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24-11-00, 08:04 AM
Does anyone have details of the results? Thanks.

28-11-00, 05:51 AM
Judges - Charlotte Mitton and Kim Durante (in head-to-toe pink for those interested)

Small Pony - Osory Scarlet, Silver - (I've forgotton), Bronze - Myanarra Cleo
Large Pony - they spent a long time deciding this class - Kirralea Captivate, Silver - Weatherly Enchantment, Bronze - Briary Chipmonk
Galloway - Springfield Tiara, Silver - Leedale Charmed, Bronze - DInjerra Vogue
Hack - Dolce Vita, Silver - Western News, Bronze - Centre Piece

Lee Steere Pony - Sophia Rose
Galloway - Elmopalooza
Hack - Another Strike

Does anyone know the hunter winners?

28-11-00, 08:26 AM
Thanks showgirl. I caught up with Charlotte, Kim and her husband Simon on the Saturday and they are very friendly people. Didn't manage to come back on Sunday and as such missed the results. Do you know who rode Dolce Vita?

28-11-00, 11:56 AM
Ebony Regan. He was called Hugo Boss at the beginning of the year. Lovely horse, ridden in a snaffle.

Did you see the hunters?

28-11-00, 12:36 PM
Ahhhh. Makes more sense now. Sorry, don't know much about the hunters as I left just after lunch. Hopefully someone else here will know. Did you compete at all?