View Full Version : Does anyone know how many bales of hay go into a bag of lucerne chaff?

foodie (Guest)
15-08-02, 05:43 AM

woody (Guest)
15-08-02, 05:46 AM
Depending on the size of the bales of hay 1.5 to 2 bales

Amber_WA (Guest)
15-08-02, 05:59 AM
I was trying to work that out as I feed lucerne hay at night, and wanted to see if it would save money feeding it as chaff.
I can't see how it can be more than 1 bale in a bag.. depending of course on the size of the bale, but I'm going working with a bale about 1m by 0.5m.. standard size? When you take into account that the hay is really packed dense, and chaff has lots of air.. I figure it's cheaper to go with the hay. Plus I feed a lot of hay so would be going through a lot of chaff!

Farmer (Guest)
17-08-02, 04:49 AM
Don't believe what you read ! Hay bales vary in weight depending on many things and chaff also varies . Most people selling chaff tend to overstate the bales of hay per bag of chaff to justify the higher cost. The simple and accurate way is to weigh both the bale of hay and the the bag of chaff. You will be surprised !

17-08-02, 05:50 AM
Been having this same debate with myself. My guys at the moment get hay in the morning, and a hard feed at night. We have no grass, so I like to give them hay, because it gives them bulk and they take ages to eat it.... Hard feeds are gone in about 20 minutes. Now our bags of chaff are at the moment $20.50 a bag, and bales of hay (the best quality I can find, which isnt too great) are $15 a bale, which I find amazingly expensive, considering it was only costing me $7.50 a bale not long ago!!! a bale lasts maybe 3 days between 2 horses. I might sit down and work all this out this afternoon (work is very boring)
ok, realise this doesnt help with the original question, Im guessing maybe 1.5 to 2. I can easily life a bale of hay, though struggle with a bag of chaff.


Caroline (Guest)
17-08-02, 06:05 AM
Well, I would really dispute this... :o
I recall one agistment property that I had a horse had their own chaff cutter, and one bale of hay used to make a couple of bags worth.
I think you're better off with a bale of hay! Less dusty too.
And dragoness, my last bales of hay were $19.50 each!!!

Carol (Guest)
17-08-02, 06:12 AM
Not answering the original question here as I don't know. though was just wondering why people feed double lucerne, (hay and chaff). Meadow hay is alot cheaper, haven't paid more than $7.50 per bale all winter and if you have no grass it is replacing what they would normally be getting out of the pasture. I use to feed lucerne Hay and lucerne chaff though have really changed my feeding ways during this dry period and the horses all look great. You can get some great mixes, I am feeding a rye mix at the moment and they aren't leaving a trace. I feed the yearling lucerne hay twice a week just to keep up the protein content though the older horses don't see the lucerne. Something to think about.

17-08-02, 06:14 AM
OMG Caroline!!!! Im in shock!!! $19.50 a bale!! yikes!! You may be right about how many bales, I was just going on what I can carry, I can just seem to carry a bale much easier than I can carry a 40kg bag of chaff, but then, that might be because bales are easier to handle.
all I can say is, bring on the rain!!


17-08-02, 06:19 AM
My guys wont touch it (ok, yes, they may be spoilt a little) but honestly, it just gets spread around the paddock and blown away. Tried it when lucerne hay starting going way up in price. Kept trying for awhile, thought they'd eat it when they got hungry enough, but after about 3 bales worth of loose hay ended up in my neighbours yard, realised it wasnt worth it. . Id rather spend the extra and know thats its all getting eaten.


Debbie (Guest)
17-08-02, 06:27 AM
Kelley, who posts on here, has her own chaff cutter. She would know the answer.


Amber_WA (Guest)
17-08-02, 06:40 AM
I feed 2 biscuits oaten hay and 1 lucerne every night. It works out well because for one horse a bale ($12.50 from my stockfeeders in WA) lasts around 1-2 weeks. I mix it with oaten hay as then I need to feed less and am not unbalancing his diet. I feed it instead of meadow hay because I haven't had good results with meadow hay, finding a lot being left and trampled.

Caroline (Guest)
17-08-02, 06:56 AM
At least we have some nice green sprouts of grass starting to peep through the burnt/dried/frost bitten brown stalks.. :)

And Carol, my horse just refuses to eat the meadow hay... fussy bugger ;)

JEC (Guest)
17-08-02, 08:36 AM
It is correct that 1.5 to 2 bales go into a bag of chaff as a bale of hay SHOULD weigh around 22 kilos. The reason people who chaff their own get only one bale into a bag is because people who chaff to sell commercially actually steam & press the chaff into the bags therefore fit a lot more.

The people who do this also know who to buy their hay off & demand bales that weigh as much as possible so the bags of chaff do weigh the 40 kilos without having to put 3 bales to do it like some of the bales I have bought lately !!!! I used to be lucky to lift a bale of hay , now I could probably lift one in each hand & they are shrinking too !!!!!

clairejo (Guest)
17-08-02, 04:12 PM
In WA my bags of lucerne chaff USED to overflow a 44 gallon drum but now come nowhere near the top....same with oaten chaff (and I'm talking steamcut wheaten here) seems the bags are getting lighter and the cost getting heavier. Same thing with millmix (millrun). I feed lucerne hay now instead of the lucerne chaff for this reason and can say there is NO WAY a bag of lucerne would outweigh a bale of lucerne hay. No way at all.
But you poor buggers paying that price for hay; we had a rotten hay season last year and prices were like that - if you could get it at all; some weeks my girls just didn't see it as I couldn't get it. Better all get out there and do a rain dance, may just help :)

KristenMcAuslan (Guest)
18-08-02, 09:22 AM
1 1/4 to 1 1/2 bales here :)

tgh (Guest)
19-08-02, 01:05 AM
Did the exercise yesterday.. 2 1/2 bales into two 44 gallon drums.. well packed in... lucky to get a bale in loose.
Interesting that when hay was sold commercially by the tonne .. the bales were more even .. Our farmer who produces prime irrigated lucerne only ...now sells most of his output to a steady stream of us city slickers .. and the bales sure aren't getting any heavier...

Caroline (Guest)
20-08-02, 02:14 AM
aaah, the rain dance - did anyone else hear on the news about the Nepalese women who all locked their husbands up and went out naked to do some farming (all to appease the hindu rain god Indra) they also carried out some ritualistic marriage ceremonies (frog weddings..)
but HEY

... it worked.....

well, the monsoons came and now their roads are flooding... perhaps they did too good a job....

:-) ;-) }> :D

Poppie (Guest)
20-08-02, 05:15 AM
Hey, where are people buying the 40 kilo bags of chaff from? I can only get the 27.5kg ones in Sydney and I've noticed too that the bags of oaten chaff are smaller. I put a full bag of oaten chaff in the 44 gallon drum this morning - I used to have 1/3 bag left over after filling the drum in the past.