View Full Version : RED HILL- ABOTY Vic champs

22-03-00, 01:55 AM
So are we all ready for the Alice bands to come out in all their glory for the Vic championships? Will be held if sufficent entries show, c'mon don't let the Vic's down!! Jan and I will be there, what about Fran and Retired? Anyone else care to join? Plenty of fun to be had!!

Jan Heine
22-03-00, 02:59 AM
And I promise to capture this on film (well disk actually) and it will be included as a high light of the Red Hill Show - but we need entries - if you are not pre-entered I cannot promise a flattering photo! You are safe Showee - your pre-entry has been noted!

22-03-00, 06:54 AM
Well, I had many things todo, but they seem to be tipping over... maybe I'd better go and rummage and see what I can find.. or else go to Grand daughter's house and steal that awful plastic flowered one.... I'll let you know tomorrow...
retired what are you doing Saturday??? Wannabee's going to Tatura...