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Loosley horsey-related (Guest)
08-01-03, 08:08 AM
Does anyone here live in the Murrumbateman area? I've been looking at some properties and just wondering what it is like and what are the issues - I would love to have my own place and live closer to my horse.......

pardon barton (Guest)
08-01-03, 08:26 AM
ooo ek - bett er be careful o them there murrumbateman types - them tthere are a hornery lot! specially arfter they've had a skin ful at the pub....

being o'er the border n all theys don't know whether they be arfur or marfa - harf the time they b in one state and arf the time in tother!

loosely (Guest)
08-01-03, 08:41 AM
Reerie? i fort dat was womboin dat wash like dat?

pardon barton (Guest)
08-01-03, 08:49 AM
my goodness - them b like that too! strange folks theys is round those parts! gotta b right mindful of fellas round Hall and all too...

and don't think that theys be all meek and mild up the road neither - them folks at gunning take it liter lly - gunning by name and gunning by nature...

then theres the loverley township o yass - o course you do have to 'and in a few chromosomes arfore you move there you know.

loosely (Guest)
08-01-03, 08:53 AM

so what part of the region to you rein from then??

pardon barton (Guest)
08-01-03, 09:01 AM
i'm from all over - from everywhere and nowhere

how about yourself? could we find you lurking round the indoor in a lesson with jose perhaps?

loosely (Guest)
08-01-03, 09:03 AM
Ah...no but I'm curious as to who you think I am now..and who Jose is??

I'm one of those nasty Belconnnen types......and I don't have a horse yet.....I'm stillsaving for the warmblood of my dreams...

pardon barton (Guest)
08-01-03, 09:12 AM
hmm belconnen - and a better red rooster i do not know! hehehe - I do miss the mall.....

hey don't knock belconnen - *lol* they're aren't many places where a uni student can share a tiny apartment on the waterfront with six other people and still have access to a pool and gym!

You know, I'm not sure you could fit a warmblood into belco? Unless you fenced off that hill behind maccas or took it for a bit of green pick on the lawn beside cash converters! *g* But then you'd have to use one of those saftey chains like they use on bikes....

loosely rooster (Guest)
08-01-03, 09:19 AM
My wordy lordy.....red rooster indeed!! oh yes...the lovely concrete edifice which is the mall..........how my heart is melded to the wintry facades of stained concrete......

Yes well this is my point, I am planning on agisting at Equestrian park, which of course means travelling (not that far, I'm just whinging really) but I've been looking at some places at Murrumbateman and they seem pretty cheap to me....well not cheap, but if I won lotto...they'd be pretty reasonable...

XTEEN (Guest)
08-01-03, 09:29 AM
Water is an issue although there is plenty of artesian if you've got a bore. I have also heard of some areas where calcification can be a problem (bore water again) it coats the plumbing and plugs the pipes - lets face it anything plumbing is expensive.
It's a termite active area. Shade is also an issue as some properties are pretty barren. Don't live there but have some dealings with the area. I have to say that everyone I've met in the Canberra region is very well educated and not the country yokels depicted in other posts.

loosely (Guest)
08-01-03, 09:32 AM
Yep I've heard that water can be an issue given they are not on "canberra town water". I wonder whether it is likely that they will be "connected" to canberra water in the future?

What exactly can you use artesian water for?

pardon barton (Guest)
08-01-03, 09:33 AM
ohhhhhh equestrian park in hall - i was there for a time myself and a loverley family they are too! Ann is a delight and you probably couldn't find a nicer bloke than Terry!!

there are some loverley places in m'man and some loverley people too - there are also some right bags and bastards - but then its the same everywhere hey??

has the freeway gone through yet?

pardon barton (Guest)
08-01-03, 09:35 AM
I'm so sorry - when was it exactly that your sense of humour died?

loosely (Guest)
08-01-03, 09:39 AM
So am I supposed to gather from your name Pardon Barton that you are perhaps residing in...barton? or is that merely coincidental??

I've only heard tremendous things about Equestrian park. Just wish I could fast forward to next year so I could get my horse!

XPY (Guest)
08-01-03, 10:57 AM
Wow wee did you guys just bring the memories flooding back...I practically lived in Belcas Red Rooster.
Ah yes I was a UC student and ressie...loved the egg cartons most of all.

By the way I used to love heading to Yass for the w/e...it was my country fix, not to mention I was looking for a decent pub...was almost considered a local by the time I left uni!

Now on a more serious note...to the question that was asked. I have extremely good friends that bought an immaculate property with seven bedroom mansion complete with pool etc, 20-stall/box brick stables, dressage arena, sand roll, wash bays, yards, etc, can't remember the acreage but big enough for me not to see their racetrack from the house for between $500,000 and $1m (not disclosing the exact price because that would be rude to them). It's Berant Park on Nanima Road between Hall and Murrumbateman. When I saw this place I drooled. It was a dream.

As someone said people from this area seem to be really settled and intelligent. Probably just the odd hill billy among all the hobby farms!

loosely (Guest)
08-01-03, 11:50 AM
Yep XPY, that is me, drooling over 25-50 acres (or even more in some instances) with house (quite nice ones) stables etc etc etc for $380k........and all 30-40 mins from the hub of excitement that is Canberra city.......what more could you ask for!! Oh well, when I win powerball on Thursday......

Kaylene (Guest)
08-01-03, 12:14 PM
We lived in the township of Murrumbateman for about 6 months a few years ago - as far as water goes, we had town water from Yass, tho lived on the tank water as the town water was only fit for the garden - or so said the people we got the house from.

