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17-03-00, 03:46 PM
Hi there all.

Just wondering if there are any other gay men out there who ride horses and are on the net.

I actively compete in eventing and just happen to be gay. It's not something I hide, but I don't flaunt it either.

I live in the Eastern end of Melbourne and would be interested in chatting to or meeting other gay guys who also ride.

Look forward to chatting soon.

17-03-00, 04:00 PM
...is the pope a catholic!!! There's LOADS of them, it shouldn't take you long to meet them Phillip. In fact, thats what most of my single horsey female friends are always complaining about!!They reckon all the nicest ones are! (And some of them are my very good friends, so this wasn't mean't to be at all nasty). You should find the horse world to be very 'gay friendly'>.Hope you meet some soon and make some good friends :-)

Hack Rider
18-03-00, 01:01 AM
Hi Phillip

I live up on the Murray and have been showing for about 5 years now. This will get everyone trying to quess who?
My show season is just about finished, yours would be just about starting.
Chat later

18-03-00, 01:30 AM
No disrespect but show me a straight male horse person..it will be alot easier for you to find a companion than us females in this game...Mind you as Sally said my best friends are gay so good luck

black beauty
18-03-00, 01:45 AM
Actually I can think of plenty of male riders
( eventers ) that are straight but their all married !! *sigh* whats the world coming to for us "single" girls ??.

18-03-00, 03:05 AM
About 50% of the guys I know that ride competitively are gay! However, as far as eventing is concerned...the only ones that I can think of would be Vaughn Jefferis and Blyth Tait..the only Australian one that I know if did win Melbourne 3DE a few years ago, was longlisted for Atlanta after that, then turned to showjumping due to some discrimination - horsewise, not sexuality wise!!
Phillip - as far as meeting other gay men is concerned you are definitely in the right world (horsey) - but maybe you should take your horse to some dressage and showjump days as well - purely for the experience of course!!!! good luck and have fun eventing.

18-03-00, 01:20 PM
Well this has certainly got the tongues wagging hasn't it....lol

I do showjump and dressage as well occasionally, but due to time constraints of work and eventing these are limited.

Interestingly enough, I don't know any other gay event riders in Australia. I do know that the last 2 World Champions are both gay men (and boy do they know how to party!!).

Sally, Caroline, Black Beauty and Footscray, sorry that you find that all the nice men with horses are gay, send them my way!! One at a time though, I have to work the horse regularly......lol I'm sure these friends of yours whether they be gay or not are really good friends and would stand by you in a crisis. It's more important that they are friends, but I do wish you all luck in finding someone nice as a partner. If I know of anyone, I'll send them your way.

Hackie on the Murray, yes, my season has recently begun and hopefully we'll get some rain soon so our horses aren't running on hard ground. I actually never ask my horses to go under time on hard ground. There is no point. I want my horses career to span over 10 years, so they are saved for 3 Day Events where it really counts. There are no sheep stations on offer at One Day Events, but gee, I'd love to win a 3 Day.

Anyway, I'll leave it there for now.

Cheers all.

19-03-00, 01:09 AM
Well actually my gay brother has (I think by mistake) e mailed me a story called Bare_Butt_Brave (ROFL) do you want me to forward it!!! You little devils you....

19-03-00, 02:55 AM
Now just how can you narrow the field down on Hack Rider? You could be anyone of a LARGE number in the showing field.
I have a number of truely wonderful gay friends but I never think about their sexuality until questions like this come up. My late MIL could never understand why my husband would allow such close friendships with other blokes! - best girlfriend [as I tell one] a girl could have. He loves shopping as much as I do. Came home one day and I was carrying bags and bags of goodies and he was doing the same. Husband looked so I was quick to explain 'No, no. None of these are mine. They are all his.' He turned and looked at our friend and said 'You are going to get your butt kicked when you get home' His reply was that his partner would not see most of them, he would hide them. Ah, a man after my own heart.
Now Phillip and Hack Rider - get over to Profiles and your bit there!

