glad to see that you, 'guest', seem to know so much about my ongoings (or think you do). I wonder if you are who I think you are?!?!? I don't recall a real name.

Sorry everyone, I did not mean for my post on the 118 to bring all the above ramblings out from myself. Unfortunately I'm the type of person who try's to hold back when I hear rubbish about myself, or a friend, but more often than not don't and usually get even more pains in my back afterwards (from the knives) LOL.

I would love for the Appaloosa, QH, Paint and NPHA main events to be at Horseley Park, purely for totally and utterly selfish reasons, I live about 10 - 15 min drive from there so I can easily attend as a competitor or spectator. Plus the facitlities are fantastic, especially from a spectators point of view. But if Assocaitions cannot afford the going rate, or get an agreed rate, then what is in the best interest of the breed and competitors is the place I would have to agree with even if I don't particularly like the venue. I'm sure everyone would want to attend a National/State show with the facilities of Horseley Park (if the price was right) even if it wasn't close to where they live.


10-08-02, 04:11 PM
Its clear that no one can agree on where to have the Nationals so why doesn't the committee have a vote with all of the members early in the year to see where they would like to go. Explain to the best of their knowledge the cost of each venue and let the members decide and those who are too lazy to vote can just stop complaining. It could be over the internet within each associations website. Just make it that every member can only vote once. Then see what happens!!

10-08-02, 04:19 PM
Well said, TM. It's the competitors that constantly get ripped off because of not knowing the exact costs etc etc.

As long as you enjoy showing then stick to what you enjoy, be it riding, haltering or just watching. The arena surface is just as important regardless of what you are competing in, I have seen many a halter horse fall in an arena, I saw two do it at the Paint Nats, one of whom I had assisted in the preparation of, and we were horrified as the ground was quite slippery.

In an ideal world we would have the facilities of Horsley Park for a much reduced cost, but look at the ludicrous civil action that people take these days, that is why the cost of our venues are so high, thanks to the money grabbing low life scum lawyers who line their pockets with our taxes.


JVQ (Guest)
11-08-02, 02:01 AM
I agree, put the decision back to the members on were to hold the National Show, do a budget based on running the show at each venue what it would cost for entries and stabling to run a break even show or at whatever loss is finacially viable,at each venue and let the majority of members decide.

You will not be able to make everyone happy but at least it will be a majority decision not just 10 or 12 people in a room, the same with some of the other major decision like the American registration issues, is this really what the membership want??

I think sometimes it gets forgotten that its an Association and the members are the ones who should hold the power!! the Association belongs to each and every member and its up to the Directors to ensure the Association is run to suite the majority not the minority of members and in the best interest of the members, not your own personel view or agenda.

From what I have been told, the decision on the National Show has NOT been made, apparently the problem with Horseley Park has to do with no cattle facility, and it is being looked into at the moment to see if this can be overcome, if so, I still believe it should be a membership vote on were to hold the show

TS (Guest)
11-08-02, 10:24 AM
I think with the cattle events, why don't they hold them at Cobbitty?, If not, with the few people and I do mean few, that enter the cattle events the viability of holding these events should be looked at.
After all, the futurities were done away with at the national show and they were very viable with huge entries.

And while a venue hasn't been announced yet for the nationals, I understand that the AQHA have already booked Tamworth.

Icey (Guest)
11-08-02, 11:53 AM
Hi TM,

You don't need to Justify yourself here, as most of us know you, and also know that you are the backbone behind SRAC. Being in a similar situation to you, I sit back and let the members make there own choice and try to pick up the peices when there desisions falls apart.

The jobs we do for our clubs go unreconised and we get the ear bashing, all for doing a volountry job that pays soooooo much money that we still have to work 2 jobs to pay our outstanding phone bills and receive phone calls all hours of the night when you have to get up at 4am the next morning.

Some people do not understand the frustration and the amounts of paper work that is involved with running a show and the endless hours of non sleep.

I will be running the NSWPHA State show again next year. Being much more in the picture of how things run and getting the much needed help from the PHAA office it will be a smoother and better organised 2003 Sate show, but I can almost guarantee that there will be some unhappy camper that can do things better than you.

