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Tara (Guest)
20-11-02, 05:48 AM
Would anyone be able to lend some information on becoming a member of the Show Horse Council in Queensland? Contact numbers would be much appreciated.

DeeTee (Guest)
20-11-02, 07:33 AM
You could ring Sally George - she may know. Sorry I don't have her number but someone else may do.

GG (Guest)
20-11-02, 08:37 AM
Sad part is after three years as President of Hack council Sally has resigned. Apparently differences in the committee caused problems and she left. it seems a shame as they were a good committee and its hard to replace someone who was prepared to take on responsibility. Sally if you read this perhaps you could reconsider???

I think Kym Taunton is Secretary and you could get details of how to join from her. There were three numbers on the front of the Schedule and I think Kims was 0402344855.

Hope this helps.

horse_guy_19 (Guest)
21-11-02, 02:42 AM
On the topic of Sally George's resignation from President of the now SHC of QLD I would like to congratulate her for the effort she has made during her time.
Sally was instrumental in the running of the club, and certainly put a lot of time and effort into making the society better.
The new features of shirts and other merchandise that is now on offer is one of the ways Sally has assisted greatly. Not only are these available to purchase, but are now also worn by the committee members at events, giving a very needed look of professionalism.
So to you Sally, congratulations and a very big thankyou for what you have done to improve the sport which is often lacking.

Cheers, Jeremy.

Tyson (Guest)
21-11-02, 08:41 AM
Yes, GG, Kim Tauntons phone number is 0402 344855. I heard their is another resignation in the SHC. There dropping like louey the fly. To Sally George, You did a wonderful job with the NOW Show HOrse Council, you organised and help run a fantastic show, and committee. I hope Sally, that one day you have some involvement with another committee, as you put your heart and soul into your work and your talents should not go to waste. Good luck in the future Sally, and Good luck Show Horse Council without Sally, as she will be noticably missed.

coincidence??? (Guest)
28-11-02, 05:38 AM
I am prsonally not interseted in showing but i do recall a post some weeks ago about the results of this show. I did not reaslise that the champion and reserve were the presidents' and the secratarys' galloways.I would amagin that this would not go down well with some people, even if the horses deserved to win. I think ill stick to jumping its fairer
Sara McCrae

show pony (Guest)
28-11-02, 01:51 PM
hi sara
why did you have to drag that up again, it wasnt really necessary. this topic was discussed before and resulted in much completly uniformed and nasty comment. the original poster simply wanted information on how to become a member of SHCQ.

whats in a name (Guest)
29-11-02, 11:09 AM
Sara are you sure your real name isnt Janine???

Nina George (Guest)
29-11-02, 12:46 PM
Dear Sara
A couple of months ago a young horse that we had purchased as a weanling and had spent many hours training (after being broken marvellously by Amanda Stewart) won the prestigious award of GOTY at the Hack Council show. As any horse person knows (be they hackie or showjumper) it is incredibly rewarding to have a horse that you have brought along practically from scratch be sucessful. The majority of this reward was taken away, however, by the scathing and ill informed people who felt the need to voice their displeasure at my winning on this site. Unlike these people I have a life outside horses and do not regularly frequent this site, however after hearing reports of what was written on here I did take a look and was shocked and saddened by some of the things that people had to say about my horse winning what he did. Our galloway may only be young yet he has enjoyed a highly successful allbeit brief showing career, as all those who know him are aware. After a while all this seemed to die down however you seem to feel the need to bring it all back up again. Cant you find a new topic to talk about because I seriously am getting sick of hearing about how much I did not deserve to receive this award. If you feel the need to continue this topic my email is nkatg@hotmail.com. To showpony and jez thanx for you support and I will see you guyz at the big event tommoz night...
PS: I am just curious to know why a showjumper would be interested in a Hack Council thread...;)

show pony (Guest)
30-11-02, 03:46 AM
hey nina

no problem, its time we start confronting these people who simply want to make trouble. They simply give showing a bad name.