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Hells Bells (Guest)
29-01-03, 05:35 PM
Can anyone recommend which float maker to choose. I am thinking of Rowville, Pegasus or Amberlee. Would love to hear from owners of these three brands. I'm especially interested in finish, towability and value for money but would welcome any comments. Thankyou.

Pegasus owner (Guest)
30-01-03, 01:15 AM
We just bought a new 3 horse angle load Pegasus. It is just beautiful! Great to tow and very well built. I also looked at both the other brands you have suggested. They were A LOT cheaper and still good floats, but I believe, not as good as the Pegasus we bought. The Rowville would be good value for money, but they aren't as "pretty" as the Pegasus. The Amberley didn't suit us as they don't make 3 horse angle load floats.

another pegagus owner (Guest)
30-01-03, 01:48 AM
I recently bought a double angle pegasus float after having my double straight load pegasus for fourteen years. personally i dont think you can go past them. they hug the road, are beautifully finished and look fantastic.

Emma (Guest)
30-01-03, 02:44 AM
Is there a contact number or web site for Pegasus floats. I have a friend looking for a new float and we are interested in the Pegasus floats. We are located in Qld near Toowoomba. Some ideas on prices and the extras you can get, or what little features you liked - such as where the cupboards are, vents or whatever....
Thanks in advance.

Jane (Guest)
30-01-03, 04:36 AM
I can strongly recommend Runner Floats in Geelong. I'm from Sydney and I flew to Brisbane to check out Macro, flew to Melbourne to check out Pegasus & Runner. I also looked at Rowville & they are certainly cheaper & will do a deal, but the quality & finish is not what I wanted.

They are all great, but Runner are the only company to use galvanised box steel. The others all use black or blue steel which rusts twice as fast. My runner float was better value for money than the Pegasus and looks just as good. I have a custom built 2 horse angle which is the same size as a 3 horse angle, (my choice) but I've got a huge tack box, extra height & a huge cupboard at the front. All lockable. Mine came with all the bells & whistles and was $2500 cheaper than the Macro or Pegasus. Most people in Sydney, sadly, think it's a Pegasus until they see the Runner name on the back & front.

Andrew at Runner is really helpful, and will listen to you. He also delivered my trailer at no extra cost. Great service. The other manufacturers wanted to tell me what I should have in a horse trailer, not listen to what I wanted.
Good luck.
Good luck.

Craney (Guest)
30-01-03, 07:26 AM
Don't know where you are, but if your near QLD or can afford to have it transported, Tuza floats are really great. We had one custom made, a three horse angle load, and it's really terrific.

They are on the net and they advertise in Horse Deals too.

happy new float owner (Guest)
30-01-03, 07:38 AM
I bought a Mt Tawonga float, just a basic double with a few extras, barn doors, side windows etc. It tows great, and with the high temps we have had down here in Vic, the ponies travel cool as the side walls are insulated, every detail is thought of. I used my flat to pick up my ride on mower and the owner of the Ag centre used to deal with Pegasus and he looked over the float and said that it was far better than any of the pegasus floats he had dealt with, Geoff from Mt Tawonga floats listens to what you want and will put his fastidious efforts into the building of your float. He can be contacted on 03 57544552

Jessica (Guest)
30-01-03, 07:54 AM
My 'Unicorn' float is just over a year old and as nice as the day it was delivered. I use it all the time and without going into heaps of detail here, can honestly say I did all the research and nothing came close. You can see them at www.horsefloats.com.au
Good luck with whatever you decide.

Pegasus website (Guest)
30-01-03, 09:07 AM
The web address for Pegasus is http://www.pegasusfloats.com.au/