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19-08-02, 02:42 AM
Does anyone know how wide a free jumping (showjumping) laneway is? Also how long does it need to be?

Otherwise how wide is a showjump (plus wings)? Thank you very much! :-)

Jan Heine (Guest)
19-08-02, 02:55 AM
Dreamer I have just seen the best "jumping lane/lunging yard" ever - it is in New Zealand - it is an oval shape and so has two lovely long sides - it is double fenced - the width is 12' and has moveable cups along the double fencing for the rails - this is brilliant because it is so flexible - you are not locked into any particular distances or numbers of fences etc. The outside fence is 1.50m and the inside fence is about 1.25m. You can send them around the loose fences or you can take all rails down and you have a wonderful "stringless" lungeing yard or you can use the inside of the set up and lunge as per normal. Not sure whether that makes any sense - if not feel free to question me further and I will try and make it clearer.

As for how wide is a showjump including wings - impossible to answer - how long is a piece of string? Wings can be fancy or plain; wide or narrow - the wings are not really relevant - it is the width of the pole and most are 12'

19-08-02, 05:48 AM
Thanks Jan, much appreciate the information. I think I picture what you're saying. Regarding this oval area, how long (roughly if they were straight lines) were the long sides? Am I picturing this correctly that they hang the cups directly off the fence and therefore don't require wings in the lane?

Also when you set up the 3 jumps that typically I've seen used to show a horse free jumping, how far apart do you position them and how much run up and slow down room is needed before and after the jumps?

Jomac (Guest)
19-08-02, 07:53 AM
Dreamer, it sounds to me like you have no experience in show jumping at all so it is a bit concerning that you appear to be planning on free jumping some horses ??? The "run up" and "slow down" room you speak of - are you talking about approach and departure? A horse free jumping uses the same stride length as a horse jumping under saddle, so you set up your "free" jumps the same as a normal show jumping course. Worked on 12 foot strides (canter) with the take off and landing distance commensurate with the height of the fences, surface conditions etc., etc.,

Perhaps it will be better for you to attend somewhere where horses are free jumped, and learn all there is to know that way. Free jumping is not something to do without good knowledge and training skills as a horse can be badly injured or lose his confidence if things go wrong. Good luck, and I'm genuinely interested as to why you are using free jumping with your training. :-)

19-08-02, 09:42 AM
Jomac, thank you for you concern.

You have assumed that I am planning on free jumping some horses, yet if you care to examine my posts, nowhere in my questions have I stated an intention to do any such thing. I have simply asked for some specifications on the laneway. I apologise that I did not use the technical terminology, but the intent of the words used are clearly one and the same. In any case, thank you for your correction, I will ensure to use them in future.

There are many paths to knowledge. Perhaps you should consider that a request for information on this subject is a pretty obvious attempt at furthering ones knowledge and seeking guidance from more experienced folks. Thank you for your suggestion to attend some free jumping facilities. If and when I free jump any of my horses it will be done under expert guidance. I value my horses too highly to risk them on experimentation. For your information, I do have some experience with free jumping but this has always been done on other's facilities and I have not been intimately involved in the set up.

Bo diddly (Guest)
19-08-02, 12:05 PM
Whoa there Dreamer ... you sound like a nice enough kinda person and so does Jomac .. and I gotta say that I too thought you were asking re distances and widths because you were gonna sool some youngsters over some jumps. Which surprised me cos I didn't think you were like that.

Maybe Jomac doesn't come on here that often so doesn't know that you would NEVER do such a thing ... but hey, you can't blame anyone for thinking the worst from your posts. I mean, why else would most people ask these questions?

Take it easy :-)