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CJB (Guest)
09-01-03, 08:14 AM
Just wondering where everyone is buying their hay from and how much you are paying ? I can't believe how much a bale costs these days - almost $20.00 here in Canberra ( I guess they have to with the drought ).
I am hoping to get around 50 bales but at $20.00 a bale it is going to be a little costly....an ideas ???

Amy (Guest)
09-01-03, 08:24 AM
We are lucky up here in QLD, but unluckey also too. At the moment for Prime Lucerne hay it is $8.00 per bale, double to this time last year!

Only thing I can think of is if you are making a trip up here, pick it up, not specifically for hay though otherwise you would be better off spending the $20 per bale.

Tricky situation - B O L!

KM (Guest)
09-01-03, 09:28 AM
Amy I was wondering where you live in QLD as I'm paying $14.50 for prime Lucerne just Sth of Brisbane. I used to live in the ACT and find the QLD produce market heaps more competitive. Just a couple of Klm's up the road from my feed store Prime Lucerne sells for up to $30 a bale!!!!! I'd like to buy in bulk.......

Sonja (Guest)
09-01-03, 12:04 PM
If you're willing to buy 50 bales, and maybe get some friends together and buy more, maybe you can organise yourself a whole truckload yourselves and get it cheaper that way. Don't know how, but it must be do-able. Maybe have a look in those farming/country magazines like "The Weekly Times" for ads for hay? There is some incredibly good quality hay around at the moment, I recently travelled between Melbourne and Sydney on the Hume Highway and saw TRUCKLOADS of good quality stuff going somewhere (it was all heading in the Sydney direction actually.) Good luck getting your hands on it, it IS out there!

Amy (Guest)
10-01-03, 02:47 AM

Give me an email address and I will talk to you there!

I get my hay from Darling Downs Gatton / Laidley area. If you want to buy bulk I can give you a few contact names.


Shahron (Guest)
10-01-03, 04:28 AM
I'm looking for 3000+ bales and can't find it. I can get maximum 200 bales and then it's not worth getting the transport to pick it up.
Just good meadow hay. Aaaagh....

Showgoer (Guest)
10-01-03, 05:41 AM
I went to the produce the other day and asked how much the lucerne hay was they guy said, "$17.50 and it's great quality", I had a look and it was so stalky and dry. Then I asked about the clover hay and that was $18.00

JL (Guest)
10-01-03, 06:39 AM
I had a good stock up, about 400 bales when the prices started to go up but I have used it all up now and would love to buy more but just can't find it. Thank god I bought the 400 bales @ $8 per bale when I did. I am now paying $17.60 per bale at the local produce store, so I only buy just what I need and I have swapped alot of my horses onto chaff. I know it is the same stuff but it just is alot more economical to feed. The horses that our out in the paddock that I used to chuck one biscuit a feed to, I now feed them oats plus chaff and it is not quite as expensive. Although it is alot slower to feed up that way. Don't you just love throwing out the biscuits and its all done.

Sammie (Guest)
10-01-03, 06:49 AM
I am in Nth QLD and we are paying $19 a bale and have been for at least 12 months - it use to get downto $11 over winter but not last winter. I had heard last summer of other stores charging up to $25 a bale up here.

Jeff (Guest)
10-01-03, 07:02 AM
I have prime lucerne available by lots of 200 bales,we do deliver for approx $13.00 per bale.
Email me on-glenrockjeff@hotmail.com
it is cheaper for lots of 1000

OzPaints (Guest)
10-01-03, 07:14 AM

Do you deliver to Canberra area? I may be interested in buying approx. 40-50 bales if others would like to pitch in on a load.


SL (Guest)
10-01-03, 07:34 AM
I for one will be hand feeding this winter with only the odd biscuit of hay per day instead of the full bale. Prices are disgusting at the moment. I had one very greedy woman try to sell me LAST YEARS WEATHER BEATEN hay for $8 per bale, greedy COW.

Jo (Guest)
10-01-03, 08:32 AM
I too agree that prices are a bit ridiculous and yes some people are cashing in on the situation. Though just stop and think, this is the growing season and we are seeing prices of $18 a bale at our local feed store. Never seen this in my 15 years of owning horses. This is the time of year that growers normally stock pile for the winter, I know for a fact that my local grower is simply unable to stock pile and he has predicted $30 a bale come winter and I bet he won't be far off. Buy now peoples and you will be saving and pray for rain.

blm (Guest)
10-01-03, 08:49 AM
I am on the Darling Downs and am paying $12-13 for a bale. Where do you get yours from?

