View Full Version : QUIKEST WAY TO MAKE THEM FAT????

alena (Guest)
16-01-03, 06:35 AM
I have a huge tb that is one month a good doer, and the next he is not. At the moment we could do with some quick fattening tips. What are the best products, what do you use, and how fast were the results????

n.b Isnt it funny how people are always striving to make themselves skinnier, and their horses fatter?!?!? :-)

But first (Guest)
16-01-03, 09:11 AM
I'm more inclined to question why your horse is a good doer one month and a bad doer the next month.

Have you checked, teeth? worms? pasture condition? sand in tummy? Is he ill?
These are just some of the things to look at you MUST look at it in this situation.

There are many products people swear by from full fat soybean meal, sweetbulk, and Copra, to expensive "brand" additives.

But generally there is nothing like top quality hay, lucerne and grass varieties, to add bulk to a horse.

Claudia (Guest)
16-01-03, 09:25 AM
I have a show horse who is similar to this. When she gets up tight she tends not to eat and then is really picky about what she eats. She won't eat copra or weight gain. The best results I have had, is by feeding rice pollard (along with economix, bran & chaff). She packs on the weight quickly and it does not heat her up. So I swear by rice pollard.

Eddy (Guest)
16-01-03, 01:17 PM
Have a chat to Kentucky Equine Research (KER) - increasing the energy is an obvious way but it is best for the diet to be balanced and to do it gradually.