19-03-00, 05:32 AM
Is it Robert Dover?? is gay - he always rides with a HIV support badge..

19-03-00, 06:09 AM
LOL, loved the reply. And true, it doesn't matter what someone's sexuality is, it's the friendship that counts. I have a horse and compete, but I'd love to be able afford to shop till I drop.....lol

I have a number of really close 'straight' horsy friends who know I'm gay, and we have a ball together. I'm often the butt(sic) of their jokes and innuendos, but I'm a big boy now and can give as good as I get. But again, it's the friendships. They know that I'm there in a crisis and I know they are too.

You mentioned profiles? I'm new to this site and am not sure where it is or what you are meaning? Can you please explain?


19-03-00, 06:16 AM
Hi Fran.

I love a good story, so if you want to pass it on, please do.

Yes, Robert Dover is openly gay and always wears an Aids Awareness badge on his lapel of his riding tails. I read an article in one of the American Riding magazines a few years back and he has done much to promote the awareness of Aids as well as organise shows to raise funds for research etc. a truly remarkable man from what I hear.

You sound as though you may be a bit of a net junkie Fran, good to hear I'm not the only one....lol

19-03-00, 08:20 AM
No, just work on line so it's convenient to check in.
Like retired - I move in the same circles and besides which have two gay brothers so really don't even notice - alright we tease them a bit, but only as mates do.
You must know Paris? Everyone down here does.
Funny I have two lesbian friends - actually mates of my son in a reverse situation to the one we women have - I was helping them when they moved house as I love doing gardens ,and they wanted a filing cabinet - I said there was one here, but I'd probably have to throw out son's porno mags (chuckling) and Kim said "Oh, leave them we'll look at them," And I said "oh yeah, I keep forgetting.." and they got the giggles.
The good thing is, the modern attitude has changed a lot - I still know some who react in - often mock -horror to gays, but as my brother said, all the rock spiders are straight people and apart from the tretcherous old Queens, gays are easy going and good company.
The horse world seems to attract gay people, so we are totally used to even the campest - and I think it's an excellent starting point for full community acceptance.
As for being the net junkie - so's retired and poor Stroudy who hasn't appeared for a week or two is offline because her hard drive died. My son could have fixed it in an evening - but she took it to a puter shop and he's pulled the "we're really busy" and it's been there a week... she says she does past her office and the keyboard and blank screen beckon and say aaaaaaaandie aaaaaaaandie... she passed a cyber cafe in Epping Plaza and was going to dive in to check everyone and found a bloody little kid hogging the computer - she almost throttled him. I am going to have to let her play with this one.
Keep in touch.

20-03-00, 12:38 PM
How true Fran.

I get the same sort of ribbing from a lot of my friends, all in good fun of course. I think once you have accepted yourself that you are gay, you can possibly cope with anything! It's not a choice (as you would be well aware with 2 gay brothers). Who in their right mind would choose to be a social outcast?

Yes, modern attitudes have changed considerably, more so in the Urban areas than the country. It is still not widely accepted for 2 guys to walk hand in hand down the street, but how often do you see 2 women walking hand in hand? Another of our societies double standards.

I have been reading your articles for years. I grew up on a dairy farm and always read your column in Stock & Land. I'm not going to divulge how long ago that was ....lol

Keep up the good work.


