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09-11-00, 07:13 AM
Really hoping someone can help. Here's my predictament - I have 2 horses which is my quota on our piece of land (set by my husband - which originally I did agree with, and still do...sort of). One horse I am competing on, the other I have dabbled with over the past 2 1/2 yrs. They are both great personalities and are the best of paddock mates.

My competition horse I have had for years and he wasn't happy on his own in the paddock, so when offered the 2nd horse off the track for free took the opportunity and thought it could be another prospect to compete on at the same time.

To cut a long story short we have put him into early retirement due to a soreness in the girth area we can't relieve. The problem doesn't make him unrideable (he did do some eventing) but does make him uncomfortable and we just don't think it is fair on him.

BUT, now I would like to get a younger horse to start before my older fellow gets to his limit and have been told about a lovely sounding horse. PROBLEM - hubby won't let me have 3 horses and I don't really want to part with either of the two I have at the moment. I can understand where he is coming from but he (the bugger) won't even give me 6mths with 3 (just incase the new one is a quick turn-over horse).

SO - I need to find someone that wants a companion horse or pet - within an hour or two from Melbourne. I would still like the option to have him back one day. He is a sweetheart and doesn't deserve to go to the market and end up either as meat or have the s...t bashed out of him for his behaviour when in discomfort and I couldn't bear to put him down (although that is probably the most humane option if I decide he has to go to make way for a new horse).

Hoping someone can help.....

just wondering
10-11-00, 05:37 AM
would your middle name be gertrude???????


10-11-00, 05:56 AM
I know Stroudy was looking for one or two
companion horses a while back for two small
Welshies young ones.
Stroudy, are you at there?
You could always put an add in 'The Virtual
Saleyard' on this site stating that he is
for a companion only, what area etc. and that
you would like to have him back if they can
no longer keep him.
Good Luck, as you said, he doesnt deserve
the sale yards, or the doggers, as long as
hes not in a lot of pain, he should have a
good retirement.