View Full Version : need help finding a riding place

lies van caelenberg (Guest)
16-08-02, 04:32 AM
Hi everyone
I have recently moved from Belgium and the UK to Australia and now live in Melbourne.I am looking for a decent place to ride with decent horses. I don't seem to have any luck finding a place where they cater for adults! I have always had my own horse and am completely frustrated not even be able to ride! Can you please help me finding a nice place? Thanks!

Billie (Guest)
16-08-02, 05:47 AM
When you say a decent place to ride, what sort of riding do you have in mind? Trail riding? Dressage? Showjumping? I assume you want to hire a horse?

jack (Guest)
16-08-02, 02:51 PM
and what area?