There are quite a few hobby farm subdivisions happening out that way now, tho as previous posters have said - there aint too many trees on some of em! Tho the country is pretty horse friendly otherwise - not too rocky like it is around Radcliffe/Wamboin.

The pub out there is great, Rapleys is great for horse food and whatever else 'rural' you might need and its actually quite a nice drive in to Canberra each day. Just make sure you have good heating as its bloody freezing!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and make sure the heating is electric - we had ducted gas heating, only it was supplied by bottled gas, and as we were getting fortnight gas bills of over $200, we decided to take the freezing option and turned it off over winter :-(. I'd definitely live there again, but with much better heating!

Oh, and the Murrumbateman Adult Riding Club is quite active and meets on the oval at Murrumbateman - great way to meet the horsey people of the district. Kaye Champion from Horseland also lives out there, she runs excellent schools pretty much every month in her indoor arena with loads of great instructors (Roger Fitzhardinge, Clemens Dierks etc).

Good luck with the move!

cat (Guest)
08-01-03, 12:31 PM
How weird! I spent all of today browsing allhomes.com.au looking at properties in Murrumbateman! I think it'd be a great place to live. I grew up on Wallaroo rd (via Hall) and would love to buy a place there, but it's super expensive, becoming a bit of a yuppy hobby farmers haven. Murrumbateman is a bit further out, but more affordable. There is a 120 acre property with river frontage 15 mins out of Murrumbateman (45 mins from Canberra) that is $255,000 looks really nice, nice hills, right amount of bushland to grazing land. Put a kit home on that and you could have a lovely place for under $350,000! It's on the allhomes website under Murrumbatemen on Yass River Road. Who else thinks this looks like a cool property? Wish I was rich argh~

loosely (Guest)
08-01-03, 02:04 PM
Yep cat - that's how I'm currently spend my working day (no work on!).....between dreaming about horses and surfing allhomes - I saw that property too, it seems amazing to me that properties only 30 mins from Canberra are so cheap, when the prices of some very ordinary houses in Canberra (yet once again, still 30 mins from the city) are way more expensive. Still I guess it is horses for courses, I just don't get that particular course myself......

LisaB (Guest)
09-01-03, 02:59 AM
Well I've lived in Murrumbateman in the past, and loved it, and have just bought a property there after a couple of years of searching (for those of you who know me - woohoo!!! It's taken ages but I'm really stoked, we move in early Feb). I can't speak for the estates like Dundoos and Merryville as I've always lived on bigger, out of the way places, but the "locals" at the stores and Pub are always happy to help and have a chat etc which is good, a bit of that village feel but close enough to drive to work so I can earn enough money to pay for the horses and now the house!! The pony club has a great reputation as well, especially for mounted games, and the Adult Riding Club is apparently excellent as well.

As you said, living that close to Canberra with "rural" benefits is ideal for those of us into that sort of thing, I'd much rather pay the bigger money out there than for a surburban block, but each to their own!!

buglet (Guest)
09-01-03, 03:15 AM
Congratulations Lisa B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is so great for you. I am loving my little country place in Yass and Im sure you will love Murrumbateman too. We're (almost) going to be neighbours.

Aby (Guest)
09-01-03, 04:40 AM
I am a very experienced rural dweller having lived in 3 different districts around Canberra. I grew up in Burra outside Qbn and I can say very cold!!!!!!!!!! And NO shops nearby. It is very important to have a few local shops. Then I lived near Sutton (well on Federal Hwy) and the country was dreadful, Wamboin likewise. Now I am on 40 acres at Murrumbateman amongst the vineyards and have been here for 3 years. I have good country to run the horses on, great local shops and great neighbours. There are local farriers, vets, tradesmen and riding clubs. You better get in quick as land prices are getting out of control around here. The subdivision near me - 40 acres for $290,000!!

loosely (Guest)
09-01-03, 04:47 AM
yeah but that actually doesn't seem unreasonable? I mean, having lived in Canberra and knowing what you can get for around $300k at the moment, 40 acres is a pretty sizeable bit of land! Man do I dream of that. Well hopefully in a few years (unless I win powerball tonight) it will be a viable option. I've seen some lovely looking places with houses on them and susbtantial (well to me 25-50) acreage for $300-$400k, which given it's proximity to ACT and as you've mentioned, all the facilities and horse-related goings on seems not too bad....

LisaB (Guest)
09-01-03, 07:22 AM
The Hall-Murrumbateman market has never been cheap compared to other rural areas around Canberra, however you do pay for the quality of the land (most of the time, obviously there are some pretty crappy blocks anywhere you go) as well as the proximity to Canberra, but they reckon it would be pretty hard to lose on an investment property in the area between Canberra and Murrumbateman.

Of course if I hadn't found my place I'd be telling everyone how horrible it was to try and discourage possible "opponents" in the property market (not really!!!!!!), as many places in the area seem to get sold before they even hit the market, it's often who you know, unless you have about $500-600K to spend. I was lucky with my place, but it has taken a good 2 years of searching and of patience and of people telling me that I'd never find what I was looking for at an affordable price - it was worth the wait! (until I have to get in and redo the painting & gardens & all the other jobs around the place, but even then I'll just have to look at the views of the Brindys and my horses in the back paddock and I'm sure it'll make the hard work worthwhile.

Thanks Buglet, we'll have to catch up soon as we'll be "close" (well, closer!) again!!!!! Would love to see any young ones you've got as well as the old faithfuls!