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15-10-02, 02:23 AM
Hi all, weekend was pretty full on. Sat we went to Jerramungup. 2 and half hour drive. One judge had pulled out so classes were very delayed. It was official hacking but I had been told it was quiet and OK for first timer. Baz grew a few inches (he's over 17hh at home!) and had a good spook at bouncy castles, Lions train and a few other monsters but was very good. Went nicely in ring and took 2nd (of about 8)in Novice hack but all the other classes had some real hacks in. They were fat, round, flashy looking, lots of chrome, make up, double bridles and behaved very badly. Jacked up in their work outs, went sideways, heads jammed in. Yuk. And they got pulled in first every time. The same four in every class. Other horses went far nicer but weren't so round and jammed in. We sat round the outside of the ring slack jawed. But I would rather have my green horse who is not as fat or flashy, but goes nicely and can do a simple change without running sideways or backwards, than any of those! I had some nice comments about him which is always nice too. Hey I know, it's someone's opinion.... No worries, poor judge was stuck there doing every class with no break....So I didnt stay for all the classes. Baz had gone well and I wanted to get home before dark, so I hopped him over the baby practice fence for the show jumpers and took him home. Very happy with his behaviour. And next time I shall stick to encourage ring, horses might not be so flashy but they seem to go in nicer longer frame and be far better behaved.

So Sunday I drove up to Perth to pick up two new mares. The new roads round the back of Midland! Yeah Gods, it is like whole new city there! These mares were in Helena Valley road, which used to be full of paddocks and is now a housing estate. Progress indeed :o . One mare scrambles so I had to take her slowly round corners but she settled well on the open road and we got home in 6 hours. Long day but worth it. These mares came for a nice girl called Hannah Williams-Hill, she lives near there and keep a bunch of horses all round Swan Valley area, Caversham, Henley Brook etc... anyone know her? Lin she has a freisian/andy yearling filly for sale, looked very nice. Let me know if you want her number.

Oh other gossip, we parked next to Tony Barlow's humungous truck, which has apparently been sold. didn't recognise the show jumping guy and his six or seven horses....who is he?......

basil (Guest)
15-10-02, 04:31 AM
well done lorraine - good to hear that baz went well! i have to agree with you on the utterly awful work that hackies and judges put up with - and i own a hack! but we do dressage as well, so that kind of evens things up.

well we went to swan view ag show - and that was just a complete barrel of laughs...NOT. horse went well in my rider, got 3rd, went in my height class, horse went beautifully on circle, started workout, went past the "kid's magic show" that was ON THE OVAL NEXT TO THE HACKS, they did a trick involving bursting balloons and exploisons, horse loses the plot, settle him, go to do loop past them again thinking "oh they won't do that again!". WRONG - exactly the same place on the circle, horse is completely freaked out, somehow finished workout, got 3rd from 3. now this horse is pretty well educated, and doesn't spook at much, but i think that exposions directly behind him are a bit extreme! he was a mess, so we went home.

and yes, they moved the magic show after that class.

so is anyone heading up to gidge ag? or the associate champs?

clairejo (Guest)
16-10-02, 04:45 PM
Well done Lorraine, glad Baz went ok for you. Was Comet there too? How many mares have you got now? What sort of breeding were these you picked up on the weekend?
Basil, don't you love the things you have to put up with at aggies? I remember doing Swan View one year on my really scatty Anglo and they were doing helicopter rides from the showground....it took off just as we went off to do our stuff luckily the breed class not the ridden) and I thought I was going to get airborne! But things that go BANG that is spooky for any horse, how unlucky for you to cop two lots, poor thing. Hope Taylah survived! I think we are going to Gidge (though entries close tomorrow and I haven't posted them yet) even though I think the cost is pretty prohibitive. It costs the leadreiners the same as the official entries but they get double the prize money!?!?!?
Lin, did you go to the Bakers Hill ARC do? I hear Wooroloo won the Handicap Cup thanks entirely to the one club member (Tina) who went - she won the 2' jumping, was second in cross country (apparently she went over optimum time!) and placed in barrels and even handy hunter; not bad considering she rides a part Clydie who shows her heritage very clearly. Well done Tina.
What are the rest of you up to?

