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Michelle O
05-03-03, 02:49 PM
What year do you own and do you find them expensive to run/fix/rego.....any info appreciated. looking at buying one, but don't want to buy a dud. Are they reknown to have certain faults.


Jan Heine
05-03-03, 08:22 PM
Hi Michelle O - I have a 1995 Jeep Cherokee which I bought new and I have clocked up over 400,000kms in it - and they have been hard yards towing and dirt roads - it has been the most economical 4wd I have ever had - have mostly had Nissan Patrols - and it is very easy on fuel (mine is unleaded and automatic) - I have had to replace a water pump and the exhaust system but that is not too bad after that much mileage.

I did have the towing suspension put in as the standard was not great.

I love the Jeep but be warned it has VERY VERY light power steering which some people have trouble adjusting to but I found it sensational for backing the float etc.

And lastly - many people hate the Jeeps and many people love them - there seems to be no mid point - you either love them or hate them and for every person I meet who hates them I meet the same number who swear by them as do I.

Bet that has just confused you more *grin*

Michelle O
06-03-03, 12:46 AM
Hey thanks Jan! Well I have done a fair bit of research and am still lovin them.........Do you tow your BIG boys with it? they must weigh a ton :-)

06-03-03, 03:09 AM
We have a 9 year old Jeep and love it. Also had a Nissan Patrol before. The fuel economy is much better with the Jeep, it is also better for driving/parking around town. Have over 275,000 ks on ours and the only trouble we have had is with the radiator. I agree with the comment re the power steering!

If you are off roading a lot, really bush bashing, the Patrol is much better, but for towing a float etc, the Jeep is great.

06-03-03, 04:24 AM
I have a model 2000 jeep (the last one out before they changed to the bubble shape) and my jeep is a dude jeep, pulls the horse float brilliantly, great car to drive around too, as it is not as big as other 4wd's it is easier to move around the city and to find parking in.

The power steering actually makes it more difficult for me to reverse the float, because it is supersensitive and unlike Jan, I am really crap at reversing with a float. I have not had any problems with my jeep, although it is only 1 1/2 years old, I have already done nearly 60 000kms in it and it has held up on 5 1/2 hour float trips one way.

You can also see over the steering wheel (I am only little) and they are comfy to drive. That is my two cents worth.

06-03-03, 04:35 AM
My parents bought a 99 model (i think :)) jeep second hand last year specifically for towing. Like Jan's ours is on unleaded and is an auto. We will also be getting the suspension done since the standard one isnt the greatest!

The steering is amazing. I have no trouble reversing it and I can even back the horsefloat into the shed without to much drama.... ok so maybe it takes me 15 minutes...lol!!

At 4 litres the engine is huge enough to legally tow the double or triple float whereas alot of the others cant.

I love the jeep!


Michelle O
06-03-03, 04:43 AM
ooohh thanks guys! have hubby convinced and am searching now!
We want 95-97 model with leather interior.....very nice!

06-03-03, 05:09 AM
Only thing with the jeeps is that they still insist on putting drum brakes on the rear axle. The vehicle is simply too heavy for that sort of braking system.

07-03-03, 11:10 AM
I have a '96 Cherokee Sport and I love it !! Tows like a dream, and very economical too. Insurance was $900 a year but I pay monthly out of my pay and I don't notice it.

Rego was average.

I haven't encountered any probs with the power steering. I have done 146,000 and have only, so far ( fingers crossed ), replaced a water pump. I have a good mechanic and keep it regularly serviced.

I looked at the 'classic', which are the ones with the leather seats, but I thought that the leather seats were just something else to maintain, you have to keep them soft, and I thought that my legs would stick to them in shorts, even if the air con was on. Just my opinion only, the seats look good, but I'd hate to damage them with horsey stuff.

Good luck, bowerbird.

Jan Heine
07-03-03, 07:46 PM
Yep Michelle - I have towed tha lads with my Jeep but they weren't the heavy item - I have a wonderful old Kentucky float with the wooden sides and it weighs the tonne by itself - and no probls towing that with the lads.

Well done convincing hubby - but boy you are game going for the leather seats - I didn't only because it would have broken my heart to throw in saddles and other assorted gear like buckets and find I had torn the leather - I went for fabric and then had the whole car recovered in cow skin - tough as and looks awesome *grin*!

Michelle O
08-03-03, 12:51 AM
Jan, now thats sounds amazing.....where did you get the skins from? If we get leather they will be covered with lambswool seatcovers, they are just more compfy. I dont put horse gear in the car anymore, My tack box in the float is twice as big as our car boot!

Thanks for all the info, really appreciated!

08-03-03, 01:36 AM
Damn, I knew I shouldn't have opened this thread. :-)

After lots of research, I finally decided my new car was going to be a Ford V8 ute, which would be both my towing vehicle and general run around car.

