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Question (Guest)
20-11-02, 06:21 AM
I noticed that this show has two championships for hacks, big and small. I was just wondering, as my own state doesn't have two champion classes for hacks, how they decide between the winners as to which one gets to represent the state at the Nationals? Surely both deserve the honour if both have won a state title? Perhaps the Nationals should have classes for big and small hacks AND galloways, like they do with the ponies?

Dreamer (Guest)
20-11-02, 06:31 AM
This year the committee decided to have small/large everything so in their own right small & large could have a state title. The judges then conferred to select the National Representative and the Reserve. It worked really well everyone was so happy. The National body at it's last meeting - still in the dark ages - voted AGAINST having small/large everything at the Nationals. Also voted AGAINST Owner/rider titles & Show hunters at the Nationals - they need to turn the lights on.

whatever (Guest)
20-11-02, 06:37 AM