basil (Guest)
17-10-02, 03:44 AM
i noticed that about the lead rein @ gidge clairejo - and is it my imagination or were there more lead rein classes last year? like a kind of split between official and unofficial kids? maybe i'm just completely imagaining things, it is possible! i haven't entered either - i'd rather pay $10 more than lose the $35 pre-entry fee. last year it was double on the day, so i actually entered, but i've had to scratch from events in the past and it is like getting blood from a stone getting your money back - even with a vet and doctors note!

and as for the explosions etc - well, taylor has had helicopters before (no real reaction), jack russel races, harley davidson rides next to the arena - and he is usually pretty good as long as he can see them! i think it was just the fact it was behind him and then happened TWICE that was the problem! poor munchkin was all sore in his back when i went to ride him yesterday as well, must be from all the leaping around like a mad thing grrrrrrrr.

well, i hope everybody is going well and their horses are being wonderful!

basil (Guest)
18-10-02, 05:32 AM
honestly, page 3..........that's shocking!

just bringing this up quickly.....surely someone must have some news or whatever?!?! clairejo, how's the quadrille shaping up for next weekend? lorraine, any more babies?

Lorraine (Guest)
18-10-02, 06:24 AM
Yes everyone is very quiet aren't they..... I havent had any more babies but I did have a tooth out. ...does that count? Next baby due Nov 11th. Max has his two extra wives to work with - appy X and TB, and I pick up the blind Clydesdale this weekend in Balingup (Comet Ill give you a toot on the way past!) If any of the experienced stud people (clairejo??) have any bright ideas about serving her please pass them on! I change my mind every day have her in small paddock and loose, hand serve her in cattle yards, whatever.....guess Ill just see how she settles and go from there. She will go in paddock next to Max and his wives so will have chance to get to know him over fence.... I have the draft mares in there now as they are getting far too fat for my liking!
By the way what do you all think, local lady is very interested in buying Hal the new colt, but I dont know what to ask for him. he is out of my nice big Corporate Raider (TB) mare and by Hillain Galaxy (Tanderra Kadu - Arab/Barabadeen Nove - Hol) so that makes him sort of arab wamblood/TB. Galaxy is now gelded so there wont be any more except for a little frozen semen that Anne Louise has.... really flash looking and moving colt, as much as you can tell at this stage....if he had been filly I would have kept him for sure...What do you reckon would be fair?
Will be cutting hay soon, not us as we dont have gear or knowledge, but a local guy who does it for contract. Should get about 1500 bales, of good meadow hay...and then the hard bit - getting it all back to the shed! Am offerring it dead cheap out of paddock so I dont have to move so much, but it'll need to come in soon as we do have showers here!
Anyone going to Kojonup this weeknd? I had planned to but will give it a break as I have to go Balingup and I have my Mum coming down. Her hubby had to shoot off to England as his sister just died so she is on her own and wants to come down do some housework!!
Fun day locally the week after, SJ, dressage hacking and games!!
Come on everyone, let us know what you are up to.....and if you dont have any goss, then make some up!

basil (Guest)
18-10-02, 07:17 AM
no lorraine i don't think that having a tooth out counts!!! possibly as painful (not that i've had experience in either area!) but not really the same kinda result!

your colt sounds lovely.....pricewise i have NO idea! the stallion is lovely, has anne-louise sold him on yet? it's a tricky one to price i think......what kind of price range were you thinking of?

meadow hay - lucky ponies! anytime you're heading up to perth with an empty float to pick up a mare or whatever, i'd love to buy some meadow hay from you. tried getting it in perth for a while, and the quality was so inconsistent that i gave up after a while. different farms i guess.

i'm now having to work on the goss.....don't know any, but i'm sure i can make some up!

Bec (Guest)
18-10-02, 07:21 AM
Hey there all you WA peoples. I'm an SA girl and i just wanted to say that i am so excited about my up and coming holidays to Perth over Xmas and New Years. I cant wait for the break from work and it will be just so wonderful to get away from all the hustle and bustle and be on holidays!

