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Jan Heine
22-03-00, 03:29 PM
I have a question for all my learned cyberhorse friends - explain to me the way the cat mind works! Not being a cat person I have at various times in my life come to have a cat sharing residence with me - currently we have a very sweet fluffy grey thing - she whinges a lot - and like all the other felines I have just treated her like a dog and she behaves quite doggy-like - that is until 4 days ago when she vanished off the face of the earth! She generally does not leave the property and is usually found curled up with one of the foals but she just vanished. This evening I got home and she casually strolled into the house when I opened the door - appearing out of the darkness - and went straight to her dinner tray and whinged that there was nothing in it. She is in good nick - no fighting etc. - coat looks good and she hasn't lost any weight! Where the bloody hell do you think she went? Could she have gone to "Syndey to visit the Queen"? Bloody cats - they've got me beat!

22-03-00, 04:00 PM
Jan its best ilustrated with a joke I heard recently :
God made Man and after a while the Angels came to God , and said that Man was very lonely , and could God do something for him.
So he thought for a while and decided to create an animal to keep him company , who would love and adore him , forgive him his errors etc. And as he was so like God , in his image so to speak, he reversed his name (God) and called him Dog.
After some further time the Angels came to God , and told him that the Dog had worked rather too well , as Man's ego was so inflated by his adoring Dog that he was impossible to be around.
So God decided to create another animal for him , something a bit more independent , who would respond to Mans attention, but at times be aloof, and he called him Cat.
So now God was happy , his Angels were happy , Man was happy , Dog was happy , and the cat quite frankly couldn't give a damn.

Black Beauty
22-03-00, 04:12 PM
Hmmmm has kitty been desexed ?? from having had 3 cats in the past I can tell you its probably a combination of: nicking the neighbours cat food, killing the wildlife(though it may take a while for kitty to bring home a trophy which they will probably place in the kitchen)being the neighbourhood floosy and generally being a nosy parker, hense the saying "curiousity killed the cat".
2 bells on the collar will let you at least hear if kitty is close by or as the cat breeders now suggest keep kitty inside all day!! or install a "kitty cam" in kitties collar !!.


Jan Heine
22-03-00, 04:56 PM
No BB - dear sweet Kitty has been desexed! Wears rather large cowbells x 2 on her collar - detests killing things - would rather bring them alive into the house for the Great Dane scare to death by standing over them (mice,birds etc) and just looking at them from her great height. I always thought cats were the way to get rid of mice - mmm no ours brings them up from the feed room into the house! Very strange one - generally spends her days as I said curled up asleep underneath the foals or in their pile of hay so that they have to eat around her! And nights are spent curled up asleep with the Great Dane (husky x Airedale puppy is just too bouncy for her)- hence my concern when she went AWOL for 4 days - really not capable of feeding herself from the neighbouring wildlife etc. Very strange animal - I think it was to make us miss her and thus give her more attention on her return! It worked I guess!

23-03-00, 01:37 AM
You mean to say your cat sleeps with the dog!!!

She probably went off looking for a better home!!!
Cats sleep in the middle of the bed and spend the night slowly but surely pushing you out. It's OK in winter, actually, because they do keep you nice and warm (I have 3 - and a large bed). The dog sleeps on his mat alongside the bed. He'd be on the bed too, if he could but a Shepherd is just too big, even if not as big as a Dane.

The only other solution I can offer is that maybe one of the foals clunked her with a foot and she went off to sleep for a few days. That happened to one of mine, but he didn't survive.

Glad she's home, though. It's awful when you don't know whether they're dead or alive.

23-03-00, 03:42 AM
One of our cats disappeared years ago for a few days. Being in the country we thought it had gone for a hunt of some sort (yes he was desexed).

We found him a couple of days later when we opened the garage door. He had followed us in and we had shut the door with him locked inside.

He was not to fussed about the whole thing, just wondered off to the stables for another sleep.

23-03-00, 04:09 AM
This will happen repeatedly - don't stress about it. Our cat finds little bunny rabbits to eat (horrible I know). One cat full of rabbit needs to sleep for at least a full day - x 4 rabbits (one per day) = 4 days. When rabbit supply runs out he comes home and whinges about no food in bowl.

Saying I love "dogs have masters, cats have staff"

23-03-00, 04:21 AM
Firstly, I'm not really a cat person..but my sister very much is. She was very worried a few years ago when one of her beloved Burmese disappeared for a few days..she was just about to go to work one day when she looked across the road into the neighbour's window and could see him leaping at the curtain - playing Prisoner of Zenda! so perhaps this could have happened to your cat.....
Mind you, these are cats that through their lives have
a) learnt to open the fridge door - one leaps, one pushes
b) stolen a defrosting leg of lamb from some poor neighbour
c) dragged a frozen chicken through the cat flap (they were woken by a constant thump/thump/thump, then thud...crunch crunch)

Black Beauty
23-03-00, 04:30 AM
Ohh kitty will be very good at pretending it has no interest in killing, and anything else for that matter !! cats are the masters of deception never trust what your cat tells you !! (lol).

23-03-00, 04:45 AM
As a child, we had a cross-eyed cat that we found at the local rubbish tip as a kitten. She grew up sleeping with our Aussie terrier and was convinced that she was a dog, which was, in the end, her downfall as she would jump into everyone's car to go for a ride. We believe she hopped in with someone who didn't know her one day and either escaped and couldn't find her way home (being cross-eyed), or the people loved her so much that they kept her (I've tried to convince myself that this was the correct scenario). Also, when I was at Uni, a desexed female cat in very good condition miowed at the door one day and never left. So maybe occasionally cats think that "Yes, life is good, but maybe it would be even better somewhere else" and turn up at the biggest sucker in the neighbourhood's house to try it on for size. Do your neighbours know your cat retired? Maybe she thought she'd check them out for a few days but decided in the end that life was better with you.

Jan Heine
23-03-00, 05:40 AM
Well thanks gang - the conclusion I have come to - my kitty kat is a dirty little stop out who may well have munched her way through several tiny bunnies (thus saving the environment from the destruction these would have caused when grown up) and/or munched her way through several rare bird types (thus being environmentally unfriendly in doing so) or she has tried next door neighbours as a better place of abode (unlikely as they are city type folk who asphalted their drive to make it easier to sweep those horrid messy leaves away)- whatever the reason for her disappearance she is now home and whingeing excessively about her dinner tray never being full enough/right type of food etc and even though I am not a cat person I must admit I am glad to have her home as I missed her hugely (oh god I really do need help from a professional) and next time she goes AWOL I am going to try the "aloof thing" when she comes home - mmmm see if she likes her own treatment right back in her face! Love the little brat!

24-03-00, 09:45 AM
Come on Jan - the ways of the cat are Ineffable - as everyone knows.... and yes you do need counselling - seek it soon...