Jan Heine
20-03-00, 04:39 PM
OK it is probably time for me to step in - gotta tell you we have a lot of fun at my poor kid's expense - all done with humour and she laughs about it herself as do all the other people involved - here goes:
When she was 15 she met her first "boyfriend" - love and stuff - unfortunately he ran off with her best friend who was a guy. Then she fell in love at 16 with another boy - he ran off with her first boyfriend - her 3rd boyfriend when she was 18 ran off with another male best friend and has ended up living with her 2nd boyfriend. Now has a lovely boyfriend who swears "as yet" he is not feeling the need to be gay - but time will tell! But have to tell you that the current (last 12 months) boyfriend did have a girlfriend of some 2 years who turned out to be gay - oh my lord - can you all follow this - because sometimes we find it hard! For a little while poor kid (mine) was feeling that there was some difficiency in her kissing technique which was "turning" all these guys gay and she was quite depressed until she heard of another girl who had 4 boyfriends break up with her and turn to the priesthood - now THAT would be a worry!
Kid is in the performing arts so many of both our friends are gay but it isn't a problem just another way of good humouredly kidding around with each other in the same way as they "hang it on me" for being a "weirdo" because I spend more time with horses than with people - she and I fell in love with the same guy some years ago (fell in love being a loose term) - he is the most gentle, beautiful human being either of us have ever known and it was quite some months before he revealed his sexual preference - mmm not girls - bummer - but it doesn't stop both me and the kid fighting over marrying him - he says that is OK so long as he can have his lover on the side! To have this wonderful man in our lives is a privelage regardless of his sexual preference because he is a true "human being" in the best possible interpretation of that state!
PS: Phillip have you heard of the "nudist, gay adult riding club in Daylesford" - is it true or an urban myth because I personally could not think of anything more uncomfortable especially for a male!?
PPS: Lovely saying "If there really was such a thing as logic - men would ride side saddle"

21-03-00, 02:55 AM
Phillip, have to say, couldn't agree with you more about the friendship things. I actually do have a husband, so that's okay - a lot of people think he's gay though; but I know he definitely won't run off with any men LOL!! I seem to have surrounded myself with what can only be described as 'sensitive males' aka princesses! my husband, ridgeback and horse are all of that ilk; and a lot of our male friends are all very similar - most people tend to think that they are all gay too..and there's a great cafe up the road from work run by a gay couple - they are a complete laugh! attitude plus. Anyhow, good luck with your eventing, and if you're ever in the Wollongong area, give us a yell!

21-03-00, 01:39 PM

You are really wicked to that daughter of yours...lol, poor girl. Glad to hear she can laugh about it now.

I can assure you (and your 'kid') it has nothing to do with kissing techniques, but a good kisser, mmm, mmm!

No, I haven't heard of the "nudist adult riding club in Daylesford". I agree, it would be most uncomfortable! It's bad enough if you happen to be wearing the wrong pair of jocks when you ride, let alone all the bits and pieces flopping all over the place *ouch*! Don't think I'll be rushing forth to join!

25-03-00, 02:24 PM
Hi there Caroline.

Good to hear you have surrounded yourself with sensitive males. Nothing better, give hubby a big sloppy kiss for me.



16-04-00, 06:04 AM

I can assure you that you are not alone out there. I'm not sure about the eventing world, but certainly the showing and dressage world have many gay men in them.

Perhaps you need a net to snare one....lol

17-04-00, 02:55 PM
Well, one better than becoming friends...why dont we meet up for a drink and see what happens. As if horse stuff isnt bitchy enough!!!! Best we try to make new friends and lovers rather than be complete bitches towards each other. You only have to look at the "hack rumour" discussion to realise how hostile our favourite passion has become. So drop me a line and we'll see what happens. Either way it could never be as bad as the relationship between "Elizabeth and Jen" as in "hack rumour.

17-04-00, 04:01 PM
Sensitive Male and Jonathon the same person or do we have two vying for the affections of 'our' Phillip?
Phillip has a great sense of humour and seems to know his horses. I don't want to see him swept off his feet by a couple of 'loose' men.
Now Phillip - a little shyness and play hard to get here.
*grin* the girls are getting serious eh?