SP (Guest)
10-01-03, 09:18 AM
I'm in Northern NSW but would love to get some "cheaper" hay if possible a few hundred bales.

Could you let me know dpw@shawsbt.com.au

Thanks Amy any info would be fantastic.

lorraine (Guest)
10-01-03, 11:03 AM
I am in Southern WA and we have just had a huge bumper hay year. Transport is my problem. I cut my own hay for the first time this year and got 2000 bales. Good meadow hay with lots of green stuff. Only needed five hundred bales or so for my horses. I have it for sale at $3 from paddock stack, $3.50 from shed, but so does everyone else round here! I have tried to donate some for free to drought affected farmers but it is not worth transporting it. I want to clean out my hay shed so I can park the float and tractor back under cover! I only wish I could send you guys some of mine.

Sonja (Guest)
10-01-03, 12:08 PM
The hay I saw on all the trucks on the Hume Highway was all nice quality lucerne. I was stopped at Holbrook at the time. Who's hogging all that good hay then???!!!

Lily (Guest)
10-01-03, 12:34 PM
We are in outer Brisbane here and we've got 250 bales coming tomorrow at $12.50 a bale. This should take us throught to November/December this year.

just passing (Guest)
10-01-03, 02:00 PM
phew :o $20 a bale x(
I live in the Hunter Valley NSW and get my hay from a 'local' lucerne grower and have to say the most I pay is $7:00 a bale - usually it's $4:50 a bale but it has recently gone up - but I AIN'T COMPLAINING :-) he grows on contract to a big dairy further down the valley and has a few 'local small regulars' like me - get about 10 bales at a time about every 10 days
yeah .... I know .... I sound like . . . . 'the bitch from hell who rubs salt into the wound' :( but I guess I'm lucky that I found the contact about 4-5 yr ago :*

10-01-03, 02:07 PM
Amy, I'm with KM!!! Where are you getting it from? I will buy any quantity at that price!!!!!(we are sth east qld) Also after large round bales.... preferably Rhodes or Lucerne/Rhodes or Barley (or ANYTHING!!!! to pick on through the day) You can email me at elkingtonpark@austarnet.com.au Cat.

10-01-03, 02:11 PM
WHOOPS!!! Sorry just passing, posted out of order! Cat.

10-01-03, 02:40 PM
Just Passing,

Any chance you could please email me the contact details? If so, please do to: megan_spencer@hotmail.com

That would be GREAT if you could.


Laidley Hay (Guest)
10-01-03, 03:13 PM
Amy, Be careful you don't dry up your supply of lucerne hay by giving too many people your contacts.

I prefer to keep my supply under wraps, as another supplier I had, I gave out his number and he was sold out before I could get another load!

I've learnt the hard way especially as $8.00 a bale is an absolute bargain at the moment, I hope your supplier is different from mine because with two competition horses on 2 acres and no grass I need all the lucerne hay I can get!

P.S I'm sorry if this post seems harsh, but I've learnt that when the going gets tough..................you better look after number 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets all pray for rain and get that lucerne growing for the farmers!!!!!!!

EA (Guest)
11-01-03, 05:15 AM

If you are in VIC there is plenty of hay around to be bought at the moment. I am in the yarra valley and you can buy meadow hay for $5. I am like you and use 000's bales per year as I feed 40 horses. A truck can only carry 600 so you can find a couple of places with 300 each and get them to visit both places.

You can also arrange to buy the big bales of Meadow, oaten or Lucerne at approx 300-350 per tonne transported. It is in big bales, and you need to arrange a tractor to get them off, but as I found this didnt present a problem.

I am getting a big load of oaten, which equates to about $7 per small bale stacked.

The weekly times has plenty of people selling these. You need to be a little selective as there are plenty of people trying to make a killing selling Meadow Hay for $330 per tonne when it is really worth about $80.

Karen (Guest)
11-01-03, 08:43 AM
Try the following link it will list a 21 adverts for hay in NSW and Qld.


Prices vary but I saw one ad that had lucerne from $6.60 (there may be others that are lower) and alot of adverts for $8.00/bale.

Hope this helps