All you can do is let the members make there own choices, when the same problem arrises again let them sort it out as they are the ones that wanted it that way in the first place.

Well on a different note....

Hope all goes well for the foaling season, happy camping in the paddock and don't go to the Loo between the hours of 11pm and 6am, that potty break will ensure you to miss the big occasion!


JVQ (Guest)
12-08-02, 02:26 AM
Hi all

Had two foals born, both Palomino, 1 filly by Tashmere out of JVQ Simplycitee, so a 1/2 sister to Idol, really cute pretty head great back and hocks, a little small being 4 weeks early but should be a really good filly, the other foal is by Ima Cool Seeker out of a paint mare Topline Krystaline and is a solid pally colt, absolutely huge, even though he was not due till the 29th, can see why mum wanted him out of there, Have our first foal from the Frozen Mighty Awesome semen, should foal any day, mare is waxed up, she isn't due till the 29th either, must be this warm weather we are having, though I have 2 mares due on the 12th that don't even look close.
Hopefully we will have a few on the ground for the open day on the 31st of August, I am picking up Best Western from quaranteen tomorrow and First Down flies in on Wednesday so ther should be lots to see and lots for sale.
On another note I am trialing those foal watch kits, that measure the calcium level in the milk to predict foaling, they have worked really well on the first two mares to foal I will continue to use for the rest of the year and give you a report on my findings for anyone who is interested

Paint Lover (Guest)
12-08-02, 04:26 AM

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with Classy Priority foals? Do they ride or are they purely halter? What are the temperaments like?

Thanks in advance.... :)

JVQ (Guest)
12-08-02, 08:01 AM

I may be slightly biased, since I Imported Classy Priority originally but he would be probably one of the most underated sire around, not only has he produced too many halter champions to mention, but they have also done extremely well at pleasure, can't remember the name (someone else may remember) but this particular horse won the 3yr NPHA Futurity and another placed in the 2yr.
It is great to see that not only can the pleasure horses produce halter horses, but it can also work in reverse, a great halter sire can also produce great riders.
As far as temperament, i have not had any problems with any, and have found that the Classy mares are now turning into great producers.


12-08-02, 04:07 PM
Hi Guys,
another update on the babies - Oops CONGRATULATIONS Jackie & anyone out there with their babies (who haven't let us know)! Jackie We will swap you some colour LOL We have the cropout filly you have the solid paint - I would prefer my QH back !No offence to the paints....:D

Redwing just had a filly a sister for SLINKY (KnK Miz Cool Sensation) & Peppa (KnK Ima Cool Sensation) She is a chestnut filly with two hind socks a blaze face and the CUTEST dishy little face, little tippy in ears and a beautiful body with everything in the right place... WOW thats a turn around for KnK 2 foals 2 fillies - hey DL their NOT palomino either LOL no Midas touch as yet. The filly is fine, also same story as Jackie wasn't due until the 29th - but all's well !!

Have an Appy mare not due 'til the 20th looks like she will hang on at this stage - and a Struttin' mare (1st of the golden girls)also due then looks like she will hold on till later in the month !!

WOW just reading LEGENDS #4 and found a photo of a full brother to Im Cool Enough's mum (Impressive Enough)and he is a WORLD CHAMPION to boot !! How exciting ! His name is Impressive Prince... Gosh I still get excited about my gorgeous boy ! Just love him to pieces !

Hope to get to your open day Jackie sounds like there will be heaps to see !

Guess JS is head down and tail up getting her place setup - and foaling down mares - busy busy !! Don't envy her at the moment !
Keep Well Guys

12-08-02, 11:44 PM
Wow, Cogratulations on the foals everyone. Doesnt this time of year come around so fast. It doesnt seem that long ago that we sat at the computers and talked about last years foals being born.
Its not fair, I have to wait until October for our mare to foal, but at least she looks like she is in foal now. Maiden mare, I was having heart palpatations, didnt look like there was anything in there!!! So I await my Barpasser foal. Everyone I know has had fillies, I want a filly too, but I think by the time Madam foals all the fillies will be taken. :P
My 2yo filly ( you remember her dont you ICE, the sweet little.....kicking cow, from lungeline }> ) well she went to Caroline over a week ago, and I havnt heard a bad word yet!!
They love her!!!!!! Hopefully......but not likely she will turn out half as good as Minnie.

