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Not a Naice Showie (Guest)
02-11-02, 05:37 AM
no one got anything to talk about? no wins to blab? normally on the front page but your slipping back. nothing naice to say

How about you? (Guest)
02-11-02, 06:05 AM
Start us off on a subject NANS, we have missed you!

Not a Naice Showie (Guest)
02-11-02, 06:48 AM
i wonder who will win this weekend and who won't for syd performances only to spew when they loose.

Sarah (Guest)
02-11-02, 06:59 AM
Hi Nans back again you faithful one you. So what's been happening in Grinch city? BTW you know you can actually have lessons on typing and they even show you where the Caps Lock key is located for correct punctuation.

Now as for Sydney all of the regular Naice Showies won or got ribbons last year so you must be speaking about someone else in particular. But I'm sure you'll clarify soon.

What have you won you can tell us about. Surely you have a win that is significant enough to us to bag! LOL LOL

Have a really nice weekend Nans. We love you!

XPY (Guest)
02-11-02, 07:41 AM
Thanks for starting the new thread Nans, I didn't even know what number we were up to.

I have been out of action for the past week. Somehow in my sleep I put the vertebrae in my neck out of alignment so I have had a wonderful week looking at the ceiling while on a heap of drugs including valium. It's still not quite right but hopefully by the end of the w/e it will be back to normal again.

What is on this w/e? Frenchs Forest? Goodluck hope everyone (including Nans) goes well.

Buckskinremi (Guest)
03-11-02, 12:21 PM
Naice to see to back Nans!
You are kinda Naice now tho, what happened to the good old crappy Nans?

Sarah (Guest)
05-11-02, 01:54 AM
Hey Kristian and emma - did you guys buy a boat? Unusual to see you pulling a boat and not a float!! Has Kristian ditched the pony for fish now! LOL LOL

We didn't go to Frenchs Forrest had the weekend off but will be going to Castle Hill this weekend. Hard to beleive that only months ago we were starting up and now only a few weeks and it's over for another year!

Anyone seen Horse Scene out yet, bored at work and need a good mag to read.

Alex G (Guest)
05-11-02, 08:00 AM
I heard yesterday that Emmas mum was very seriously ill. I hope everything goes well and she gets on the mend quickly. best wishes.

Emma Rudder
05-11-02, 08:31 AM
Thanks Alex. Mum is out of hospital and on the mend. Last I heard Kristian said she was out cleaning my bridles!
Sarah it's not our boat, one of the family's. Horse shows wind down for summer and the fishing starts!

Hope everyone's needies and new foals survived the heat yesterday. We were thinking about everyone competing at the various shows in their woollens.

Who? (Guest)
06-11-02, 04:24 AM
Which one of you is the Arabian person Walter or William who rides a chestnut?

In the Know (Guest)
07-11-02, 07:36 AM
Walter is a female who owns a liverchestnut partbred Arabian hasn't really won anything big. I think it's paddock name is walter. Don't know who you are referring to with a William.


nans (Guest)
12-11-02, 03:51 AM
To the naice one who cleaned up at castle hill. do us all a favour luv and keep ya black horse home until can go properly. we saw it kick and you missed her but it dangerous. nice and all but you should know. led classes is best

AMD (Guest)
12-11-02, 06:10 AM
Definatly NOT the real Nans. The real Nans knows correct grammar, spelling and wit and would of just named names.

I can't understand why people has to be so unkind. Obviously the owner of the Black horse is a little too sucessful for some!

nans (Guest)
12-11-02, 06:28 AM
Black horse is very successful well done to the owner. will be a threat once going nicely. please use another name.

Helpful (Guest)
12-11-02, 06:37 AM
DEFINATLY should be definitely


It is SUCCESSFUL, two cs not one.


ARD (Guest)
12-11-02, 06:44 AM
LOL, Thankyou Mr/Mrs Helpfull,
I can't help it if I am not clever!
Thank goodness I said Nans used correct grammar and spelling and not myself.

Helpful (Guest)
12-11-02, 07:08 AM
You are Clever, never say that you're not....we all are talented,clever and beautiful in our own right. Some are unfortunately more vindictive due to bitterness within themselves, unfortunately because they cannot see past themselves.

Very angry (Guest)
12-11-02, 10:20 AM
Here s something not too NAICE!

WHo is the Naice showie, putting down a "win" for Sydney on her entries and lying about what class it was for, there in black and white on her website.

Be really careful, as many many people frequent the same shows as you and know exactly what are on the particular show's programme of events, and Arabian/riding pony aint one of them!

Emma Rudder
12-11-02, 11:48 AM
Well one can only assume that "Very angry' could only be referring to me in her above post. Therefore assuming this is me you are referring to please note the following.

