View Full Version : Why does there seem to be a problem with arabians in all breed hack events

Arabian Nature (Guest)
29-10-02, 01:52 PM
I have an 7/8th arabian bay beauty, he is stunning and really is show ring material. He stands 14.2h and is as pretty as a picture and moves really astondingly. Why is it that when I take him to a few shows (particulary in the same area) and in hack/lead in classes he is usually turned away. He really deserves more than this and really is a sweet natured loving and caring horse that will do anything for his human friends. Can anyone tell me about some of there experiences with arabians in the show ring, or if there are any judges here please give me a better understanding why a standardbred horse may be more appealing...

Anna (Guest)
29-10-02, 02:02 PM
Try a few shows away from your local area. Is it the same judge? I personally believe show judging is what the judge personally likes. I showed for years, years ago and I found my horse wouldn't even place in some events and at other shows, he won champion. I would find out who was judging and then made my decision if it was worth the effort of going.

Keep at it and don't let this get you down. If he's that nice, he will turn some heads at the right shows. Do you need more training in leading? Is he standing square at the halt? Don't let some judges deter you. He may do really well under saddle as that's another option?

Hang in there.

Melanie (Guest)
29-10-02, 02:14 PM

I know I probably sound like I am gloating a bit about him but he is a horse that deserves it. He works really hard and he loves what he does. See that is where the problem is, the judge I had on sunday didn't even give him a good look. Just watched go round the ring and then rejected letting him do a led workout, he performed like a dream, where as the horse which became champion was very plain and played up something horrific. It really upset me and it makes me wonder why. Did the judge not like the look of me or was it that I wasn't from one of the well known 'showies' anyway I can't let this one event get me down Thanks for your advice...

(PS: he has only been broken a little while so we havn't really been in many riden classes)

MK (Guest)
29-10-02, 05:07 PM
Will I go there or won't I?....o.k. I will. I presume you are talking about showing your arab in open classes? (ie: non-breed). Having bred, trained and shown part arabians (& colours) for many years, I have found that there aren't a huge amount of "open" judges that will place pure arabs or derivatives that show a lot of araby type in the big open classes. Why, can be anybody's guess at time!! In a saddle class many (not all of!!) arabs work "differently" to your average TB hacky type. They are known for often not working from behind enough and having too straight a hock action and looking as though they are on the forehand. There is also a problem with some that move a bit wide behind (ie: you can drive a bus through their back legs.)I have seen though, some lovely arabs that have worked extremely well and have moved far better from behind than the TB types yet, they still haven't placed well. It happens all the time and unless you are prepared to put up with it when it does happen, then don't do the open classes. Times are changing a bit though, I notice that coloured horses can do well in open rings, but they MUST work well and have the confirmation etc. Years ago if you hit the open ring with a pally, unless it was 200% better than the non-breed horse, you were wasting your time.

So just to explain further, I AM NOT having a go at arabs (I adore them), this does not happen ALL of the time but this is just an explanation of why you may not be doing as well as you think you should. I know one girl who has a part arab mare - shows it everywhere and doesn't place much - she can't understand why - I don't think she's ever asked a judge why they don't like her horse - I know! She's nice enough to look at until you stand behind her when she's moving!!

Melanie (Guest)
29-10-02, 10:44 PM
Thanks MK,

I do understand alot of open judges are little predjudice toward the arab bred and ways. Although the I agree with you totally I am not sure why. I mean this judge didn't even take the time of day to give him a look over, it was like she had made up her mind before he had entered the ring, she didn't move off her little spot on the ring so she definately didn't get ant chance to look at his movement or back end ( although I must say I'm not to sure how he moves in the hindquarter ) but the point being here it was obvious she didn't take any consideration. She was a very young judje (21 or so) But I also entered my thoroughbred hack in a few of the other events with her and to no avail. maybe I was doing something wrong? Maybe I shouldn't dwell on it and just look foreward to the next one,

With thanks

Nat (Guest)
30-10-02, 01:18 AM
I havn't had much of a problem with the judging.
I show a purebred arabian galloway mare who goes at least Champion Purebred mare everytime she's goes out so she definatly arab looking (unmistakable), and she is also a champion galloway hack.
Sure there are proberly some judges out there who would not call her their ideal show horse but thats the same with all types.
I have found lately that there are more and more arabians out their hacking (most being partbreds) I recently did a local hack show where they had a ridden class for each breed, the riding ponies, thourabreds etc. all had about 4 or 5 in each class,
The ridden arabian or arabian derivitave class had 15 in it.
I had more trouble in showing with my old mare has she was out of date so to speak then I do with my purebred mare.
I will admit though that she does not seem to be what they like in the led galloway though, I did an agr. earlier in the year, my mare went supreme arabian then took her over to the galloway ring, she was unplaced in led, then in her ridden classes she placed very well considering at the time she was very green and the quality in her ridden classes was amazing.

Melanie (Guest)
30-10-02, 01:24 AM
Thanks Nat,

You probably know exactly what I mean.
I guess it's just pot luck with some judges. Some are rather biast and I guess you get to know these. What did you mean your old mare 'was out old date' Anyway thanks again


Honey (Guest)
30-10-02, 02:24 AM
Im with you Mel, as both a competitor and judge!

