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15-11-00, 11:37 AM
So just as I posted this message my connection dropped out...here goes again

With all the rain I have huge numbers of mushrooms popping up in the paddocks. Are they harmful to horses or should I stop worrying?

15-11-00, 11:44 AM
I'm no mushy expert and tend to suspect everything is an evil toadstool.

But if you are worried about them, grab yourself a golf club and start making like Greg Norman. Mushrooms make great golf balls, complete with little tees!

Fore......!!! :D

15-11-00, 12:31 PM
Thanks Lin

Its hard to know what is what and with all this rain I can actually see the buggers growing before my eyes. She (my mare) doesnt appear to be eating them... but you know how it is i'm a worried mum. I think I will have to take up your suggestion and 'borrow' one of my hubby's golf clubs and take out my frustrations on the paddock mushies !!

16-11-00, 04:23 AM
I'm no expert either but wouldn't this just spread them so that they will grow even more?

My dad always told me that if you scratched the top of the mushroom with your finger nail the poisonious mushies will turn yellow and the edible ones wont. Or is this an old wives tale?

16-11-00, 04:32 AM
Yes although it sounds like a fun thing to do, golf balling the mushrooms will make the problem bigger in the future. Each mushroom is a little house for millions and millions of spores that are just waiting to be spread around everywhere.

Scratching the top of the mushies is an old wives tale - don't eat any of them unless you know exactly what it is. But, I guess the dreams could be fabulous before the curtain closes.....

16-11-00, 04:55 AM
ok, don't whack the mushies!! As I said, I'm no expert :-)

Although, I do kick my mushrooms over when I see them and have never had them pop up all over the place. Maybe you need to get them at the right time...ie, not when the spore are ready to fly?