Should you wish to view or discuss the entries I have made for the 2003 Sydney Royal Easter show or Canberra Royal for that matter, please feel free to contact Lynelle Barker on (02) 9704 1220 during office hours or the Canberra Royal Socitey on (02) 62412 478, or alternatively you are more than welcome to view a copy of my entries that I have kept for my records.

Secondly if you are referring to the results posted on my site from this weekends Minto Show - you may wish to be informed that ARP Classes were a late edition to the original program. These were added by Sue McManus and approved by the Minto Show Committee approx 2 weeks prior to the show and the information for these and other additional classes were well promoted on my site in the week leading up to the shows.

Thirdly, like most competitors, at shows where there are limited classes. One does often ask the committee's on the day to either add or split classes upon demand. This also occurs and if you would like me to publicly advise you of these from the shows I have attended I am also happy to do so.

Therefore if this still does not satisfy your anger please feel free to contact me on (02) 45 736 777 or mob 0412 606 154.

Lastly, my website is to share information for the entire showing community. I have an advantage of a website to show honestly my results both good and bad. I have nothing to hide and therefore that is why my results in particular can be viewed by EVERYONE so that there is no debate on how or why I was accepted into any show regardless of my sponsorship, assistance or other connections.

Should I not be the person in question you are referring to then at least this clarifies any other suspicions other show competitors my have to my horses results.

Have a nice day and good luck with your entries for Sydney - may you also do well.


Emma Rudder

Bruce (Guest)
12-11-02, 12:27 PM
Well if that doesn't set the record straight nothing will! At least Emma puts her name to what she rights. I've just looked at her site as most will now. Yes it's promotion but she's right in no-one can question her results and performances for Sydney.

Kaylene (Guest)
12-11-02, 02:16 PM
Jeez 'Very Angry' - go get a life! If you're that perturbed about someone 'faking' their performances for Sydney et al, why not report it to the committee??

Good on you Emma - we all appreciate the time and effort you put in to promoting our sport and we all know that you wouldn't do what 'Very Angry' is talking about! Not only would you not need to, I know that your morals and ethics wouldn't LET you!!!!!

David Maple (Guest)
12-11-02, 02:50 PM
Some people are pathetic aren't they. I reckon you (Very angry) and Nans above (post 11) know something about this subject. You see I have just read both of your pathetic whingeings. I don't usually frequent this site, but your comments and some past conversations on this site, which may also be yours (or another looser such as yourselves) have been pointed out to me. Thought I should reply.

Nothing good happening in your life? Haven't got a win under your belt lately?

Of course you both remain anonymous ..... gutless as well! Looks like many of the people who want to slag off at someone remain anonymous. Is it satisfying when you put the boot in anonymously? I bet it would take heaps of courage to do this anonymously ...sure! You're both a joke ..... your back stabbing is pathetic! AND scared to put your real name to the crap you go on with. Amazing how gutless some people are.

There are some really nice people who like to use this site to correspond with their friends. AND then there are people such as both of you who want to have a go.

Got to hand it to both of you, love your work ..... work of the anonymous under achievers who who need to get a life.


A Question (Guest)
13-11-02, 12:39 AM
I might have the wrong end of the stick here and the comments from Very Angry are not worth responding to in themselves but the question I have or at least the way I read the pathetic diatribe is how did he/she see the entries, if he/she did. Does it lay suspicion on the intergrity of the RAS horse office? Is this lifeless person a member of the horse office gaining sight of entries?

I hope and think not. Or maybe he/she just stated that to make them feel or sound important, which they are not. Thye only thing that I get Very Very Angry about is the feeling that this low life is enjoying the response to that which they started. How some people get off is amazing.

An excellent reply Emma. I hope they now crawl back under the stone with their tail frimly between their legs.

Sarah (Guest)
13-11-02, 02:38 AM
Oh congratulations on a good post Very Angry. All you have successfully done here, by Emma replying, is to show even more that Emma is an honest and respected Show person. Not only that more people will now go on her site to see her horses results and what they have won! Great promotion you've done for her!

Plus go get yourself a bloody life. Obviously this one has backfired on you so maybe you can try another angle to damage her reputation. As if she is going to publicly put results on her site that are "lies". Bet your just pissed off you didn't know about the extra classes at Minto! LOSER

You be careful about accusing people of lying................

Now for NANS - Back off! Put your name or say your comments to Jacki in person. WHO CARES WHAT YOU THINK.

Sorry Naice Showies. Had my dummy spit now back to the REAL NAICE TOPICS

I See the Point (Guest)
13-11-02, 03:36 AM
I am not the person above but I know that Rydal doesn't have ARP classes. It has a combined Purebred + Derivative class for all age mares and fillies and this year it was won by a purebred mare.