sa guy
18-04-00, 03:27 AM
Well Phillip, the answer to your question is yes there is a lot of gay event riders in aussie as well as overseas.im gay and am very happy, eventing is my life, ive competed all over Aust and NZ and have met heaps. My partner & myself are always there for each other for the ups and down and our friends are wounderful, it doesnt matter if you are gay or straight, it is what you do behind the bedroom door that counts, but yes it does help if you have gay friends as there is a connection. you will also be supprised who are bi that ride as well?????
yes Vaughn Jefferies is deffinitly gay(that one I know forsure if you know what I mean?)Bligth Taite, Rodney Powell, Bruce Davidson Bi,Mark Todd BI,Terry Boon, I could go on. I wont mention any other Aussies or I would get shot. So yeah you will meet them, but remember, we are there to compete so you'll have to go to the event parties, they will be the fun ones. cheers SA rider.

18-04-00, 06:06 AM

18-04-00, 12:08 PM
lol@Fran, don't be so shocked dear. I had heard that Mark was known to 'jump the fence' but didn't know about Bruce.

Retired, how do I play hard to get?, and as for shyness, well I can do that easily enough. You don't want to see me swept off my feet by a few 'loose' men, well don't look honey....lol, but I'll take the other comments as compliments, thanks.

Jonathon, getting together for a drink sounds like a great idea, how about dinner too? We'll have to be discreet or Fran and Retired will want to tag along to chaperone....lol (although I think they'd be a hoot!) Send me an e-mail and we'll see what we can arrange. Yes, I have been reading the 'Hack Rumour' post and it is probably why I have never got involved in showing. I'm sure it has a great side to it with the likes of the lovely Fran, Retired, etc. but the pettiness of a few others leaves me cold. Eventing is so much more like a big family.

SA Rider, that must be why I'm not meeting these gay event riders then, I go to the post cross country bashes at 3 Day Events, but for dinner, a little drinkie poo (hic) and then off to bed (alone) as I have a horse to present to the ground jury early in the morning as bright as I want to be. I'm there to compete also, although I won't be riding at Melbourne this year as my Chiropractor has today told me I'm not allowed to ride for at least another 3 weeks! Oh, well, a good opportunity to dressage and showjump over the winter. I'll be at Melbourne watching (or helping someone) though, so send me an e-mail and we can meet if you are going to be there.

Cheers for now.


18-04-00, 12:30 PM
You were supposed to wait until he offered his email at least once and THEN asked for yours! You are supposed to keep them chasing you until you catch them dear!
Swept off your feet? Just being 'motherly' lol. Tag along as a chaperone in company with Fran? My you have pyshic capabilties as well. Hmmmm. Might need to head to the 3 DE and watch from Aliceband Hill.
Hey Fran!!! What dates the 3DE?

18-04-00, 01:10 PM
Thanks for the advice Retired. Thought I may as well wind you up a bit along the way.

As my e-mail address was on all other postings I just thought Jonathon may not have noticed it and need a little cyber help.

I never do as I'm told, just ask my mother....lol

Was that psychic capabilities or psychotic tendencies?...lol

See you Queens Birthday weekend !

Jan Heine
18-04-00, 01:58 PM
well she just found out another one of her ex's has jumped ship - mmmm I think that makes 6 - boy am I having fun writing her 21st speech at the moment - especially seeing aas ALL will be present!
Now I hope you are going to be at Melbourne 3DE because that is the next official meeting of the Aliceband Hill Mob and we expect you to be present at roll call - complete with Aliceband - and if you haven't got one BL seems to be the one with spares!
See ya there!

18-04-00, 11:16 PM
MARK TODD? BRUCE DAVIDSON?... that's as bad as PhillipDeane telling me Lee Marvin was gay... ohhhh I'm shattered...
Well we'll be at the TDE - so you had better comes and find us.
Just wear an Alice Band (they won't think you are gay - just mad like the rest of us)

19-04-00, 03:09 AM
Hey :)
I only just discovered this page today!
Just wondering.. where are you lot all situated? Because I'm in Brisbane... and I don't really know of that many gay riders at all!!! Infact... we don't have too many male riders at all :(
Which is a real bummer, because whether straight or gay I would like something to perve on! lol
Just a quick intro, i'm 19 female from brisbane. What's the asl of everyone else? Just for interests sake. byeee :)

sa rider
19-04-00, 09:06 AM

19-04-00, 11:00 AM
SA Rider, sorry to hear about your Advanced horse. I too lost a very talented horse just over 2 years ago, so I know exactly what it's like trying to rebuild. I bet 5 horses are keeping you busy! I only work one as well as work full time to pay for my 'habit' and that keeps me very busy.

