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29-11-00, 10:45 PM
Hi Guys
I have been giving some thought to selling up in Melbourne and moving the troops down to Tasmania, (really not looking forward to the hot weather anymore!).
Any Tassie natives out there have any thoughts/suggestions on where to go, how much for properites and if it's just a really dumb idea!

Would appreciate any ideas.


Keith Parker
30-11-00, 12:32 AM
Good choice.

My wife an I have bought a farm at Sheffield in the North of Tasmania. The land is very productive (currently growing potatoes) and the 51 acres cost us $90k. $2000.00 per acre is a reasonable price for good productive land. The climate is good and if you go to the top end (Launceston / Devonport) the climate is surprisingly mild - it does not get as cold as Melb nor as hot. Once you get over the central highlands in Tassie and go closer to Hobart, all bets are off. It does get very cold and hot. The island is a very nice place to live but not great for employment, unless you have a universal skill or are retired. We retire in 2 years 11 months (who's counting) and we can't wait to get on the farm. If your lifestyle allows you to get there, you'll love it, but get across first and have a good look at the prices and the locations and try to determine if it's for you. Good luck.

Fiona in Tassie
30-11-00, 01:45 AM
Hi H1,
I live in the south of the state, near Hobart, and I absolutely love it here. Admittedly the grass is probably lusher and the soil better in some parts of the north of Tassie, but I have always lived here and am therefore biased about southern Tassie.

Hobart is a beautiful city - I am sitting in my office at the moment which is situated right on the harbour, I look out and watch the boats come and go. If I look in the other direction, I can see when clouds are rolling down off the mountain. We are nestled between this beautiful river and this wonderful mountain (just after I started work here, I looked out my window to watch dolphins playing around the docks...).

I live about half an hour's drive from the city, in a very 'horsey' area. We built on 4 and a bit acres - the land cost us $50,000, which is probably a bit more than usual, but we are close to the beach and there are riding trails all around, so we resigned ourselves to paying a bit extra.

Depending on the area, you can buy a nice horse property with a few acres for anything from $120,000 to over $300,000. My instructor has her property on the market at the moment, which is about half an hour from the city, for about $200,000 - it is 20 acres (about 8 cleared), has a full size arena, round yard, 2 stables, outbuildings etc (no this is not an ad Bill, just an example to answer the question about property prices!).

Regarding employment, your best chance would be in or around Hobart. I think employment is actually picking up, we've noticed a definite increase in job ad's in the paper lately. What do you do?

The climate is good - some very cold days in winter and some very hot days in summer, but generally a nice range in between.

Have I convinced you yet?

I suppose the only down side is that bit of water separating us from everyone else - makes it difficult if you wish to compete your horse interstate, for example. On the other hand, it's a nice feeling being an island - makes us special :-)

If you do decide to come down and live in southern Tassie, post your email address, I'd be happy to help you find your feet (however I don't wish to post my own email address as it is a work address).

Good luck with your decision!

(Mel if you're reading this, can you think of anything I've missed out?).

30-11-00, 03:31 AM
Don't want to put a wash on it but we tried that idea a few years ago. Spent 18 months down at a place called Staverton just outside of Sheffield and loved the country but the attitude with the kids stank!!!!!! I was disgusted when our son was bullied at school and the principle at Sheffield looked me straight in the eye and said "what did we expect we were mainlanders and that was our problem". We found that there was very little interest in people furthering their education, cost of living more expensive, schooling.......abhorrent........People in general nice, but we could not get back up here soon enough. At least on the mainland you have a choice and people seem to want to try to make a go of their lives, but down there we found little if any interest in people trying to achieve something.

Different strokes for different folks.....:-)

30-11-00, 04:36 AM
I went the other way!!! From Tassie to the mainland. One thing you will notice is the difference in prices. You will feel like a king with money in your pocket down there. $200,000 really will go a long way and would buy you at least what $500,000 in Sydney would!

The water is clean and plentiful and the people are really friendly. The horse population is less concentrated but the standards are the same (ie really nice ones, middle ones etc - just not so many in each category).

Unlike Fiona I recommend North West Coast (only cause that is where I lived!!) but where ever you go you will enjoy it!!

ps Traffic is sooooooooooooooooo much better there !!

30-11-00, 05:07 AM
Sigh ..yeah the grass always seems greener somewhere else.
We keep getting sent brochures from a Tassie R/E agent promoting farms with lovely old stone homesteads with lots of oak trees etc.
Sort of like Bowral in the south ...but for pretty cheap prices..have been tempted to go and have a look ..but hey its 28 todayin Brissie .. gentle cooling south easter blowing, the place is a green as ireland, ..nah . not today..

30-11-00, 06:09 AM
Another thing that made us realise how good we have it up here is that if you want to go to another state on the mainland then all you do is hop in the car and go.....the cost of travelling from Tassie to the mainland is disgustingly expensive. That aspect really got up our nose as we were then completely cut off from old friends...just another thought...:-)

30-11-00, 06:15 AM
I too am an ex taswegian I was bourn & bred in Scottsdale (north east) but had grandparents & rellies on the NW coast. Parents are till down there. It was a great place to grow up & considered shifting back about 5 yrs ago but found a property here. I still make the annual trek most years & this one is no different.

I like the Tamar valley or the NW coast.

Any other fourumites in tassie that want to catch up (meet) between Dec21 & early in the new year ? (that long with the folks Ill need a break!!!)

Just another Taswegian
30-11-00, 06:47 PM
Well after being born and bred in the south of the state, I was sick to death of going north to get some competition for my breed of horse. So moved to the north, Tamar Valley. I agree with some of the comments that were negative, such as travel to the big island being expensive and so on but everything has its good side and bad. We get mainland judges here, if your a showy, and this is good as we can measure ourselves against other states. Quite a few of our big showies head to the big island to compete and do really well. On the lifestyle, well I don't think there is anything better, it was sad to read that kiddies were being bullied but couldn't that happen anywhere? The climate, well sometimes that can leave a lot to be desired but mostly mild. After living most of my life in the South I find the North a lot warmer and the pastures better my opinion only. My husband and I (sounds royal:-)we are definately not!) looked into moving to Victoria but prices for property were so outragous we thought better of it. There are some really well set up horse properties around going between 150,000 to 300,000 for the more trendy area's. One thing I can say my car still sits in the drive unlocked of a night also my sheds and most times when just popping down the street for stock up, my door is unlocked try doing that interstate! Yes employment is not great but it is on the rise.
So I say go for it.

30-11-00, 11:07 PM
Gee, thanks for all the info guys, sounds interesting. Think I will have to get myself down there and check it all out. I am planning on selling my property here in Melbourne and it sounds like I could virtually retire in Tasmania! Fiona I have included my "non-work" email if you have any other thoughts.