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Yoda (Guest)
19-08-02, 03:50 PM
Does any one no who got swabbed at bris and if so was it a positive or a negative swabb.

mac (Guest)
22-08-02, 12:21 AM
Have you heard about masking agent. I believe you can cover drugs with big doses of bi-carb I saw a hack come into the ring with big white bubbles coming out of his nose????

Showie (Guest)
22-08-02, 02:48 AM
I do not believe that the internet is the appropriate forum for discussing which horses got swabbed. Naming people infers guilt whether or not their horses had received illegal substances. As for masking agents the bicarb soda would have been administered by injection and believe me it will only alert the lab to look for other substances (my family have been associated with the racing industry for a very long time). As for the horse leaving the ring with a foaming nose - just think about it there is no way a substance administered by injection would cause this effect and for an oral administration to have this effect the horse would have had to consume about a kilo of bicarb in the ring - it only foams for seconds certainly not long enough to cause the reaction described above.

Lastly I believe that all winners should be swabbed and random horses selected from each class including led horses.

don't you know??? (Guest)
22-08-02, 11:05 AM
When a horse is swabbed the samples have to go to a Lab. for processing - then if there is an irregular swab the Lab notifiies the organisation which requested the swab. The organisation then has to notify the person in charge of the animal. That person can then request testing, in front of an independant person or not, of the 2nd sample that has been taken. They have a time frame to make that decision. They then notify the organisers of their decision. If they want the 2nd sample tested then the organising body has to notify the Lab. The Lab. then has to test the 2nd sample, then notify the organising body. The organising body then has to notify the people concerned. They can then ask for an explaination from the people concerned. There may be a face to face meeting with the people concerned. Then the organising body makes a decision re the penalty or whatever decision they make. Then they have to inform the people concerned of the decision. There may or may not be a mechanism for an appeal to be lodged. The organising body may or may not choose to release the information.
It doesn't happen overnight as you seem to think.
There has to be a process called "natural justice".
If it was your horse I bet that you would expect all avenues were followed correctly and that you were afforded "natural justice" before all and sundry found out and gossiped about it on this or any other forum wouldn't you?????

brisie competitor (Guest)
23-08-02, 12:22 AM
yoda - i think you are a sour loser and gossiper - what business of yours is it who got swabbed and there results. if it was your horse u wouldn't want every1 to know would you? get a life

23-08-02, 01:18 AM
Yoda, I've noticed a few attempts by you to get a discussion going by asking others what they think or what they know.

How about venturing an opinion of your own instead of getting others to make it for you? As it is you come across as someone without any ideas and a gossip mongerer.

elvis (Guest)
23-08-02, 02:30 AM
i wish people wouldn't give half arsed answers to things, like they knew what they were talking about. yes, bicarb is a masking agent, and it also stops the build up of lactic acid, letting the horse perform better in staying events. BUT YOU DON'T INJECT IT!!!!! large doses are given in a drench. in racing parlance, it is called a milkshake, and it is illegal. a horse must not have a tco2 level above 36. without bicarb, average horses are between 25 - 32.