Jan. You truly are wicked to that poor child of yours. I can tell you are going to enjoy every minute of the speech just trying to see how many people you can embarrass.....lol I will be at Melbourne 3DE, and no, I don't have an Aliceband, so may need to beg, borrow or steal one to fit in. I may even be out showjumping before then, so if I see Harley, I'll get him to point you out to me.

Fran, I don't need to wear an Aliceband for people to think I'm mad, I think I can do just fine without one....lol

Retired, perhaps I should have taken your advice. My e-mail inbox is empty :-( Perhaps I have scared Jonathon off already !

Kazz, welcome to the forum. I'm in the Yarra Valley, on teh outer east edge of Melbourne and apart from Fran who I know is also from Melbourne, Jan (Victoria somewhere) and SA Rider (well that one will take a lot of working out...lol) I'm not sure where anyone else is. I assume Retired is also from Melbourne. I agree, a nice butt in breeches is certainly a sight worth perving on....lol, although if SA Rider works at a gym, well that could have it's perks also.

Jan Heine
19-04-00, 01:20 PM
Hey there Phillip - don't worry we can find you a nice Aliceband - just let us know what colour it is you prefer - and do you like sparkles or elegant and plain?
Now I am guessing you know Harley? It won't be too hard to find me - I wear (usually, except on very sunny days) my "trademark beret" - and I am ALWAYS ringside videoing when Harley is jumping - other than that I wander around looking like a Japanese tourist with cameras taking photos and making notes for my Cyberhorse reports!
Look forward to meetig you at the showjumping very soon!
As to the kid - nah!! she survives me - just! She does complain though that she has had the hardest time bringing me up because I am just impossible and she is very upset that all my failed relationships just end up getting married after things don't work out with me (contrary to her little problem) - I have explained that I just "prepare these men for the joys of matrimony" - after me any woman is a pleasure!

19-04-00, 01:34 PM
Hi Jan. Oooh, elegant with sparkles of course!! Find it hard to believe you really have to ask.....lol

I know Harley to say hello to, but that's about as far as it goes. I do know Rebecca much better though.

I'll definately keep an eye out for you, most likely at Glenbrae. Shall I just look for the 'man eater' in a beret?

Jan Heine
19-04-00, 01:47 PM
Definitely no "man eater" - just a complete nutter who sends most men running - the usual comment is "too happy too much of the time - not natural - can't even say she gets PMT - just not normal!" Sad isn't it?!

Now Phillip - I don't know you so I wasn't sure whether you went for the elegant or glitz look - getting the picture now though!You want it all - glamour and glitz! LOL - Yep Fran can definitely accomodate the glitz but the elegant mmmm not sure - saw that at DF!

19-04-00, 01:59 PM
Jan, I would have to say that I'd prefer go for the quieter elegant one than the glitzy, gawdy, over the top sparkly one. I wouldn't want to outshine any of you or stand out in the pack (like I won't anyway...lol).

19-04-00, 03:21 PM
Ohhh Phillip I just saw that you lived in the yarra valley, and wondering where because im up in monbulk which im sure you've heard of, and i may be able to find you some nice men, heheheee
anyway ill chat later byeee

19-04-00, 09:43 PM
Hi BeckSta.

Yes, I do know where Monbulk is. I'm just out of Lilydale in the other direction.

