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Interested????? (Guest)
26-11-02, 12:44 PM
Hi everyone!!

Just hopeing someone might be able to give me some tips on finding any information on halter. I am looking to get into halter but not too sure what to look for in a halter horse. Are there any good sights on the net?? Or books available??
Also would love some tips on feeding to maximise halter potential??

Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!

MH (Guest)
26-11-02, 03:13 PM
Halter conditioning is a fine art and one that not a lot of people can master, I dont think reading books will get you far, theres a fine line between conditioning a halter horse and keeping it sound, trial and error play a big part. Feed and exercise play a major part and as individuals each horse requires different routines. I guess more than anything you need the right horse to start with, maybe speak to some of the big players at the shows, some of the well known halter people may be able to help you, there are the obvious handful that win or place at every major show......good luck

27-11-02, 01:39 AM
Yes well said. There also are many horses which excel at halter but not under saddle. Some are just bred for halter. Perhaps you can find a "mentor" and learn a bit first hand? Dunno bout others but that worked well for me....that and perseverence

Nic (Guest)
27-11-02, 02:27 AM
You can try a website called Halterhorse.com it is an American website with chat rooms this might help.

Or as the above poster said you can come to the QH shows and chat to some of the showies, I am sure that they would be happy to give you advise!

Good Luck


jo (Guest)
27-11-02, 03:45 AM
We started out wanting to show in-hand at first with our new filly. But oooooo we thought we could do it on our own.So a few weeks before our first show, i thought we better get someone in proffesionally to help.TO our surpise in 3 lessons(1hour each) we had the horse working like it was a pro.With a few extra hours we put in ourselves.So off we went to our first show ever.She was such a delight in the show ring. never played up at all the whole day and took out 6 ribbons champion filly and a beautiful trophy.Only because we knew we needed help i think may have been the answer.Were abouts do you live and if you leave you email address, i'll give you the name of a natural horsemanship trainer who gives lessons at either your place or his.As for halters , i brought 2 off a site called www.ebay.com.au new western in-hand halters full size for $40each last year. hope this helps as well.Jo