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06-06-03, 01:55 AM
Hi all, Im looking for someone to clip my mare in the Sydney Northern Beaches area. I have had no experience with clippers, so any help is appreciated. I want to get my horse fully clipped because she sweats very easily, even with a cotton rug on in the afternoon and its sunny but cold. Also how much would a full body clip cost (around abouts)? Thanx, Sophie.
PS: I dont mind if they sedate her because she hates twitches on any part of her body.

06-06-03, 02:10 AM
Sophie, I know of a lady who is just wonderful and I can personally recommend her as she has helped me with my own full show preparation. She is based on the Northern Beaches. Email me if you would like her details:


14-06-03, 10:40 AM
Try Jill Severn on 9973 3231.

15-06-03, 12:05 PM
You will need to get a get to sedate your horse, a clipper will not do it. Terry Hills Vet (Reiner Schburt) does that.
If you want a very professional clip (like you are going to shows heaps or are picky LOL) I would highly reccomend the Galloping Groom, Sharon Behan. She charges about $100.
If you are not too picky or not going to shows, I can clip for you. Not saying I do a bad job, I have done all my horses plus some friends. I will charge around $50.
Unless your horse is stabled we generally leave the legs hairy, apart from a tidy up, this keeps them warmer and more protected and no, it doesn't look daggy!!!
Well anyhow let me know. My addy is lex@horsemagazine.com

Lex :)