Jackie (Guest)
18-10-02, 08:55 AM
Hi Lorraine,
we sold our warmblood cross youngsters as weanlings and yearlings for between $2500 to $4000. In our experience it is far more economical to sell them at this age than to keep them on. The price certainly doesn't seem to go up much as they get older and to keep them until they are 2 or 3 years old would obliterate any profit margin in our experience. With all the lovely babies you will be expecting next season in my opinion it is far better to sell at weaning when the cost of rearing them is hopefully at it's minimum and so you can see a return on all your hard work.

Lin (Guest)
19-10-02, 09:03 AM
Hello everyone, long time no hear. Sounds like everyone is having fun with their horses - getting out and about. Not much is happening at my end, too much to do, too little time!

I've just come back from 4 days bushwalking and am on holidays for the next 2 weeks. Remy should get a bit of work, I suppose. I've decided not to enter the Associate Dressage Champs as (a) its on our last GAEC rally day and (b) Remy still can't canter a whole circle! He seems pretty sound in most respects, especially if yesterday's display is anythng to go by (my next door neighbour's horse paid us a visit). For a horse that can't bend his hocks due to arthritis, he does pretty good passage!

Is anyone jump judging at Brookleigh 3DE this weekend? I put my name down to assist but so far have not heard anything. The woman rang me to see if I could put an ad calling for jump judges in our club newsletter but when I asked whether there would be any training etc there was a deafening silence. Oh well, I might ring and find out what is going on.

Did anyone go the Best in the West last Friday night? Hmm.....woeful it was. Glad I didn't pay to get in. Sometimes I wish I was in charge of the EFA :-)

Anyway, that's about it. Clairejo, yes I did go to the Avon Valley ARC challenge (to wave the GAEC flag) and your Wooroloo rider on the clydie X did very well. The horse looks a handy sort and a lot of fun to ride. Reminded me of Remy, fat and hairy!!

And Basil, my hackie neighbour took her mad chestnut to Swan View Ag Show, in the Novice ring I think. Came away with a first ribbon, despite the fact that she couldn't get it on the ring and went straight into the workout?? Honestly, I don't understand showing at all...! :P

basil (Guest)
19-10-02, 10:39 AM
hi lin!
ahhhhhhh - so that's who your hackie neighbour is. could be a nice horse, kind of hot at the moment tho!
the associate champs look like they will be insane - they had to ballot people out! i'm 28th in the prelim and 24th in the novice, i honestly didn't think there would be that many, seeing as there were 10 in each class in the associate classes at the state champs last year!

clairejo (Guest)
19-10-02, 03:50 PM
So....we have some readers of our thread, that's great to know - and we now know not to bag any SA'ers!!!! Not that we would, we're "Naice" people LOL. Lorraine, is the mare you are talking about blind in both eyes? I looked after a mare who had had her near side eye removed, she was a bit tricky. She was better off kept alone but she hated to be alone and got so stirred up she ran into things so we ran her with the main mob and she got picked on unmercifully. Didn't matter how many feeds/piles of hay etc. we put out, she was always the first to be hunted out. She was always thin and poor looking, and only had one foal that I remember. She was ok to be served, needed to be teased by the serving stallion or she'd panic when he suddenly took over, but we had to bring the stallion over her from the off side as she'd get a fright and kick otherwise, which made it difficult as the stallions are used to manoevering from the near side! If the mare is blind in both eyes I would try to keep her alone or maybe with a youngster. When you think she's in season I would introduce her to stallion over her paddock fence if possible, and let them have a loooooooong courtship! Has she been bred/had a foal before? If she has she probably knows what she's doing!
Well, I've got a quadrille practice this Saturday, then ARC Sunday, the kids are all practicing for Gidge show and that's about it from this neck of the woods. Where have all the other WA'ers gone? Haven't heard from heaps of people lately, what are you all doing? Falloff, how's your grey? Have you read your emails 'cos I sent you one a couple of days ago. Comet, haven't heard from you since the royal, how's things with you?

comet (Guest)
20-10-02, 05:38 AM
I have been sooo busy, havent had time to scratch myself!! I start fulltime work on Monday and only found out I had the job this week. Those of you with small children can imagine the logistics of this. So anyway, I have been running around like a chook with its head cut off organising everything to (hopefully) run smoothly.
Comet has gone to the little girl who rides for me for a holiday!! The Royal was enough for me and son for the moment. My next outing will be taking Wynnie to Busselton Ag on 2 Nov. Very much looking forward to this as they have a apsb and a buckskin class. It will be her 1st show so of course you will all hear how we did.
Everyone take care and I will try and get on here at least once or twice a week, time permitting.

