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just me (Guest)
04-02-03, 02:41 PM
I'm thinking of looking for a horse for dressage/hacking at the next Inglis TB sales. But I have never been so I was wondering what actually happens. Do you get to see the horse before? how much before? how does the whole thing work? how about veterinary stuff?

any assistance appreciated

sienna (Guest)
04-02-03, 02:55 PM
If you contact Inglis they will send you a catalogue usually a couple of weeks before the sale. On the day of the sales you can look at the horses prior to the sale in the stable area. There will be veterinarians on the grounds the day of the sale and you can pay them to check the horse out you can also talk with the owners/handlers of the horse. A tried /untried sale or mixed age sale would probably suit your requirements as you may be able to find a horse just too slow for racing at a reasonable price. Good luck

weazel (Guest)
04-02-03, 03:19 PM
I have been on both ends of the rope at sales. Being both a seller of yearlings and buyer. So I hope I can help

Depending on the size of the sale the horses are either available for veiwing on the day or a couple of days prior at the sales complex.

All the horses stables have the location printed in the catalogue. All you have to do is ask the handler to bring the horse out for you to look at. They will usually bring it out and stand them up for you to look at. Then you can view horse walking and trotting in hand. Make sure you ask the handler to trot the horse for you as most race people do not have this done, so they wont do it automatically.

As said in the above post there are vets and farriers on the grounds to lend their expertise if you need it. If you cant find one ask at the sales office and they can point you in the right direction. Be warned though, that xrays, bloods etc most likely will not be able to be done....so BUYER BEWARE!!!!! If the horse passes in at sale then you can talk to the vendors afterwards and negotiate price etc. Most vendors are there to sell so ASK AWAY. They can only say no, but its worth a try

The auction (sale) will start about 10 or 11am in the main auditorium. If you are intending to bid go to the sales office. The sales office at the sunbury site is near the indoor parade area. They can help you with all the finacial stuff that you need to know. DO this early as the sales runs very fast once it gets going.

The horses will be taken up to the indoor parade area about 10 horses before their catalogue number and you can get a better veiw of the horses walk, and temperament around other horses
(there is lots of things going on up there!!!!!!!)

All you have to do then is be inside the sale ring when the horse you like goes through and bid away. If you are not confident bidding ( and it can be scary for the first time :-))
stand close to one of the Inglis guys who are watching for bids. If you are the highest bidder then someone will come up to you and take your details and tell you what to do from there

Keep in mind that once the hammer falls and you are a successful bidder that horse becomes your responsibility. Most sellers will take all rugs, halters off the horse when it is sold, unless you approach them and make other arrangements.

You have to arrange transport etc off the sales complex. There are transport companies on the grounds on the day who you can talk too. Or better still take you float "just in case". Although from my experience it is far easier to get one of the companies to take the horse home as some TB racehorses have never seen a double horse float and can be difficult....

Sorry it was long, but I hope this helps.