View Full Version : How do I do my hair?

Vidal (Guest)
27-08-02, 06:33 AM
First show coming up. Have just past shoulder length hair and need to know how to pin/put it up to sit neatly and stylishly under a hunting cap. I have no idea - please help.

Maree Carroll (Guest)
27-08-02, 09:00 AM
Do what I do & just put into a low ponytail then twist it & hold it up against your head then stick your cap over the top then tuck the other whispy bits in!!
Or twist it into a low bun that you can see half of under your cap for a smartest class. Depends on how much time you have i used to put into pig tails then had them frau style but can't be bothered anymore!

Vidal (Guest)
27-08-02, 09:41 AM
Thanks Maree. How do I do a bun (making durr face at myself!)? And how can one marry bobby pins and caps without impaling oneself? I wouldn't have the first clue how do do a bun - e-gads what have we become, used to be we wouldn't be seen outside without one! Where's a BBC period drama hair stylist when you need one? And I've always wanted a Marcel (sp?) wave for that matter. Any advice greatfully received.

Eddy (Guest)
27-08-02, 09:45 AM
My hair is down to my butt so what I do is split my hair at the base of my neck, twist it into a bun of desired size then bring the ends up over the top of ears either side and fasten the ends with an elastic band on my forehead. This seems to get a lot of hair out of the way, but it sure looks funny when I take my hat off!!!
Anyone else?

Maree Carroll (Guest)
27-08-02, 10:08 AM
One must not worry oneself when it comes to ones hair.

*Place hair elastic around hair into ponytail at the base of neck
*Then twist the hair in any directionthen wrap it around the hair elastic
*This forms the basis for a bun shape albeit a tad messy
*Then with a hir net wrap it over the bun as you would a hair elastic
*Then either use another elastic or scrunchie to secure
*Place cap over head starting from the back of your head and before you can say "Oh Mr Darcy!" you have a bun under your hunting cap


katieNZ (Guest)
27-08-02, 11:17 AM
Buy a pair of stockings in a colour close to your hair colour. Cut a shortish fattish strip out of a leg and sew it into a tube. Then stuff the remainder of the stocking (cut up into small pieces) or some dacron or similar, into the tube and then sew the tubes ends together so you have made a donut (get the gist??). Anyway then you make a low ponytail and thread your ponytail through the centre of the donut. Fan your hair out to cover the donut and then pop an elastic over the whole lot. Tuck the ends around the base and cover with a hair net. Finish it off with a scrunchie if you want. Hope this is easy to understand!! Stays in all day!!

amy_g (Guest)
27-08-02, 01:36 PM
Ok, I haven't really done buns a lot for under riding hats, but this is how we had to have them done for dancing exams (I had really long hair then!), and they definately stay in!!!!!!!!
First get together some bun nets (we used to find that these broke easily, so we used one thicker hair net and wrap it round a couple of times), hair pins (not bobby pins!), a tight elastic band and whatever hair gel/hairspray you want to use.
Tie your hair in a low ponytail so that your helmet will fit above it. Tie it tight and use the gel/spray to get wisps out of the way. Then twist the hair tight, before wraping it around into a bun. Then pin with the hair pins until you can take your hand away without it falling out. Then wrap bun/hair nets around. Then more pins to keep the nets on. Make sure that your pins are the right length for your hair so that they stay in and they are not too long and poke out too much on the other side, or too short that they gradually work their way out. This will stay in for ages! And if the pins are put it right then they don't hurt. Might seem tight when you first do it, but after about 5-10 mins it's fine.

Kid Data (Guest)
30-08-02, 07:22 AM
Go for the extension look- you can then plait it & let it flop all around. I love long hair! So silky.