Lorraine (Guest)
20-10-02, 02:04 PM
Got the blind mare home. What a sweety, she loaded on the float slowly, one foot at a time, stood perfectly for 4 hours, and came off the same way. Has walked slowly round the small paddock (she is on her own but has others over the fence) Has spoken to Max over the fence. I have never seen him so gentle, she even took a blade of grass that was hanging out of his mouth! he then nibbled all down her neck, before wandering off to see his other mares, two of whom are strongly in season! She is beautiful, very trusting, responds well to my voice, hears a lot, is very calm. She has been in a paddock full of bits and pieces of junk, and run with cows. But there is not a mark on her. She seems to just plant her legs until she is sure it is OK to move. Have posted a pic of her (and my other new mares) on my mares page...have a look, her name is Bonny. http://www.westnet.com.au/paddock/thisone_000003.html

WendyJ (Guest)
21-10-02, 05:29 AM
wow what a lovely bunch of girls you have. Next year will be really exciting for you with so many bubs arriving and from such different types.

I was given free tickets to "my big fat greek wedding" for today so will give the horses a miss and treat myself to a day out. I have been working so hard with my uni projects that I feel like ripping my hair out. I am currently doing an assignment on the biomechanics of a dressage horse type and although very interesting is hard going. I am flying to sydney in two weeks, driving up to Wagga wagga for a uni residential school. I love doing it but being away for about eleven days makes it expensive plus you end up putting on the pounds eating out for lunch and tea! I have to do a full disection of a full front and hind leg. yucko. I hate that sort of stuff. Last year we did a mare's uterus and there was a five month old foal inside. poor little bub- his mum was sent to the knackers.

If any of you are interested in any good conformation books I would recommend Deb Bennett's principles of conformational analysis (volume 1, 2, & 3). very easy to read but so informative. They are about $29 each, small paperback books packed full of info.

well I better go get ready for my movie! hope I have some clean clothes :-) hope you all had a good weekend!

cheers, Wendy

Duvfi (Guest)
21-10-02, 01:57 PM
Hi all - it is good to hear that everyone is well and you are all having a fairly good run with your horses at the moment! What a lovely weekend it has been hey? The weather was absolutely gorgeous - well I think so anyway! I spent my weekend, from Friday night till tonight, at a Fire Brigade training camp up at Bindoon. They kind of made it like regimental in that the cadets lined up and marched. They did it so perfectly and then all us volly fire fighters lined up. The guy called out 'attention' really seriously and we just lost it. We then had to turn to the right and we all turned in different directions and collided! It was a classic and it was caught on video! Other funny not but no so funny when it happened was been woken up really early by the fast attack sirens going off! It was organised by my brigade, the Darlington Volunteet Bush Fire Brigade and then we had the Swan View Cadets there as well! It was absolutely fantastic and I had a ball! All of the activities that we did were great! We did assault courses and team building and fire drills and everything like that! And then we partied on into the night!
Have to go now as I have an assignment to complete for TAFE on horse rugs and accesories!
Catch you all later,
Dani xox

Lorraine (Guest)
23-10-02, 01:08 AM
Just dragged this up from the depths of page 3...thought I should get it up front and everyone can add their news.....anyone got any news??..... Lovely weather isnt it.