20-04-00, 01:57 AM
where's Jilly Cooper when you need her? She's done showjumping, polo.....perhaps Eventing is far too spicy in real life for even her!! ;-)

20-04-00, 05:19 AM
Phillip Deane has a lot to answer to for his gossip!. Lee Marvin gay??????? And I was devastated when he said Doris Day was a lesbian!

20-04-00, 11:14 AM
Gee, I must be having a 'blonde' moment. Who on earth is Phillip Deane? I'm guessing a gossip columnist or something similar.

Wannabee Showie
20-04-00, 03:32 PM
Now Phillip we MUST have met before!

I know that if you live near Lilydale you'd HAVE to travel down Maroondah Hwy. If you ever go through East Ringwood, wave to me!! I work at the Shell Service Station which is across the road from Smorgy's! I'm there Monday, Tuesday and Friday afternoons/evenings. I'm there most Wednesdays too. I ALWAYS see people there. People I haven't seen since prep, all sorts of things.

You'd probably know Caroline Quilty too. I bought my little superstar from her.

Small world hey??!!

20-04-00, 09:27 PM
Hey Wannabee Showie, I drop into that Shell once a week while I'm working (I'm on the road a lot). Next time, I'll wear an AB (not the antlers) which could cause quite a sensation, and would give me a lot of explaining to do if it got back to my boss. I think Phillip should do the same - what do you think Phillip ??

21-04-00, 04:25 AM
ok phillip catch up with you later, going away for a few events, good luck if you have ane on, ive submitted me email for you, send one and well keep in touch, if you dont get it ill check this again soon.
happy easter

21-04-00, 12:02 PM
Hi SA Rider. Good luck at your events and a happy easter to you too. I hope you catch your bunny! ...lol I am taking you up on the e-mail offer. Would be good to keep in touch.

Wannabee Showie, yes I do sometimes travel down the Maroondah Hwy and I now know where you work, so I'll be sure to drop in one day. I actually work in Greensborough, so I go cross country out through Yarra Glen and through the Christmas Hills. Yes, I do know who CQ is, but I don't actually know her, just seen her out competing.

Patsy, I think I'll just waltz in one day and ask do they sell Alice Bands ! That should give it away...lol

Retired, still no e-mail from Jonathan. Perhaps I should have mentioned that my dance card was empty this weekend ! (In fact my dance card is always empty...lol)

30-04-00, 12:04 PM
I think Jonathan has gone into hiding Retired. Pity, did a lovely lamb roast last weekend...lol

30-04-00, 02:33 PM
Toying with 'our' Phillip. Getting his hopes up leading him on. Just a typical man.
Never mind Phillip. The mother in me sees that Jonathon wasn't good enough for you. He just doesn't know what he is missing out on. You were just too good for him. There will be plenty more where..............hang on the pages in my book of platitudes are stuck together. Must be the jam I dropped on it the last time I dragged it out and was quoting to one of the sons - all married, sorry. I'll be back when I have steamed them apart.*grin*

30-04-00, 11:37 PM
Well Phillip, my gay brother and I are having a night out on the 11th and then treking off to (what used to be) Three Faces to see Paris dance - you can join us if you like...

01-05-00, 02:32 AM
Thanks Fran, sounds like it could be fun, but I don't want to muscle in on your night out with your brother.

Retired, no, I'm not annoyed with Jonathan. Perhaps he's not on here as much as you and I, and perhaps he's been busy? T'was fun while it lasted anyway....lol

01-05-00, 04:27 AM
Hey Phillip, thanks for your understanding approach to this whole letter writing thing. Unlike 'retired' who sounds like a bitter and twisted little piece, ive actually been out of the country for a work. So drop me a line and well see if we can meet up

01-05-00, 04:39 AM
Hi Jonathon.

Well I would, only you haven't left me an e-mail address !! Mine is in the little yellow box beside my name.

And no, I'm sure Retired is not bittter and twisted, just having a bit of fun.



