View Full Version : what happened to "ness" post re floating??

Eva (Guest)
17-08-02, 06:45 AM
why was it deleted Bill??

17-08-02, 09:21 AM

Eva (Guest)
20-08-02, 01:40 AM
but she was asking if she could borrow someone's float to bring her horse in after a spell ??? dont know how that's advertising?

20-08-02, 02:53 AM
"Float wanted" is as much an ad as "float for sale".

Besides if I remember correctly someone she knew responded to the thread anyway, saying that they could float the horse like they did last time. Why clutter up this forum with personal messages that belong in a private phone call?

ness (Guest)
20-08-02, 06:28 AM
Hi Bill, I think there was some misunderstanding, I posted what I did in the hope someone could lend me a float, or could recommend a transport company to help me move a horse.I dont want to buy one, i wanted a recommendation or some help.

No one said they could "float the horse like they did last time" - I was the one who floated the horse last time, and the float I borrowed is now out of action.

As for me "cluttering up this forum with personal messages" I thought this was a CHAT FORUM for horsey people to MESSAGE each other about horses and associated problems/questions/ and so on..
Perhaps everyone on the forum should be chatting on the phone then Bill....????? Im sure if you read most of the Naice showies, Western showies or other "regular" forums.. there are plenty of personal messages there.. you going to delete them all too??

Eva (Guest)
20-08-02, 07:25 AM
just thought I'd add...

look below at the 'cheap price for MSM' - I think that's advertising dont you Bill?? How about the post for "sweetbulk" - isnt that advertising? Or people looking for farriers.....

I know Ness personally, and I can guarantee that it was a genuine request she'd posted, it was not advertising, and I have no idea how you could think that of her original message?

no more for me to say on this...

tgh (Guest)
20-08-02, 11:50 AM
Hey .. fair go...Glewcose-a-mine is an outrageous price.. I think that Bill can differentiate between public interest.. and commercial promotion.

If someone offers a service ..or a product.. at a substantial discount to the retail value.. goodon 'em ..and if an indevigewall can point us in the right direkshon...we all wanna know..doan we bill ???

21-08-02, 12:32 AM
So way off topic, its not funny but......
How lovely to hear, well, read you again. l've missed your written word!
Hope life is being kind to you,
Ambridge and her buckskins.