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27-05-03, 02:41 AM
I have a rising 2 year old that is exremely sensative to thrush.
He got it real bad last year, but only in one foot. The frog basically died, we had to cut away the frog as much as possibly could, open the heels to allow any mud not to lodge in the clefts of his foot. We also bathed it with a mixture of 1 part formulin/iodine to 10 parts water.
He has started to get it back again which is hard to believe as we have had no rain, so must be from the moisture on the grass from the cold dewy nights.
Is there any other suggestions or new ideas on the market.

Debby C
27-05-03, 04:23 AM
Try good old fashioned stockholm tar. Use every day and you should see a big improvement. In the old days, stockholm tar was used for everything. It is also great to smear on the back of the horses tongue for coughs and colds. My grandfather swore by it, but I must tell you, if you had a cold you did not tell him or he would swab you!

27-05-03, 05:44 AM
You don't say whether he is stabled or paddocked - if stabled make sure you're getting all wet bedding out every day.

Thrush is bizarre, isn't it? My big fellah has it in one front hoof at the moment - I have most success getting it to go away by just making sure I clean the hoof out properly as often as possible and spraying it with purple spray (you know, the one everyone uses because it not only disinfects, it keeps the flies off!). It's caused by a bacteria that hates oxygen as I recall, so the spray seems to work best as it is not oil-based so it doesn't restrict air to the site.

Also does your youngster have access to a dam? The mud can really clog into their hooves so it may be a thought to rope off any dams for the moment and provide an alternative water source.

Best defence is probably a healthy horse on a natural diet though - too much rich food (eg lucerne) or a vitamin/mineral imbalance might be the problem, especially in a growing boy. You might like to talk to a herbal horsey person and see if they have any suggestions. The symptoms are in the hooves, but the actual cause might be somewhere else in the body.

Good luck!


27-05-03, 07:12 AM
My boy is paddocked, no dams, no muddy areas. We did have 6mm of rain last week, but not enough to make the gateway or drains muddy.
It happened the same time last year, so whether it will be an ongoing saga year after year I hope not.
He is a clydesale, so these horses maybe are prone to it more than other breeds I'm not sure.
As far as I know 'thrush' is a bacterial problem from 'hygiene' but his feet get cleaned twice a day and treated with the formulin mixture as prescribed from the vet last year.
He is on Hi Form VM+ & Hoof Food with a balanced diet.
I don't like using this mixture of formulin as it really dries the feet out.
I'm told that 'thrush' is the horse name for 'foot root' which is found in sheep. As we run beef/sheep could it possibly be that maybe he has picked up this germ from soiled ground from infected sheep?

27-05-03, 10:19 AM
I use iodine and try and keep his foot clean and this has worked for me.

28-05-03, 05:39 AM
If the thrush is persistant then he may be lacking copper in his diet. Copper is an antifungal and lack of it can cause many things including thrush, greasy heel, rain scald and eating wood and bark!!! :-)

I would say it has nothing to do with moisture in the grass as my horses are all in damp/wet grass all day and night and I have never had any fungal type problems.

You can try washing or soaking the area in a copper sulphate solution twice a day - Im sure this would help.

29-05-03, 08:27 AM
I second the stockholm tar. One of mine is prone to thrush and I use it. Although iodine is good, stockholm tar STICKS and provides a bit of a barrier to the wet. I use compound stockholm tar (you can get it from saddleries) as recommended by my vet years ago.

29-05-03, 11:14 AM
One of my horses is very prone to thrush and I've had 2 different farriers recommend that after cleaning the hoof out , brush it thoroughly with something like a scrubbing brush (be sure that the sulcus of the frog is clean) then sprinkly normal builders lime onto the frog. I've done this andnever had the thrush return. Also my 2nd farrier also suggested that twice a week for the 1st 2 weeks then once a week after soak their feet in a solution of 1 tablespoon of copper sulphate with 1 litre of water for about a minute per hoof (I put the solution in a plastic dish) this penetrates the crevices in the frog and stays there to kill off the offending bacteria. Best of luck, persistant thrush is a real pain in the neck isn;t it!!