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curious (Guest)
12-12-02, 03:01 PM
who won? what where the horses like?
was it mostly warmbloods or a big mix?
i heard the horse that won it is an absolutly special jumper!?!
but that was just from afriend who heard from a friend so maybe a bit of miscomunication
if anybody could tell me any of this stuff it would be great thanks

Rodrigo**** (Guest)
12-12-02, 03:09 PM
the winner was Kane Chester on Aabama Clay
in my very very proffesional and non bias opinion the horse is an absolute superstar best young horse i have ever seen
Clem Smith got second on a horse called combrio which is also a very nice young horse
(not as nice as the winner obviously)

i dont know how combrio is bred but Alabama Clay is by a grannus stallion(wb) out of an abbot prince mare(tb)


Snoopy (Guest)
12-12-02, 03:20 PM
Un-bias hey RODRIGO?!?!?

Abner (Guest)
12-12-02, 03:26 PM
The Abbot Prince mares are special .... excellent jumping prodginy.

It's by Gauss! (Guest)
12-12-02, 04:18 PM
Kane's horse that won is by the stallion Ego Gauss.
Out of Sunny Abbey.

Abner (Guest)
13-12-02, 01:51 AM
That's very interesting ... what a good example of purpose breeding - using Australian bred parents ... well done Kane. And Gavin and Sharyn for breeding quality horses.

It's by Gauss! (Guest)
13-12-02, 03:16 AM
Gavin and Sharon do breed beautiful youngsters, and Kane did well on a big grey mare bred by them in the junior rider Championships.
The horse that won the Yooung Horse class was bred by Mark Kloonan, who owned the stallion Ego Gauss before he was sold to Shahron.....

Abner (Guest)
13-12-02, 03:41 AM
I remember Mark riding Gauss and doing quite well up to medium?? level dressage. Is the horse not competing any more? He had such a lovely temperament. (Gauss, not Mark :-) )

Just a thought - didn't Shahron say he was infertile? How could he be?

Carly (Guest)
13-12-02, 03:51 AM
The horse that got 2nd was Combrio, it is by Contango II from a thoroughbred mare Dundas For Me. It is owned by Ulrich Klatte of Belcam Qld and was bred by Goron Toron Stud. Clem and Combrio also won the D grade championship at Sale, and a couple of other classes at the world cup shows. Seeming Clem only rode the horse for the first time 4 weeks ago, they have done very well!

I would have loved to seen the class first hand, I heard that Kane's horse was very nice.

How many of these "young horses" are entered for the Jumping with the Stars this weekend ?
I think it is a great step forward for jumping in Oz - giving the young horses a chance to get started so well. Not galloping against the usual 10 yo pro D Grader !
There has been a similar this started in Qld, but is only in it's first season.
Maybe each state could send it's top 5 to a final at the Australian Championships ? Something to think about.

It's by Gauss! (Guest)
13-12-02, 08:37 AM
>Just a thought - didn't Shahron say he was infertile? How could he be?<
Good question. He has 17 foals on the ground.

Shahron (Guest)
14-12-02, 03:25 PM
Yes, Kane's super little horse is by Gauss. Of course, Gauss is by Grannus II out of a Contact mare - obviously bred for jumping so no surprise that his offspring do well. Gauss himself is no great jumper, but as his dressage gets better, so does his jumping.
There are several young horses around by Gauss and another competed today at Werribee getting 12th, I think.
Gauss is infertile at present. No known cause or remedy at this time.
Mark competed the horse with results up to elementary level and I've had him out in Nov/Elem level this year. He's just come back from a spell and is working competitively now at med/adv level. Hoping to get him out next month at Medium with an aim to have him PSG by mid-late 2003. And yes, Gauss does have a lovely temperment.
Of course Uli Klatte is responsible for Grannus II being available in Australia and today at DWTS there were some other lovely offspring out and about. There's a great story about Grannus on www.horse-gate.com who stood at the Klatte's breeding station in Germany if anyone is interested in reading a bit about the bloodline.


Wondering (Guest)
15-12-02, 03:14 AM
I was speaking to a world cup sj that lives next door to Belcam and rides some of klattes youngters, he was telling me that in Germeny Grannus had a very bad reputation for throwing youngsters with bad feet, anyone else heard this or discovered a problem? I have a lovely Aachen mare who is perfect but iam biased! anyone know any sites that contain info about Aachen??

bruce (Guest)
15-12-02, 09:34 AM
I've heard the same.There are some very ordinary Belcam showjumpers around.

Shahron (Guest)
15-12-02, 02:35 PM
Aaagh, doubt that was the Grannus line with the bad feet. I've just seen two other Grannus horses this weekend with excellent feet and every vet that I've had see Gauss says that he has the best feet they've ever seen on a w/blood.
A lot of Grannus horses do windsuck however.
Funny I was speaking to a rider today who has been jumping a lot of the Belcam horses for the stud and he was over the moon about the talent they have as jumpers. Guess it just all depends on the rider. Certainly, the sheer number of positive results in competitions around the country seem to indicate that they breed pretty damn good horses.

Kane (Guest)
16-12-02, 06:00 PM
Yes my little budda (16.2and a half) is a superstar
no there is nothing wrong with his feet
he definitily does NOT windsuck or do anything stupid like that
and shahron there is nothing wrong with the way gauss jumps i have jumped him over fences 1.40cm and he did it easily

there is also absolutly nothing wrong with the belcam horses they DO breed a lot of VERY talented horses but a lot of people take their talent as an excuse to compete them in every sh*t fight there is and guess what THE HORSES GET BURNT OUT then they dont want to do it anymore and develope problems
90% of problem horses from anywhere are man made problems
thats about all i have to say on the issues

Kane (Guest)
16-12-02, 06:15 PM
I also absolutly agree with carly i think there should be a national young horse event maybe with a few qaulifiers in each state and then a final which could be held over a weekend with maybe 3 events and a points system over the 3 (1 start per day)
but it needs to be run as normal event not judged like the jwts was
maybe 5 points for a win 4 for second etc.
i think it would be fantastic if we coul;d get a few good sponsers involved and actually get something like this to happen instead of just talking about it like so many things in this country its always the same something great is suggested everybody agrees it would be good but it never eventuates
this is why Australia is never competitive internationaly our horse arnt brought on the right way and always get burnt out trying to gallop against older horses to win 10 dollars
there is nothing wrong with our horses or riders we just need to manage them better and be a little more professional about the whole thing

Susan (Guest)
17-12-02, 01:46 AM
Well said Kane. I fully agree about the riders burning their horses out. They get a good one and because it jumps like a star they put it in everything and try and win everything. The horses mental frame of mind it what the rider has to take care of not just see how high it can jump. They have to reach A grade being very settled in the brain and still thining that they(the horse) can jump anything.

Wondering (Guest)
17-12-02, 04:12 AM
Oh i wasnt bagging the Belcam horses! i have an aachen mare
the Sj in question loves the ones he rides but they are Aalto, aachen etc.. he doesnt ride a grannus horse, just curious thats all i almost bought a grannus stallion not that long ago

17-12-02, 03:15 PM
The stallion Ego Gauss was bred by Bungaree Park - a specialist showjumping breeding centre. Mark Cloonan purchased Ego Gauss as a yearling, broke and trained him.

Mark (Guest)
17-12-02, 03:29 PM
Just for the record, Gauss has (according to my breeding records) 24 youngsters on the ground and as far as our competition career together was concerned - we had 4 starts at Meduim level dressage before he was sold.