Esperance Ag Attendee (Guest)
23-10-02, 04:10 AM
Hi there, I have just returned from the Esperance Ag Show and noticed the question about who has got the Tony Barlow (massive) truck. It now belongs to Chris and Liz Lloyd and their daughter Samantha for Chris and Sam's team of jumpers. They are local Esperance people and very nice and well known around this "neck of the woods".
The Esp Show was good, once the weather cleared up. The jumping, my main interest, was of a very good standard, had riders such as Nellandra Henry, David Dobson, the Kamman's etc in attendance because of the decent prize money.
I must admit that the hacking does nothing for me, although I admire the work that goes into the turn out of these horses. But how come none of them could canter a circle without chucking a hissy fit??? The jumpers left the hacks for miles when it came to basic manners ......
My boy didn't jump because of the clashing of events, but I was rapt when he did so well in his dressage. Looking forward to next year when we might be able to compete in some jumping events.
Congrats to the organisers of the ring events, Tracey & Helen, you did a mighty fine job!!

eMa (Guest)
23-10-02, 04:46 AM
hello all,

lorraine what a bunch of broodmares you are accumulating! are you not planning to sleep next foaling season at all?? :) hehe.. good luck with all your plans!

ok i am a WA'er just overseas at the moment, but would like to share my news.. i have been working a young swedish wb mare for 12months, although the first 6months were undoing a complete messed up horse and reinstalling the basica basic basics, like actually stopping and turning and not rearing and running at a bolting trot.. fun stuff :) .. anyway, have not had much help sincei have been here but on the weekend went to a dressage clinic! woohoo.. felt like a real rider again! .. it was held by a german guy who lives in Torronto (i am in vancouver), Tom Devorak (sp?).

it was held at the most stunning barn you have ever seen, i was drooling and dreaming at all the wonderful stables and indoor arena.. very nice! ..

anyway, he was a very good teacher and 'my' mare went VERY well.. i got the help i was looking for and am just SO happy that i can believe in myself again! basically i felt that i needed to go down a certain training path and was being told by owner of horse that i was wrong and to use training method B, which i thought was completely A over T! .. anyhow.. Tom got me to ride in the manner that i have been wanting to do for about 2 months! so i am just SO happy that i am not a useless trainer after all :0 .... i have been having my doubts!

Nomi was fantastic, only the second time off the property where she was born. Anyway, that is my news!


Lorraine (Guest)
23-10-02, 06:22 AM
Glad it went well Esperance Ag attendee, or shall we call you Espagat for short? I would have liked to go, it is a fair hike from Albany.....but will get over there one of these days... Roger Kammaan told me he was going, and it is good to see Perth showjumpers getting down there too. You coming over to Albany show in a week or too? I agree with you about manners for hackies, our "non hack" horses worked so much better than the "real hacks" who won, and my boy was on his first ever hack class. They all looked like they needed a day out hunting to get them going foward again, and a broom up the bum when they jack up and run backwards. Glad you cleared up the Barlow truck mystery, they all seemed very pleasant people but I just didnt recognise him.... But it really brings it home how they work horses. He hopped on his horse, trotted over the warm up ring, hopped over a cross trail then cantered over a 3 foot upright and went in to jump a clear round. Namby-pamby hackies (and I was one for the day!) were lunging, trotting circles, all the rest... I am very inspired by Roger Kammaan who I have had some lessons with. He gets on, walks around a few times, then canters. canter, canter, canter till the horse relaxes and stops pratting around. Then jumps. And no farting around over little crosses like I do, he canters into normal jumps. And his horses go so well because he lets them sort it out and doesnt unbalance or fiddle with them. I wish I had half his ability (and nerve).

Esperance Ag Attendee (Guest)
23-10-02, 07:25 AM
Hi again, no Lorraine, don't think I will be going to Albany show although I would like to, it's just a bit far to travel to from Kalgoorlie!
I had to laugh about your description of the hacks needing a good day out hunting to get them going forward plus the broom up the bum!
I was pretty impressed with the way the jumping horses came out of the ring after jumping some pretty big jumps, then just stood quietly with their grooms until they were needed again.
No hysterics, just a "get on with the job" attitude.
Like you say, the hack people were out there for what seemed to be hours, trying to "work their horses in" before they could even take them into the ring.
The jumping at Esp Ag was good to watch. Martin Hellier was the course designer & the gear looked like it was in good order.
Quite a few Kalgoorlie-ites travelled to Esp & did very well, with a Kalgoorlie horse even taking out the Supreme in the hack ring (after all my criticisms of hacking.....), plus high placings and wins in the dressage & in the jumping on the Sunday (which was more of an encouragement day, the heights and spreads were way lower!).
It was a long trip home again but already looking forward to next year's Esp show!
Just how silly are we horse people???