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26-02-03, 06:31 AM
Does anyone know of any good instructors around Brisbane area. I need a dressage instructor that concentrates on the riders position, position, position not just how the horse is going. I've rung a few recommended ones and they are either fully booked up or there methods don't appeal to me. I know that this has been posted before but I can't bring it up from the archives.

26-02-03, 07:38 AM
Where in Brissie are you?

If you are on the south side you could try Robyn at Dove Haven at Logan Village. I have been to her in the past and she is very seat/position oriented and did me wonders to have her as my eye on the ground.

26-02-03, 07:43 AM
I personally love Paula Price (have only managed a few lessons so far) but her methods are sound, she is a stickler for getting the basics correct, and very position focused. With my young wb, unlike other instructors I have had in the past with other horses that constantly keep you on a circle trying continually to get the horse 'round' Paula didn't she focused on my position so that I could actually influence the horse correctly, and just got my horse going rhythmically fwd in all 3 paces. Just excellent.

26-02-03, 08:22 AM
I'm sth of Bris. at Cedar Vale. Thanks for the info on Paula I was wondering what she was like and was thinking of giving her a ring. I've just joined PRARG and I think she is one of the visiting instructors! One of her students is Lyn Dickson do you know what she's like as an instructor?

26-02-03, 08:24 AM
PS. I'd like to know more about Robyn too

26-02-03, 08:28 AM
Cannot tell you much about Lyn unfortunately, but I you will not be disappointed with Paula, but like everything well all have different needs and tastes and sometimes we just do not click with an instructor that someone else loves Cheers and good luck.

26-02-03, 10:37 AM
Robyn is very very nice and a very good rider. She is position orientated and last time I went there was a few years back, so I don't know how she is now, BUT she is not really a 'dressage' instructor. I think she has some weird ideas (if I remember correctly)(maybe they'll work for you), but she doesn't concentrate on getting the horse 'round' which is nice. Just working nicely and remembering the basic things. She put me on a few challenging horses and gave me many opportunities to learn and to compete which was really nice. She is a true horse lover.

27-02-03, 04:43 PM
Though she is an eventer, Simone Kann is a real stickler for correct seat and aids. Also she is a really nice person, very communicative and friendly. Have a lot of respect for her. She is based in Waterford.

28-02-03, 05:32 AM

could you email me please at llyttle@yahoo.com, I'll give you Robyn's contact details tonight and we can have a quick chat about which instructors may be able to help you without being overly public *smile*


28-02-03, 11:46 AM
You could try Jim O'Farrell. He is at Munruben just up the highway from you. He is an EFA NCAS accredited instructor, who also will be teaching at PRAG. He teaches begginers to Grand Prix, and has super facilities with an indoor arena.He is very busy but is a stickler for the basics in horse and rider.He is in the phone book at Benalbyn Lodge Equestrian centre.