View Full Version : F3 Still Closed

Stuck In Sydney (Blahhh!) (Guest)
07-12-02, 01:03 AM
I am stuck in Sydney with no sign of the F3 opening soon, or even today. Does anyone know if the road from Wisemans Ferry thru all the way to Mangrove Mountain is closed at any point? (ie via Spencer).

Mc (Guest)
07-12-02, 01:38 AM
There is a good website www.travelmate.com.au that you can put in a destination and it will show you the road map. try that.

Annyn (Guest)
07-12-02, 01:48 AM
Heard on this mornings news that the only road north that was open is the Putty Road between Windsor and Singleton. BUT the police were asking that you only go this way if you absolutely HAVE to because it's not a nice road at the best of times (narrow and windy) and because there's no way out if another fire starts near it and you could be cut off and trapped. Best bet is just to sit tight and wait til the F3 opens again.

07-12-02, 01:49 AM
They just reopened it to heavy traffic so if it dosen't shut before they all go though, I'd assume they'll open it to cars as well. Personally I reckon it's only a matter of time till it gets shut again.

Only other way is the windy back road but it might be a hairy scary trip. Putty road is apparently closed too, well last I heard anyway.

Lynette (Guest)
07-12-02, 04:41 AM
Totally agree - sit tight and wait for the F3 to re-open. We visited Sydney back in October and were going to come home the Putty Road, but decided to stick to the F3 in case a bushfire cut the Putty Road. It's pretty isolated out there. Same with the Wiseman's Ferry Road. I would imagine it would also be one to avoid with bushfires in the vicinity.

If desparate to escape from Sydney, I guess you could head out the Great Western Highway and turn north at Dubbo. But fires in the Blue Mountains may cut that one as well.

Morgan (Guest)
07-12-02, 02:59 PM
We live on the putty Rd and the amount of traffic has increased since the F3 closure. There are mass amounts of trucks (the Double B ones) Screaming past our place. I think it would be absolutly terrifing to go through the putty valley at this point in time. If anyone is in a real stick as to where to stay we can offer some beds. There is also an empty stable complex if there are any horses in need of a temporary home. Good Luck Everyone.