A Friend (Guest)
13-11-02, 03:51 AM
As a friend of Emmas more so recently if you are referring to Rydal show - you will see from Emma's post about that extra classes are also put on at shows. Rydal's judge was asked to put on a under 4 class due to the turnout of arabians and did so. I know because I came 2nd to her ( there was only the two of us in it in the end. Geez do you really think Emma is that much of a threat to you that you need to be this worried. Have a look at the horses results - I think you'll see the horse is more than qualified in any case. Plus I don't even think she would have needed to put that win in anyway. I also think she hasn't even entered the derivative classes at sydney only riding pony! Who even says she'll get accepted? She want know like the rest of us until March.

Are you all finished yet? Perhaps you would like to see what other hackies put on there Sydney entries as I think you too would be so very surprised.

Having just emailed her I suggested get this post deleted. You know what, she said no because she want's everyone to read this now so that there is no confusion on her horses. Who else has there results public for scrutiny.

BSR (Guest)
13-11-02, 04:17 AM
Here are my entries for Sydney........

Absolutley NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate Sydney Royal.

Mark (Guest)
13-11-02, 04:36 AM

WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very Angry go get your own horse qualified and stop bi*ching about other peoples. More importantly go and print one of your well read show programs off her site and shuve it somewhere. Suppose you've never gone for a job and made yourself sound better than you are. Lowlife

?? (Guest)
13-11-02, 04:42 AM
So, are you saying that the person in question isn't as successfull as they say they are on their site? Do they exaggerate their status as a premier showie and purveyor of quality goods?

hello? (Guest)
13-11-02, 05:06 AM
I am thoroughly enjoying this site. CH has come alive again. I don't know Emma personally but I think her reply was spot on. From what I know of her I think she would reject any tall poppy syndrome placed upon her but I see this as another tall poppy put down as is the way of this forum. When someone seems to be doing good, bang! off the retards go.

For the post above, I really don't get what your getting at.

XPY (Guest)
13-11-02, 05:08 AM
??, I hope you are either questioning Very Angry's comments as they are ludicrious, or you genuinely don't know what's going on.

Emma and Kristian are a lovely couple, both are honest, reliable people who went to enormous efforts to help me when my horse was having troubles fitting into the city lifestyle.

The ESH name was something that they put on the side of the truck as some easy self promotion. Now it had grown to a wonderful website that is a service to all types of horsepeople but mostly showies. Their products are wonderful quality (especially compared to some from other manufacturers) and because the whole family, including Em's parents are so energetic, they continue to keep coming up with new ideas. Which most recently has included starting Rudder Park.

So there is no exaggeration - what you see is what you get: lovely people who have their trials and triumphs (and believe me they've had both this year) with their horses.

Emma Rudder
13-11-02, 05:23 AM
The RAS of NSW receive all results from NSW and state shows. Lynelle Barker or anyone from the RAS are currently on hand to be contacted on the number I have stated above. I suggest anyone who is insinuating the falsification of any results for my team contact them for verification.

Thank you for all of the feedback we have received on our Show News pages on our site. We will continue to strive to gain as much information for and about shows as we can, in our own time, to help our part of the sport survive.

Enjoy your day,


I know (Guest)
13-11-02, 06:42 AM
Not a Naice Showie - why don't you check out the results page of Emma's site, it seems to be chock full of ESH own personal winnings.

Sarah (Guest)
13-11-02, 06:51 AM
What are you getting at I know? Don't understand your post?

Bruce (Guest)
13-11-02, 07:23 AM
Unbelievable! There are also plenty of results for Jacki Maple, Krystle Hann, H Bourne and a few others. Nans what did you win this weekend that you could let Em know about?

Lynelle Barker (Guest)
13-11-02, 08:05 AM
As the RAS Manager - Agricultural Arena Events, I would like to confirm that RAS receives from all NSW Agricultural Shows, Breed Shows and Hack Shows the results from their relevant Event/s.

This service is greatly appreciated and significantly assists the RAS Agricultural Arena Events Staff to keep Horse Exhibitors truthful/honest when submitting qualifying performances with their nominations for the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

I don't believe that it is necessary for anyone to cause offence to Emma Rudder & the EHS team in relation to the result pages that are contained on Emma's website.

I would like to personally congratulate Emma and her team for their enthusiasm and dedication in supporting the Horse Fraternity so conscientiously.

It is a pity that this dedication and enthusiasm is not contagious !!!!

Keep up the good work Emma.

Lynelle Barker

An Apology (Guest)
13-11-02, 08:13 AM
Yes I am too gutless to admitt my name so I'm sorry for that but I would like to apologise as I was a contributor to the above information on the show results for ESH and I now stand corrected from my post. Everything Emma has on her site is correct and true. I will eventually speak to Emma and her family personally someday however I do sincerely hope I have not cause any undue stress.

