View Full Version : NSW Central Coast agistment needed!!!

Laura (Guest)
09-01-03, 01:47 PM
I'm going to Canada for 3 months and need to put my 5yo 17hh TB gelding into full care agistment for this period. Does anyone know of any agistment in the area that will put my horse in a large paddock with either trees or a shelter of some kind, feed twice per day and rug/unrug? The most important factor is that he must be in a big paddock and fed twice daily. Please email obergia@yahoo.com.au

Local (Guest)
11-01-03, 04:08 AM
Laura I tried to email you but my email came back - so maybe this will get you. Try John and Pip Cooper at Falcon Park at Peats Ridge. Big grassy paddocks with shelters, feeding and rugging etc. Their number is 0243 73 1113

Regal (Guest)
11-01-03, 10:34 AM
Hi Laura,

I had a computer accident and lost your email. Regal is going well. Was wanting to keep in touch so can you please send me an email?

Another place you can try is Wendy Ward's Newcastle Equestrian Centre on the highway. Don't know her personally but their paddocks seem very nice.

Laura (Guest)
11-01-03, 11:44 AM
Hi Jenny,

Good to hear from you and to hear that Regal is going well. I often think about the little cutie and wonder how he's going. He's such a cheeky little man! I've also lost your email address, so I can't send you one, either! My email is obergia@yahoo.com.au or lmasterton@saraleebakery.com.au
Hope to hear from you soon - would love an update on Regal! Cass is going fantastic now. He has turned out to be really very classy and quite easy to train. Think I might keep him for longer than I initially thought! Maybe even get back into eventing - who knows!!?