View Full Version : Yee Ha, the luck o' the Irish

13-03-00, 04:05 PM
Well, what a hoot - we cracked it this year!
Just clearing out of the torrential Wet Season tropical downpour, the grey 5yo by not much out of even less gave it his all and hung on to win the 2000 St. Patrick's Cup. It's not always nice to be the underdog, but there's nothing as nice as being the underdog who got up on the day, is there!(and we might be able to fill the shopping trolley all the way up next week)
This isn't a gloating session, just you know what it's like, there's lots of lows, so you've got to enjoy the Highs when they're there - and just wanted to pass on some happy reading. ps we're a bit short of Alice Banders in the Territory, anyone feel like coming up for carnival?
(retired, you've been here, can't even think of a Territory equivilant for an Alice Bander... perhaps they're the ones with a float that was actually made in the southern states, and not gerrybuilt up here???
Rubiton, "rubioke" won last two starts, then ran third yesterday, Apparently Razzamataz isn't firing down in Adelaide at the moment?

14-03-00, 01:46 PM
To be sure to be sure a good story indeed tk, and very well done to you and mostly to the hanging on grey! Party hard!