View Full Version : Having our first look at the showjumpers today!

Jan Heine in Jerez (Guest)
18-09-02, 11:39 AM
In a scene sadly reminiscent of Sydney 2000 the weather last week for Dressage and Eventing was clear and perfect and today for the start of the showjumping the heavens have opened and we are being "treated" to seriously driving rains! The arena surrounds have turned to serious mush but the arena itself "sounds" very hard but after the driving rains of the past hours it is now sloppy and hard.

Today is just a warm up time - the riders have 90secs in the ring and they can basically do what they like - they have 9 fences and the introduction of a fence I have never seen in showjumping before - looks more like an eventing fence - where the horses jump though an arch - I will post photos of it as soon as possible- justy waiting for developing to happen!

The Aussie horses looked good- Greg Smith did not start in the warm up and Michelle Lang has stepped into the team - as I have not received any official comments from The Australian officials I cannot tell you what the problem is.

Bloomers and Eloise de Semilly were the first of the Aussie's to enter the arena and they looked strong and confident together - the eventers fence did not even get a second blink from the often hot French mare.

Michelle Lang and KS Double Up looked elegant and fit and again this very handsome gelding didn't even hesitate at the eventers fence - they look comfortable and confident.

Vicki Roycroft and the big strong mare Luna Luna looked right at home in the arena and they too did not even notice the evnters fence.

Edwina Alexander and Quelle dam van de Heffnick also looked super fit and comfortable - and totally at home amongst this - the best of company.

Watching our horses today - they all looked super fit and I am crossing fingers and toes for them.

midnight (Guest)
18-09-02, 01:57 PM
Aaah Jan ... sounds like we're finally cooking with gas now ...

So the showjumpers are allowed 90 SECONDS in the main arena? During which time they have to negotiate 9 fences? No warm-up no nothing else? Eeewwwww ..... am I understanding it right here?

And we're looking good? Don't suppose in the reality of it all we have much hope of a medal but hey, anything can happen ...:-)

Jan Heine in Jerez (Guest)
18-09-02, 03:42 PM
No midnight - today WAS the warmup - the riders son't actually have to jump anything if they don't want to - and many didn't jump any fences - just showed the horses the yukky ones - like the Eventers fence. So they can warmup outside in the practice area and then they come into the main arena to "have a look" basically. There are no points awarded for todays work.

The real job starts tomorrow.