Now, having read this thread, I've done a bit of surfing and the Jeep Cherokee has got me thinking .... but first a question. Can you fit LPG to the petrol models, and if so, where does the gas tank go?

Jules P
08-03-03, 02:09 AM
I had a look at the Jeeps but ran in to a bit of a problem with them - hubby's head pretty much touched the roof in them! There isn't that much head room in them. I wanted a smaller sized 4wd so ended up with a Discovery, which I love but it is very bad on fuel.

Michelle O
08-03-03, 04:18 AM
Jomac, I am yet to see one on gas. But I drive a EA Falcon and they are about the same to run. I am ringing the Jeep dealer to find out all specs today.

08-03-03, 08:29 AM
My father in law has a jeep Cherokee on gas and he has the tank under the back end of the car (if that makes sense).

They are very nice to drive and easy to handle around town. The one thing I have found is that they are not the most spacious of cars, but if there are only two of you that should be fine. he also had quite a lot of trouble with his brakes and suspension, he has had it since new. These things have cost a lot to fix, and if I were going to buy one of these I too would have heavy duty suspension put in them ( he has not done any towing with it either).

To the original poster ( sorry forgot your name :-) )I have a ford Maverick(diesel) and although not the fastest thing off the mark (or up hills) it tows like a tank. Have you thought about the Maverick/Patrol?. Jeeps are very nice but are gas and fuel hungry, and it does cost dadinlaw quite a bit to run.

SL :-)

09-03-03, 01:46 AM
Thanks heaps for that info SL. The fuel economy is obviously important, considering the rising prices and miles you can travel to go to competitions. However, depending on who you talk to, one particular car is economical but the next person will tell you it's a fuel guzzler. I like the dual fuel because it helps with fuel costs, and when you do the miles I do, you can normally get to the comp and back without having to stop to fuel up.

Interesting comments re the brakes and suspension, and certainly something worth knowing. I've changed the suspension on both cars I've used for towing in the past, so that's no problems, but the brakes is a bit of a worry.

And one more question, I'm assuming the Cherokee have a full chassis?

09-03-03, 06:14 AM
Jomac I have just asked husband - who is sitting glued to the Grand Prix prelims on the tv ... and he said emphatically "NO .. no chassis. He said it is "unitary construction" ... means nought to me but thought you might like to know that.

I've had F100 utes - yerrck ... never again. What's wrong with a Toyota? I have one now and I love it to pieces. :-)

09-03-03, 02:23 PM
Jeep are about to release a new diesel model - which is designed especially for the towing market. We are planning to do a product review and put it through the tests that horse people would like to see done - keep a watch on this space !!!

Jan Heine
09-03-03, 07:36 PM
Sorry SL I would disagree totally with your pa-in-law! The Nissan Patrol was killing me with fuel costs - the Jeep was a wonderful change - didn't feel like I needed to own a petrol station to drive one!

Jomac - I had no problems with my brakes - but then any mechanic who has serviced vehicles for me has always commented that "a bloke must drive the vehicle cos the brakes are so carefully used" - you should see their faces when they find out it is only a female ever driver! I am very easy on brakes and maybe that is why I have not had issues - you dfo have to be careful in that they need to be regularly looked at as they do not have that "first scratchy sound" that warns you they are going - they pretty much go! But regular service from a quality mechanic overcomes that issue.

Yep the suspension was an issue- I just didn't feel it was quite right for towing horses - probably would have been fine for a caravan but that ain't what I tow! *grin*!

Sylvie - Toyota is lovely but heavy on juice and a big vehicle - so if you want to drive into town the Jeep can pass as a city car and doesn't require it's own parking lot to park it *giggle*!

Berni looking forward to the feature - Jeeps just kee0p on getting better as far as I am concerned!

Jan Heine
09-03-03, 07:42 PM
Michelle O - forgot to say - the cow skins - I got mine in Ferntree Gully from one of those sheepskin places - you know they have huge range of skins - mostly sheep but if you ask they can get the cow in if they don't have any - mine are gorgeous black and white and believe it or not it is a very practical covering - they don't absorb moisture so sticky drink spills get wiped up and no mess - they can be vacuumed easily when grubby with chaff etc. and muddy clothes (after messing in paddocks) are no issue at all - and dog claws aren't a problem either - and even the cat loves a trip in the car - she smooches all over poor cow! The skins were around $250 (this goes back about 4 years) and the making into covers was around $300 including the boot. It was a boating upholsterer that made them up for me.

Worked out cheaper than buying sheepskin covers and that wouldn't have given me the boot over as well.

11-03-03, 02:55 PM
I too will be looking to upgrade to a Jeep ('cause they are the coolest)later this year, what's the approx cost of upgrading the suspension?