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16-03-00, 08:43 AM
I am confused about what a warmblood is and how it is classified. Is there a certain % of 'warmblood' that is reqd before a horse can be classified as a warmblood. I know there are Arabian warmbloods, but if a thoroughbred is x'd with a warmblood sire it seems to automatically be a warmblood. Does the warmblood always take preference - for example what would the progeny of a warmblood sire to a riding pony mare or an andalusian mare be?

Jan Heine
16-03-00, 09:16 AM
An interesting question you pose Confused - I would like to add to the confusion - is a warmblood a "breed" or a "type"?

16-03-00, 11:32 AM
I can help you with the arabian warmblood definition as per the rules and conditions for the Australian Arabian Champs. "An Arabian Warmblood horse is one derived exclusively from horses of either Arabian and Warmblood breeding or Arabian, Thoroughbred and Warmblood breeding, irrespective of the proportions thereof, provided that both parents are registered in the relevant stud book and/or register." Hope this helps.

16-03-00, 01:07 PM
Warmblood is a type not a breed. The breed bit is whether they're Hannoverian, Holsteiner etc. etc.
Loosely put they're a cross between 'hot blooded' horses (Arabs, TB) and 'cold blooded' horses i.e 'draughts'. But of course this has been refined over the years. Once there is a mix of Warmblood and TB, the horse produced is still considered a warmblood (type). For classification as a breeding stallion, the horse has to be at least 50% warmblood breeding (recognised breed). But I don't think for others the percentage matters. However, Brian Silvia may be able to answer this better.