John Boy (Guest)
13-11-02, 01:29 PM
Dear "An Apology", interesting that your apology came hot on the heels of Lynell Barkers post , scared you a bit a dare say , but hey better late than never , I'm sure Emma has some dirty boots you could lick clean to get back in her good books, no actually Emma and her family are the sort of people you actually wouldn't hold a grudge against you, here's a little free advice TAKE A LEAF OUT OF THEIR BOOK!the fisrt word to spring to mind to describe Emma is Integrity ,people would certainly realise what an asset she is if she suddenly decided to pull the plug on her website so why not just appreciate what she does for all of us and get out there and get some results to put on her site!
John Walker

well (Guest)
14-11-02, 03:02 AM
As nice as it is to have a website around such as Emma's, showing has managed to go on successfully for the last many many decades without it.

Oh! Dear (Guest)
14-11-02, 04:37 AM
With comments like that you are obviously living many many years in the past. Get with it in the modern world will you well!!

BLC (Guest)
14-11-02, 06:07 AM

Have you ever thought of starting your own forum on your website, one that you and other nice showies need to log into to have a discussion? That way you would eliminate having to include all the horrible, gossipy, bitchy people that you often encounter on this forum. (sorry Bill!). And you would know the true identiy of each person participating in the conversation.

I have often worried about you and other naice showeies over the amount of information you all post about yourselfs on this forum and particularly Emma on her website. Its a sad world we live in and sometimes you need to keep a little of yourself private, although i understand it is a fine line when you are advertising a business as most of you are as professional horse people.

Without knowing any of you from a bar of soap, from reading this forum for the past year, i know where most of you live and where most of you will be each weekend as it comes up. Doesnt that freak any of you - that so many strangers have so much information?

Anyway - just food for thought. Im not suggesting you leave this forum at all - just thought id raise the issue.

Heather Bourne (Guest)
14-11-02, 06:21 AM
Well well well

All I really want to say is that the more promotion and help we can give our show societies the better.

Modern technology has allowed us to do some great things but at the same time has opened up a whole lot of new "issues". On a light-hearted note, you just have to look at the marriage break-ups caused by sites such as RSVP, schoolfriends etc. lol lol lol lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Having a web site such as Emma's keeps us all informed, allows us easy access to information, programmes etc etc. It also allows YOU some self promotion by giving you the opportunity to send in YOUR RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!

In the long run what Emma does for very little thanks (from people like this idiot) and in her own time (I can guarantee you there is not a lot of free time in the Rudder household), saves show societies money by not having to field/return phonecalls or print so many programmes allowing them to make our shows more profitable ensuring the survival of our sport and for the committees to be able to concentrate on running a better show FOR US THE COMPETITORS. The committees are grateful - they can see the benefits.

My fulltime job involves building websites for a rather large company so I feel "qualified" in my comments. I'll wait for my turn to be attacked now.............

For those of you who are so quick to criticise ESH my suggestion is - get to know them. They will bend over backwards to help people. They are honest straight down the line people just like MOST of us!!!

A professional of Emma's calibre would never think to cheat - she has a reputation to uphold - obviously one which this nasty person is insanely jealous of.

Get a life - and by the way Emma doesn't want this thread "locked" because she has nothing to hide.

God now I'm sounding repetitive!!!!!
Happy showing this weekend everybody.

Sarah (Guest)
14-11-02, 06:33 AM
Hi Pookies girl. Hows your chin? You are such a lucky girl. Just as well you were at Emma's at the time. But glad to hear you are back and well.

BLC quite a few people have suggested a private forum to Emma but from the last time we were speaking about it she wasn't really wanting to do that. I think primarily for the reason of there was enough around and she wanted to concerntrate more on the programs and valuable info for others rather than house a gossip line etc. But who knows perhaps one day she'll change her mind but with her schedule full enough as it is I personally think she'll leave the moderating side of things to other forums.
Your right though about the amount of information people know about you! Scary! But the plus is at least the info you want people to know is the stuff you put out yourself and not lies or gossip.
Thanks for dropping in but. Nice to hear from you and hope you stick around. I reckon we should get this Naice thread back to where it was at the beginning of the year. Hell it's up to 40 something posts at not a new one started yet! LOL lOL Probably cause BSR is away getting pissed!

Magic end to it (Guest)
16-11-02, 12:37 AM
I know I have brought this back from page three but I think the end of this matter is magic.

Emma won Blue at the National Stud Show. In view of this post, John Walker requested everyone in the stadium to view the Blue by holding it aloft and for everyone to sign the witness book he had quickly prepared.

A magic end to this post.