Paint Lover (Guest)
13-08-02, 02:26 AM
Thanks JVQ for your input....

It is great to hear from those who have experience with different stallions and their offspring. I have liked Classy Priority for years, even though I haven't seen him in the flesh, and now that I am looking for a sire for my future paint baby, he is at the top of my list....

Thanks again :)

Samantha (Guest)
13-08-02, 05:36 AM
Congrats to all those with foals on the ground! I love this time of year, unfortunately no one I know has foals due this year :(

I'm thinking of putting my mare in foal next season, what do you all think of 'Lynx Little Commando'? He did real well at the Nationals for a not widely known stallion.

kiz (Guest)
13-08-02, 07:07 AM
11 foals by our paint colt and one by a black ASH stallion. First is due on September 15....can't hardly wait!

Curious (Guest)
13-08-02, 08:48 AM
What is the name of your paint colt kiz?

Christine (Guest)
13-08-02, 11:11 AM
I've seen Lynx off and on over the past few years and I personally think he's devine. He's not the 'popular' type so to speak, he's not a big horse but his temperament is great!!
He's been in just about every event you can possibly think of and not only held his own but done quite well...

I've no idea how his progeny have gone though and I dont know anyone who has any of his progeny...but I think he's lovely.....

You should just ring the owners and go out and have a look at him, or find out when his next show is on and observe him from the side lines etc..

Christine :)

Well what do you know (Guest)
13-08-02, 02:02 PM
I heard tonight from a director that the nationals will be at Tamworth because they have a sponsor.

When will they understand that it is NOT the money its the state of the facilities!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13-08-02, 03:48 PM
Hi guys, congrats on the foals. None for me now, but I'll be busy helping friends with theirs and have already talked my sister through the waiting game with one of the warmblood mares she cares for. These foals are BIG !!!the first one a colt with 4 stockings and a star, almost Paint colour LOL. I wasn't actually there when he was finally born, so haven't broken my "all fillies" run just yet LOL.
Wish me luck again. I'm off to Q'ld on Wednesday to look at a pally QH gelding, sounds perfect, the right size for my comfort and the video was great. I've been following the Tamworth debate with interest, as I'll probably have a QH, but having been there a couple of times with Kath, think I'd give Tamworth a miss too. I've been feeling a bit cut off, my work computer broke down and the replacement hasn't arrived yet.

14-08-02, 11:56 PM

Nic (Guest)
15-08-02, 02:32 AM
Well well what a surprise huh!!! NOT.....

I just wish that the board would stop and listen to us the members who support the association.

I think I will hop on the ban wagon at this stage and boycot the show, not that it will make much of a difference.

On another note - Congratulations to everyone with their new babies its such an exciting time of year!! We dont have any this year but are already super excited about next years babies that we will have due!! Cant wait.

Hope you are all well and the late foaling nights are not too much drama for any of you.


fred (Guest)
15-08-02, 02:59 AM
so is anyone going to the A class show this weekend at wingham with scott myers judging (if you dont know where wingham is it is 15mins from taree witch is 1 hour south of port maquarie)
they have a lot of prize money up for grabs i will be showing in the western ring and this is my first ridden show so i hope it all goes well this weekend.
also does anyone know how scott judging

mr ed (Guest)
15-08-02, 04:33 AM
i think the idea of boycotting tamworth sounds great, the only way to get the board to listen is to us the MEMBER'S is to take action like this......we have world class facillitie's in sydney im sure if member's were asked to put there hands in there pocket to contribute to costs and soforth,, for better faccillitie's im sure there wouldnt be a problem we must take a stand know if we dont the board will continue to not listen to it's member's,,,, we are the industry not them!!!!!!!!!!

Nic (Guest)
15-08-02, 06:53 AM
Here Here MR Ed!! well said, I must say that I have called the association on numerous occassions to express my thoughts but its never considered so I just wonder why I bother..... sad really.

