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11-03-03, 08:06 AM
Any Results????

12-03-03, 06:47 AM
Just pushing this post back to the top because I am intersted in the results too...

12-03-03, 07:21 AM
champion small hack- manuscript gina beck
champion large hack\supreme of show-entry of gina beck
champion galloway- king lodge county fair
reserve- beaufort heiress-crawford twins
champion small pony- koorana songbird-k burge
reserve- mondiso park justice- e fitzgerald
champion led arp mare- beckworth rising joyette-k burge
champion led arp gelding- langtree cartier- crawford twins
reserve - mondiso park justice-e fitzgerald
supreme led arp- beckworth rising joyette- k burge
champion ridden arp- beaufort heiress- crawford twins
reserve langtree cartier- crawford twins

13-03-03, 07:20 AM
>Langtree Cartier with the Crawford twins ?? Has he been sold again or just in limbo?

13-03-03, 12:15 PM
Thanks for all those results ema_fitz, although I think you'll find that Manuscript was actually Champ. large hack.
Denzel (Gina's new superstar) was Champ. small hack and Supreme. Manuscript pulled a shoe & didn't start in supreme.
Was a good show, lots of entries.

14-03-03, 04:06 PM
Have the Crawford Twins bought Langtree Cartier?