View Full Version : Ricky McMillan ...gets a wild card at the World Cup!!! WHOOPEE UP THE QLDRS

20-03-00, 01:36 PM
For those that don't follow the links that are about seems there was only one wild card great stuff for us poor old second rate queenslanders out here in the wilds far from the real civilized world :-)

20-03-00, 01:46 PM
well done and congratulations, best of luck

Bill S.
20-03-00, 01:58 PM
We posted the story on The Virtual Equestrian a few days ago. The background to the story is that there was a vacancy due to the Japanese girl pulling out and Ricky's performances in Europe have been good enough to get her into the final. She has actually been competing in European World Cup qualifiers and was only one place behind the last European rider to get into the final.

20-03-00, 03:23 PM
Aww ,,sorry Bill ..still jetlagged ,,read the overseas stuff and did not even check tve ..tut tut naughty me