Good Luck with your show Fred - I hope that you do well, just enjoy yourself!! Be sure to keep us all posted on how you go.

TS (Guest)
15-08-02, 09:47 AM
I'm like you Nic a little person who they just ignore, well I'm fed up because it is all us little people who make up the association.
Well we can have a say at voting time and let me tell you I won't vote for a single restanding director nore will I vote for one from either the Tamworth area or QLD.
I really just can't see how they can just ignore us. It just goes to show you that the directors are only on there for their personal agendas. The directors are not put on the board by us to have their own say but to listen to us and have our collective say.
I will boycot Tamworth, because we can go to the Congress at Weribbee and then head to Horsley Park for the NSW State show and NPHA, not to mention the SQHA and SRAC that are holding AA shows at Horsley Park in March, the Australian Breeders Classic at Tatura and Australian Halter Showcase at Weribbee. All better, safer, cleaner, more prestigous places to show.

15-08-02, 10:04 AM
Here Here, unfortunately we will be doing the same as you TS. Victoria shows look good, back for a small rest then do the State and NPHA at Horsely Park. I know that there is probably alot of behind the scene reasons for Tamworth, but I cant justify going to that 3rd rate showground and putting my horses health and safety in jeopardy as well as our own comfort. The conditions are appalling. Just ask people like me who suffered her first sinus infection in her life from the dust. It had to be seen to be believed ( the dust I mean).And so many people had babies who got sick with breathing problems too.
They wont listen to words maybe they will listen to the attendance. The Quarter Horse fraternity does not want Tamworth.

Hi Fred, good luck for your show on Sunday. Scott Meyers likes his horses going natural, dont hang onto them. Let them out on a drape. HUS too. Doesnt like to see horses with their noses tucked in. Hope this helps. If not enjoy your day and ride for you enjoyment not the judges.

Samantha (Guest)
15-08-02, 11:26 AM
Was greatly shocked when I picked up the "Aust Perf Horse" mag and saw the vale for "Premium Concent". Must be so hard especially since he was so young and hadn't even reached his full potential.
This year, so many good stallions have passed away.

Dody (Guest)
15-08-02, 12:31 PM
Onya folks for boycotting the Nationals at Tamworth. I think we all should try and support those show committees who are attempting to improve our shows - and of course make it much safer for our horses. Go NPHA, QH State Show, SRAC & SQHA, it's great to see that your committees have some forsight.

I for one will also be going to NPHA & QH State Show and giving the Nationals a big miss. I hope many more of us do the same.

TM (Guest)
15-08-02, 01:04 PM
The SRAC is holding a Futurity Show on the 2nd March at the Equestrian Centre, they are not holding it back to back with the SQHA. The SQHA is not holding a show there unless they have booked another weekend.


Sheryl (Guest)
15-08-02, 01:39 PM
We all are on the same wavelength with the Nationals. Perhaps we each should write to the board over the next couple of weeks expressing our concerns (again).

Friend (Guest)
15-08-02, 11:06 PM
Hi All
Hope the foaling is going well l gess that there is a lot of
sleepless night. On the subject of the Nationals why don't
you get a petition going at a couple of show in stead of
individual one's they might listen then. But by the time you get to them they might have picked there dates for the show.

Bye for now

Please (Guest)
16-08-02, 03:08 AM
PLEEEASE stop the debate on the Nationals going to Tamworth. NO decision has been made until the next Board Meeting. I am sure the Board is well aware of the conditions of the grounds and will be doing their best to look into other venues. Why don't you all wait for a decision - after all the Nationals is over eight months away - plenty of time for petitions once a decision has been made and you are not happy.

TS (Guest)
16-08-02, 03:56 AM
Well Please, Don't be so condescending, you sound like a board member. You have even told us we can put a petition together after the decision is made.
We can debate whatever topic we like here and like you DG2 except I am a sinus sufferer and I came back from Tamworth and had that many doses of antibiotics it was a joke.
I have previously signed two petitions one that MAry Gale had at the homebush nationals that requested the nationals be back at homebush, and the other was from Jeff Jones that was sent around the country and I know these had about 200 sugnatures on there before I signed it. These were presented to the new board and I guess because they didn't like it threw them straight into the bin.

