View Full Version : Bettina Hoy in the lead @ WEG on 20.8!!

Gill Rolton at WEG (Guest)
14-09-02, 02:36 PM
Amazing test, amazing score... Pippa Funnell riding straight after her recieved a 28.6. Updates on my web site.
I have some photos of the super tough cross country course and will be posting them at www.gillian-rolton.com or through the Horse Mag site.

Ben (Guest)
14-09-02, 03:39 PM
Wow, that is an amazing score. Thanks so much for the updates Gill and CH.

Centaur (Guest)
14-09-02, 03:41 PM
Thanks for that Gill. Nice to have input from those at Jerez but Jan & Berni are working their guts out (between Sangria breaks of course!) to get us the details and results ASAP. Bit rude to direct everyone to THM on Berni's own site. Bit like going into Woolworths and yelling "hey, specials on in Franklins guys!!"

Bit Upset (Guest)
14-09-02, 04:26 PM
Couldn't have said that better if i'd tried!! Jan...Berni... you two are doing a wonderful job!! PLLLEEAAASSEEE keep the reports coming thick and fast! I can't read them wuick enough...!!!

Gill I think your post was rude.

Lynette (Guest)
14-09-02, 08:52 PM
It's just a pity that when you get there, there is nothing to see.

gill (Guest)
15-09-02, 08:03 AM
Sorry , didn't mean to be rude. Bernie and Jan are being run off their feet doing a great job getting results and photos to those at home. We are all trying as best we can to keep you 'in the know' but as the Special was on and I didnt see the girls around thought a quick post to eventing enthusiasts may be appreciated. I get you point re Franklins - that wasnt my intention at all. Bettina and Pippa's scores were amazing so I just wanted people at home to know. I will not offend anyone with my presence here again.

nzshowgirl (Guest)
15-09-02, 08:25 AM
Gill, please keep posting here,as any updates are appreciated by most people:D. I did not take any offence at your first post, and am gratefull for all info on the WEG. I have checked out you website, which i would not have known about had you not mentioned it. So please keep posting.

I read the whole site (Guest)
15-09-02, 08:41 AM
If you whingers read the whole of this site instead of the slag off posts you would know that Gill advertises on this site. In other words - she puts her money where her mouth is and pays for space here and she has been doing it for a long time. It is up to Bill to decide whether or not Gill is out of line and I don't see him telling Gill she was out of line yet, Why don't you people engage your brains before you take a holier than thou stand?

Yay Gill Please stay!!! (Guest)
15-09-02, 09:56 AM
Centaur and bit upset are you Freakin Kidding telling gill where to get off.. We are all in this sport together and gill was updating us on the eventing. Thanks Gill very much for keeping us up to date as you probably don't get much sleep and flat out trying to put news together.
Bernie is covering the dressage and Jan the jumping and we welcome gill for the eventing. I think centaur and bit upset still have the mentality of bullying schoolgirls saying that this chair is mine and that chair is yours oh please get a life and love GILL

Ben (Guest)
15-09-02, 10:00 AM
Just the fact that Gill was posting on this site shows that she is supporting CH. How many shops do you go to where you ask for a certain product and they don't have it, but happily refer you to another who does have it? Well I have been to many.
Gill keep posting, your updates are very much appreciated.

Countrylane (Guest)
15-09-02, 11:27 AM
Gill - don't take any notice of them.

Don't see either of them competing anywhere in Jerez right now!

I'm not there either - which is why I am clicking like a frenzied maniac on every bit of news that comes my way.

Love your site - photos were great, and thank you very much for taking the time to share your day with us.

It's very much appreciated from where I sit :)

Debbie (Guest)
15-09-02, 12:10 PM
Thanks Gill :D Much appreciated.

Wo up a minute (Guest)
15-09-02, 12:26 PM
I don't think that they were having a problem with Gill posting about her site as yes she does "Put her money where her mouth is" as far as Cyberhorse goes. I think the problem was that she was advertising the Horse Magazine here. I would find that an issue.

all we want is results! (Guest)
15-09-02, 12:33 PM
It is the WEG for crying out loud!! All we are really interested in is seeing the results ASAP, who cares who delivers them!

Who cares if she mentioned THM??? They seem to have VERY up to date information in regards to eventing (Stuart & David both clear on jumping with some time faults).... So if you want to see the eventers highlights, go to THM (www.horsemagazine.com.au)

I read the whole site. (Guest)
15-09-02, 01:18 PM
Oh. So you own this site and and can decide who posts and who says what do you "wo up a minute"? wo is spelt whoa BTW. Who appointed you 3 the forum police??? My main objection is Bit upset telling Gill she was rude. I would hardly call mentioning the Horse mag advertising. What about all the other links that get posted her to different sites?? Like the piaffe one on the front page. Gill didn't even put in a link to the other site!! Your are pathetic. You are only having a throw down because it was Gill and THM was mentioned. If the truth was told you are probably Black Adder and we all know how much Black Adder loves Gill.

Alex (Guest)
15-09-02, 02:54 PM
Thank you for your update.

15-09-02, 03:00 PM
Not any more! Bettina had a stop and 34 time. Pippa Funnel (2nd after dressage and GB team member) a stop and 20.4 time. By my reckoning this puts our team in a great spot, 3 home clear with under 20 time, and Andrew Hoy left to go!

Centaur (Guest)
16-09-02, 04:31 AM
Wow, some of you do get touchy don't you!!LOL
But, you know what? You're quite right, I'm not the forum police, and I didn't think before I posted. I must be mad...of COURSE we want to know where any WEG info is, what was I thinking of, who cares whether you get the info here or anywhere else! My apologies Gill, dunno what came over me.

I read the whole site (Guest)
16-09-02, 08:03 AM
Thumbs up to you Centaur for your apology. Pretty decent of you.

shoegirl (Guest)
16-09-02, 09:31 AM
Good on you Centaur;) So is everyone out there on CH planing on doing an all nighter waiting 4 results? I know i am!!!

16-09-02, 09:38 AM
Sorry message above is from Showgirl, not shoegirl!!! I am such a blonde!!!

16-09-02, 09:44 AM
I stayed up till 1 am this morning and I'll probably do the same tonight. I had to be up early to work this am and was very bleary eyed, being an '8 hours sleep definitely required' kinda girl, but don't have to work 'til the arvo tomorrow - yay! Just not much looking forward to my ISP bill!

nzshowgirl (Guest)
16-09-02, 10:55 AM
I have to be up at 6am tommorow, and won't be finished class till 7pm!!! im not going to bed till i know the final results. We need to start a new discussion topic to keep everyone awake. I suggest 'Wide awake'!! :D.