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Susan (Guest)
02-02-03, 12:34 PM
For the people who run agistment centres can you tell me what measures you are taking to protect yourself. Can you get any insurance from anywhere and what does it cover. ie people riding on or off the property. Obviously centres are still operating but I can't find anyone to offer insurance so any help in this matter would be appreciated.

CJ (Guest)
03-02-03, 03:17 PM
The Australian Horse Industry Council advises people in the horse industry about all sorts of things including public liability insurance. I am sure they can help you as many agistment centres are up and running again with insurance.
Check it out: http://www.horsecouncil.org.au/

CC (Guest)
03-02-03, 03:32 PM
Like you I would be VERY interested to find out more. I have a small place with quite good facilities - more than I need - and am regularly approached by people wanting to 'agist' but am not happy to go along with their willing, easy-going initial request as I fear things can always get ulgy IF something unexpected happens. Would love to know if there is some sort of realistic option for insurance available.

Susan (Guest)
04-02-03, 01:13 AM
Thanks for the replies. CJ I keep in touch with the horse council. A few centres are members of the australian horse riding centres and get there insurance through them. A riding school that i work at has been able to obtain insurance but not for their agistors. From my inquiries other agistment places are owned by people who spend a lot on insurance for other areas in their life and the insurance companies have relented and added on insurance for the agistment so that they do not lose the other business from the client.

To actually find insurance for a 20 acre property with about 10 agistors in my experience is almost impossible hence the reason for my post as like you I know that most places are still operating.

04-02-03, 01:54 AM
Just off on a tangent but how do you fit 10 agistors or 10 horses on a 20 acre property? How do you rotate paddocks or are they all in stables all the time?

irrelevant (Guest)
04-02-03, 07:19 AM
What does that ahve to do with anything??????? We have 16 horses on 33 acres which is almost the same! We all roate between our own two paddocks and the property is great. How many acres do you want each horse to have. 2 is a lot of room per horse!!!!!!!

Susan (Guest)
04-02-03, 08:05 AM
It is quite easy guest. Private paddocks and some share two horses per share. All manure is picked up and horses are fed daily. Property in gippsland so plenty of grass well more than the norm. Paddocks are rotated when appropriate.

Now does anyone know where I can get insurance????? :)