Sarz (Guest)
16-08-02, 05:58 AM
I have been following this thread and seriously doubt if I would bother with the Nationals if they are back at Tamworth. After forking out over $250 dollars in Vet's bills this year. I had a weanling up there who ended up with a respiratory infection which really knocked him about. Fingers crossed they make the right descision for the members.

16-08-02, 07:05 AM
Your right 'Please' the official decision wont be made until the next board meeting. BUT....it seems strange to me that some directors are already saying that the Nationals will be back at Tamworth. Why is this so. Have they already discussed what they will vote????
I have signed those petitions of Mary's and Jeff's, it obviously hasnt done any good.
I for one would love to be wrong about the decision,and would think nothing of eating my whinging words, if the decision is made to change venues. Im not for bagging the AQHA, a great organisation and breed they are, just a bit misguided some of them are I think.
I havnt heard one person here on the forum or at any shows say that Tamworth is acceptable, not one. That has to account for something, doesnt it???????

Nic (Guest)
16-08-02, 07:14 AM
Why would we tell the board and sign petitions if and when a decision has already been made??

This would mean that deposits and or contracts have been drawn to secure a venue would it not??

We are all debating this topic because we have various concerns both for ourselves and the saftey and health of our horses.

I guess we are hoping the board will finally STOP! listen! and begin to respect the thoughts of its members - after all with out its members the board has no association......

Just some food for thought!!

Steve (Guest)
16-08-02, 10:14 AM
If all competitors and owners don't go to the nationals in Tamworth and only go to the quarter horse state show & the NPHA show at the National Equestrian Centre, then the board might just wake up and take notice.
Fancy running the nationals again at Tamworth and also while Sydney Royal is still on. The board just don't care about anyone but themselves.

JVQ (Guest)
17-08-02, 12:02 AM
Hi All
had a stunning Mighty Awesome Coloured filly born yesterday, the first from the Frozen semen we brought out, I can see why he is the leading sire in the USA, this filly has the cutest head (like a little arab) short short back, lovely straight legs and will be AWESOME.
I personally am not a paint breeder, but this filly would make me even want to jump the fence, not that I have anything against Paints, Ive just always beem more involved with QH.
I really hope the AQHA listens to its members and doesn't take the Nationals back to Tamworth, from what I believe both Dubbo and Tamworth have been tentatively booked and Horseley Park is also being looked at.
I think the conditions at Tamworth are appalling and will be recommending not attending the Nationals if held at Tamworth also, so don't get me wrong when I say that a lot of the sickness that the foals get are from travelling and the associated stress, there was a lot of foals sick at the Paint Nationals at Dubbo this year also, probably as many as the QH Nationals.
This is the reason Burke Stud will not be showing any of our foals as weanlings, were they have to travel any distance, and I can tell you having a filly born like the one above makes that a very hard decision, but one thing about Don, he will never put a Trophie in front of a horses well being.

sue (Guest)
17-08-02, 12:23 AM
Looking at the problem from another side, perhaps it might help to voice your opinions to the member of parliament at Tamworth because the government knocked back plans for the new equestrian complex to be built so maybe if you told him/her that you are not happy with the conditions and that you are encouraging the AQHA to move their shows elsewhere which would mean Tamworth will lose a lot of money so that may help the cause to get the complex back on track for reconsideration. This complex should have been approved and building would have been well underway by now. I guess it was too good to be true.

spotted lady (Guest)
17-08-02, 03:09 AM
hope to be there if not too busy at work on saturday also riding in the western ring ... as for the judge... a fair judge and a nice man

TS (Guest)
17-08-02, 03:48 AM

The Tamworth council has been promising to fix the venue now for 20 years and it still gets worse. Anyway why do we need to show at Tamworth, I will never understand why that town has such a gravitational pull. Lets move everything to a capitol city and give us a chance to showcase our wonderful horses to the general public because we will always stay stagnet while we just cater for the people who are already in the business.