Jan Heine
01-05-00, 06:09 AM
Speaking in defense of Retired - definitely NOT bitter and twisted - just very protective of the feelings of our "family" here in cyberhorse! So watch out Jonathon - better not hurt our Phillip - or else we will ALL be out in force looking for you!! Protective little bunch aren't we!? *grin*

01-05-00, 08:11 AM
Well thanks that you consider me part of the 'family', but careful you don't scare Jonathon away again....lol And don't worry Jonathon, I'll protect you from them, for now!..lol

01-05-00, 08:51 AM
Now just one cotton picking minute Jonothan - retired is far from being "a bitter and twisted piece" and how dare you say that.
she was merely being playful with Phillip and can truthfully number a couple of well known,liked and respected gay men from our sport as really good mates.
Don't you DARE say something like that without knowing her... we have all been getting along just fine and having a bit of fun... and in you fly with your skirts round your ears throwing the drama queen performance.

01-05-00, 09:12 AM
For those that flew to my defence - thanks guys. When I read that Jonothan actually took my kidding as serious and called me 'a bitter and twisted little piece' I have to say that the eyebrows hit the hairline and the jaw hit the floor.
Then I started to laugh. Now honestly. Can you even BUY a book of platitudes!!??? I was playing with Phillip for goodness sakes. I love his humour filled responses and his detailing of the 3DE thing was (messengers and all that) was fabulous.
I COULD have asked if he looked like Tom Cruise or is it Nicole Kidman because of his lamb roast reference, but that's a bit passe don't you think?
Aw, c'mon. Don't be like that.

P.S. Sorry guys. Last thing I wanted was a row. I will back out of this post. Never imagined I'd cause this bother.

01-05-00, 09:44 AM
Now looky here Retired, don't you dare back away, your repartee and that of others has been very welcomed by me at least. I think you've all worked out I've got a pretty wicked and warped sense of humour.

What Jonathon said was definately not from my book of "How to Win Friends and Infleunce People'...lol I'm sure he didn't mean it in the way it was taken and if he did, well, I'll just have to put him over my knee and give him a good spanking now won't I, and make him apologise.

Retired, hadn't you heard that about the messengers and the origins of 3 Day Eventing before? or have I been listening to the wrong fairy tales?

I'm still ROFL from Fran's comments about 'skirts round your ears throwing a drama queen performance' I love it....lol

01-05-00, 09:58 AM
Ta for correcting the spelling on the title. It was heading on its cyberpath when I saw I had missed an 'L' and I said 'Oh L' as it disappeared *grin*.
Was only going to back out of this post. Never the whole forum.
I do vaguely recall the messenger thing but only after you had written it up again. I just like the way you wrote it. Wonderful mind picture.
'Fairy' tales is a whole different subject *grin* (evil of course).
Warped and wicked - everything I like in a friend.

01-05-00, 01:05 PM
Im sorry everyone!!! i thought i was writing to Phillip not the whole of'cyberland' Now Phillip, being a guy with a good sence of humour you will appreciate that the ol'"bitter and twisted" comment is a bit of a gay quote that doesnt really mean that much in the big picture. So Fran, you dont have to play 'mother' all the time, Phillip knew i was just playing.

01-05-00, 01:34 PM
Spoke to one of my 'gay' mates tonight. You are using a different dictionary than him. His version of bitter and twisted is not very flattering.

01-05-00, 01:49 PM
Jonathon, I knew nothing of the sort. I was simply defending you as I 'thought' that may have been the case. I'm not familiar with 'bitter and twisted' being a gay quote as I'm not a scene queen lovey. I prefer real people and am not out to impress anyone but myself.

This is a public forum so any message you see on here can be seen by everyone else, so if you want to say something to me, and to me only, use the e-mail honey. But judging by the tone of your last 2 posts, I probably wouldn't bother if I were you. Doubt you're the type of person I even want to have a drink with, so, unless this isn't the real you, have a nice time pet, sweetie, love. Prove me wrong?