View Full Version : Have just realised that another Stud needs a round of applause!

Jan Heine (Guest)
08-11-02, 04:17 AM
Sunbury Lodge Thomas (ridden by Young Rider Rene Pedretti) is a horse who was bred by Anne Smith out of her part Percheron mare (Hollywood Smith I believe is the mares name) and is by Fame of Wondaree. Sunbury Lodge Thomas won the Australian Reserve medium Championship - and I believe this was at the recent Nationals.

Cate has been breeding quality for many years at her Wondaree stud and she was perhaps previously better known for her eventing horses but these days Cate is having great success in the showjumping arenas with her purpose bred Australian Sport Horses - so how wonderful to now see her lines also excelling in the dressage arenas.

Starlight (Guest)
08-11-02, 04:21 AM
How about Belcam, Northern and Jaybee. Belcam would now have to be the most successful stud in Australia with a proven breeding program producing consistently nice riding horses who are excelling in all disaplines to the highest levels. You can't go to a dressage day in the country without a Belcam horse popping up. Years of dedication. Good one Uli!!!

Jan Heine (Guest)
08-11-02, 09:09 AM
Couldn't agree more regardig the studs you mention starlight - and they get plenty of mention - and very much so in here - breeding is a tough game - and so when I hear about breeders doing well I will always bring it to people's attention as best I can!