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Bargain Hunter (Guest)
23-08-02, 07:55 AM
I'm just wondering what bargains people have come across in relation to horse gear or just general horsey stuff? Where you out looking for something to buy or did you see something and decide you just had to have it? I've got 3 treasures that I came across and had to bring them home:
1. An old style Bates Esperance in beautiful condition, only $295 at a stable sale and fitted my pony like it was made for her.
2. A Mary Pinsent bronze statue of a showjumper for $140 at an auction of a deceased estate.
3. An old sulky lamp from a junk store in Tasmania when I was on my honeymoon. The candle is melted sideways from being in the shop window but I love the character.

Snowy (Guest)
23-08-02, 01:55 PM
I used to frequent the local sale in search of old saddles to make into stools (look great around the bar - and are a real talking piece). Picked up a few very old Aussie stock saddles - ranging from $5 to $20. Came across an extremely dirty, dusty, spider infested western saddle with an incredibly deep seat, sturdy horn - when sitting in it, the front and back comes up to about waist height - very safe and secure! Anyway, it had slight water damage on one of the skirts, but had no idea what was really under all the dirt, I just thought it would make a very comfy seat, and safe after you've had a few to drink :)

Got into a bidding war with a fellow auctionee and paid $55 for it. Brought it home, cleaned it up and was shocked to discover a saddle with full engravings, white leather designs over the edges of the seat and a bone tree.

Took it to an elderly saddler for an approximate age, and origination and he got quite excited over it. He had never seen one that old in such good condition - it is well over 100 yrs old, would have been the "top of the range" saddle in it's time (when a man was ranked in society by his horse and saddle - if you owned a good horse and good saddle, you must have been a good person) and came from America originally. I spent around $300 to have the damaged leathers replaced, new lining, leg fenders etc and had the original leathers fixed as much s possible so I could keep the designs and authenticity and have now made it my show saddle. I managed to keep the seat, horn and top skirt original, unfortunately from there down had to be replaced. It is extremely comfortable, very safe and I wouldn't dream of going back to another style or saddle.

I am pretty chuffed with my "bargain" :)

claire (Guest)
23-08-02, 02:05 PM
Now THATS a bargain...You lucky bugger :-) :-)

LF (Guest)
23-08-02, 04:28 PM
Whilst out doing the girlie/coffee/browse thing I came across the most beautiful solid silver locket in a tiny antique shop. It is oval and about 1 1/4 inches in depth. You can open it and on the front is the most intricatley carved horse. On the back are the initials G.C.

The lovely gentleman behind the counter told me it's history.
It was a collectable piece known as trench art. It was painstakingly carved whilst G.C. was ensconced in the trenches during WW1. Quite a lot of serviceman did likewise to ease their suffering and remind them of loved ones. G.C. must have loved his horse very much. I wear it almost every day with pride, and I have a tiny piece of each of my horses hair in it.

That was 3 years ago.

About 4 months ago I recieved a phone call from the same little shop. The gentleman informed me that he had obtained another silver pendant which he believed was carved by the same soldier.

I took my locket with me, and yes, it too is a single pendant of the same horse only this one is irregular in shape and has the silhouette of the same horse within it.

They are both very beautiful pieces and I wear them, on behalf of and for G.C., who( I am sure) carved them with much love and admiration for that horse.


Johnny's Mum (Guest)
24-08-02, 01:42 AM
What pure Treasure you have there LF. I can imagine the vibes from these unique, irreplaceable pieces. Somehow, I think you were meant to have them both....................:-)

24-08-02, 04:35 AM
My mother has a collectables type shop and often gets horseanalia which she keeps for me. I have some beautiful large figurenes which are 1 1/2 foot long but 1 foot high. We think they are French. I also have some horse heads made of the same style. These are most interesting and I wish I knew their history.

Then there are the extremely beautiful matching cream coloured horse heads. They where originally book ends but my dad took the horrible wooden end bit off and they look fantastic. Wish I could show you pics of them.

And I also have some 'White Horse' whiskey collectables, horse head ashtray and large figurene.

And then there is the collection of mini horse figures that I have. Ive been collecting since I was a kid and have 100's and have them from all over the world.