I own a partbred arabian hack who even though he is 50% Arabian, looks more riding pony. I must say we have our fair share in the open hack ring though. He can work the house down and can win some days and other days he will lose out to a more thoroughbred type of horse, which I believe to truly be of "hack" type and also what I look for when I judge hacks. We also have days where he is just not the judge's type (which obviously happened to you, just make a mental note, not to show under this person again) and leaves the ring without a call. He is qualified as a hack for Sydney, but I will not enter him in his height classes for the pure reason he will look ridiculous up against the beautiful successful horses in his height range.

He is also highly successful in the derivative ring and this is where I truly prefer to show him as I know I wont cop the bias of "he is a bit too arabey!!"

Enjoy your horse for who he is and take the occasional bias on the chin, you have a beautiful horse, so enjoy him for what he is :)

Kylie27 (Guest)
30-10-02, 02:27 AM
Hi there!

I was agisting my purebred arab mare in a large establishment a while back and most of the girls there had thoroughbreds and I was constantly told that "arabs rarely get placed in open - judges don't like them". I asked my instructor about this and he said he was definately not a huge fan of them, but when he judged he judged the horse on its conformation, movement and behaviour and if there was an arab in there that met his criteria, he would place it. He did say that most times a lot of arabs do misbehave and carry on, but there were some out there that were soooo well behaved and he encouraged me to go along to a local show with my mare to check it out.

I entered her in her very first event which was Led Galloway. There were 2 other arabians in this class out of 14. My mare behaved herself impecably and at the end we ended up coming second with a gorgeous pure arab gelding coming in first. So there are judges out there that will see the horse for what it is. The only problem I had was the judge told me my mares presentation was "so, so" because she was not plaited up. Bit hard to plait a mane that is down to her shoulders! Just keep on trying, attend some smaller shows and remember that the most important thing is to go for the fun of it. You know your boy is stunning and quite a lot of other people probably do to. Just have fun and perhaps eventually get him going well under saddle. You just never know - you may find that he becomes very successful!

Good luck and let us know how you go.

Punkychook (Guest)
30-10-02, 03:41 AM
Exactly the same thing happened to me earlier this year when I started showing my purebred gelding. He is gorgeous and works well but due to the things MK was saying such as being straight thru the hocks, we didn't even get a look at. It p**&^d me off something shocking that I was wasting my time, effort, money and reputation. Plus, it was shattering my confidence, so I bit the bullet and with the help of some awesome people on this site, chose to do breed rings and Arabian shows. He won Reserve Champion in his first breed ring.

I recently went down to Bendigo to do the 2 day Arabian 'A' class show and had a ball. I learned so much and nobody told me he was too 'araby'.

There are HEAPS of Ag shows on at the moment with 'B' class Arab rings, they are a really good atmosphere and not too overwhealming, so maybe you should start there.

I guess, what I'm saying is you've gotta figure out what your goals are. If you want to compete in open rings then you're probably going to have an uphill battle on your hands - I found that out pretty quickly. You could always do both open and breed classes at shows which is what I'm aiming for this season. I know I'll probably come away with placings from breed classes most of the time and not much from open rings but on that odd chance I may place in open. That way I won't have wasted a journey if I don't place in open.

God I'll shut up now, I've sed too much, it's just that I know EXACTLY how you feel and you shouldn't get depressed, because you have a gorgeous talented horse there. Which state are you in? I can give you the names of some upcoming Arabian shows that I'm going to in Victoria.

Good luck!



Punkychook (Guest)
30-10-02, 03:45 AM
Oh yeah and if you don't place or do badly, always try to ask the judge why. Hell, you've paid to be judged by him/her, you deserve to get their opinion even if it is bad. That way you'll pick up tips on what you could improve upon to increase your chances of placing and you do see patterns developing after awhile.

Don't worry about sounding like a whinger when you ask the judge their opinion, I figure they've heard it all before and probably won't even bat an eyelid.

Jamie (Guest)
30-10-02, 05:23 AM
Why dont you show him in the Arabian ring? The Arabians have lots of their own shows from local to National level, and have classes at all the aggies for pure, part bred and Arabian ponies. Then, if your boy is as nice as you say he will be in 'his own territory' and should be quite successful. Horses for courses :-)

LNR (Guest)
30-10-02, 08:26 AM
Hi Mel,

This show you went to, was did it happen to be on the South Coast of NSW? If so, I was spectating. Look forward to your next show and forget about that one. Lose some, win some, and yes, judge was extremely young.


Melanie (Guest)
30-10-02, 01:10 PM
No it wasn't the central coast but I know there must be some uncertainty around as all the judges I have noticed lately have been rather young. I think more and more judges are turning away and as a result we are getting the younger inexperienced judges. Don't get me wrong, I beleive everyone needs the experience to judge but maybe not alone.


Melanie (Guest)
30-10-02, 01:13 PM
Hey punkychook,

No I'm not in Vic, I'm in NSW (Northern) But I must say it would be nice to get away from here to see how differently shows run elsewhere.
Thanks for your inspiring words.

MK (Guest)
30-10-02, 04:34 PM
Hey Punkychook, I was at that show in Bendigo for two days with my little pony - had a lovely time doing the dressage (we won three out of four tests and got 2nd in the 4th - Elementary & Novice, don't anyone say ponies can't do dressage!). Also did the HRCAV showing and the open deriv. classes as well with several championships to his credit - thoroughly enjoyed the w/end and met quite a few lovely people.

Shannon (Guest)
31-10-02, 08:41 AM
Punkychook, would love to hear the dates/venues for the upcoming arab shows in Vic.

Thanks heaps, you can either post here or email me: ShannonRM@hotmail.com