View Full Version : My New Horse

Happy Me!!!! (Guest)
08-11-02, 09:27 AM
Well I have just bought myself a new horse and I am totally impressed with him. What an wonderful partnership I feel we will establish together. After having a monster of a horse to purchasing this little Gem it's fantastic. It's amazing how it can affect your everyday attitude with horses and give you that motivation and inspiriation back with a friend to enjoy again.

Bec (Guest)
08-11-02, 09:35 AM
Tell us more, Tell us more, like everything about your new horse?

Daryl (Guest)
08-11-02, 09:43 AM
That is great news, getting a new horse is always exciting. Was he just purchased for pleasure riding or will you be showing, eventing or showjumping with him?

Bumble B (Guest)
08-11-02, 09:48 AM
Hi Happy Me

How lovely it is to hear some good news after reading so much spite and venom on some of the other posts.

COngratulations to you, I know exactly what you mean to have something which you enjoy training and being with.

Here's to many long years together enjoying each others company