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17-09-03, 02:36 AM
It would be great to hear from some people who work in the equestrian industry, whether it be office admin, racing, track riders, breeders, trainers etc etc. Your experiences and how you began working in the area would be of interest!

17-09-03, 03:14 AM
It really depends on what area of the horse industry you wish to get into. This will influence your choice of action. I have done the Glenny diploma and have found it good but found the horse industry no go to work in. Your too easy to replace, so you need to work hard to keep your job. Yes thatís probably like most industries. However other industries require degrees and diplomas at least. Where the horse industry is very segregated and every one has their own way of doing things.
I think the best way to get into the horse industry is choose a field you like and just go round asking for work. Be prepared to work long hours and donít expect to get paid a hell of a lot. Be keen and keep your mouth shut. Horse people donít like you to telling them how to do things or challenged the way they do things. Ask questions, this will help you learn, and always do as your told. Donít do short cuts, your boss will find out! Keep in mind the racing industry is easy to get into, you donít need a lot of practical experience. If you wish to get into stud admin, a course like Marcus or Glenny etc will help. If you want to be a trainer just get under a good trainer and spend your life riding.
Ps my experiences were instructing, stud, training and weanling sales. I loved training and will hope to train some winners in western riding. Even thou I have a lot of trainers wanting me to work for them I have turned them done because Iím not prepared to life on $100 a week. Therefore I have chosen to get a real job and keep the horse thing separate.
Good luck with it all and go out and have a go and then sit back one night and ask yourself could you do this the rest of your life.

17-09-03, 07:20 AM
anyone else??????

17-09-03, 07:57 AM
I am currently in a managerial position in the equine industry.
The road to here:
University diploma in Equine Studies (2 years of study),
Working Pupil for twelve months,
Laboratory technician (18 mths),
Stud hand (3 mths),
Secretary at a hardware store (6 mths) (whilst returning to study in the animal studies field),Worked at the Sydney Olympics in the stables.
Weighbridge attendent (18mths) whilst started studying PR and Marketing.
and now Manage a Dressage Establishment and do Equine and Wedding Photography on the side as my hobby (which doesn't get a large % of my time at present).
Think I may now have a fair idea of what I want to do finally.
I have a Rural background I am now going to mix it all together and study Rural Management and my long term plan is to get into Consulting for Equine industry then branch out into all other agricultural areas. But that is a long way down the track.
In the meantime more than happy to keep working where I am and commence studying part time in the new year.

17-09-03, 08:34 AM
Work in the horse racing industry as an Accountant, which I love! Although I am into warmbloods and dressage.

17-09-03, 09:46 AM
At present I am working as a vet nurse in a small animal clinic. I am hoping to get back in to horses either as a nurse or back into the breeding side of things. The moneys not great for either types of work (no one will get rich working with animals unless your a vet) Still, I enjoy it and it pays for my horses agistment.

I first worked at a riding school for $50 a week. Can you belive it?
I was also studying horse breeding part time.
Then I got a job as a working pupil for a dressage instructor.
I then got sick of having no money and worked in a bakery.
That only lasted 6 months and then I got my first real (more than $300 a week,just) job at a thouroghbred stud.
From there I went back to school full time to study animal technology.
I am now working full time as a vet nurse and finishing off my diploma. Next year I will go off and get my vet nurse certificate.

I have also worked in racing stables on a casual basis to keep my horse feed and agisted while I was studing.

But from a humble start I am pretty happy with where I am. I have lernt so much from the diffrent people and places I have worked. It is hard work, sometimes thank less and always long hours, but the good out weight the bad by lots.

20-09-03, 11:00 AM
Its always interesting to find out what people have done study wise and where they have ebded up.
Currently im studying a Bachelor of Applied Science in Equine Studies, and loving it! However the course has faults and what i will end up with in the end is still a mystery, even though im just over half way through!
But at the moment im working on a casual basis at a farily large thoroughbred breeding establishment, standing 4 stallions. Im just doing random things, feeding, checking and handling both the mares foals and stallions. I get to do a bit of everything around there, have just started 2 weeks work experience there, and have witnessed and helped out with the teasing of numerous mare and the serving of a few. And am learning so much about what it is like to work full time!
The best part about it, and what gives me the most confidence is that they have enough trust and conifdence in me to let me check the foals on my own and give them my opinion of how they are all doing. They have enough trust in my limited skills to let me handle most my cores there on my own and for me to report back to them with what i find. IF anything seems seriously wrong they obvioulsy double check but they also trust my opinion. Having confidence in myself has helped me work harder at learning as much as i can, im always asking questions and voicing the tinest of concerns when it comes to checking the animals.
When i finish uni, ideally i would like to do some research in the equine industry, but even if it means working as a stablehand, or where i am now til that happens, you just going to keep learning, and thats only goin to make you more experience when you get into your desired occupation.

21-09-03, 05:24 AM
I worked in the racing industry for ten years .First as shitkicker- (clean boxes) ,breeding ,pre-training and trackwork. I used to do gallops with Darren Beadman and Shane Dye etc.I am glad you asked. As it holds many, many good/bad memorys, and could tell a hundred stories.
Its a different life on that scene. As a track work rider it gives you a great insite into the brain of a Thoughtbred. I recormend it to any body with half a brain, beware. I remember the first day I rode as a track work rider, for Vick Thomson at Warrick Farm . It just blue my mind,I had my horses saddled for me, after work out i just gave them back, I only worked a few hours each day, what a great place,famous poeple, top horses and then they payed me as well! I was gone hook line and sinker! I stayed for many years.Questions?

23-09-03, 03:22 PM
I am very fortunate to have been working for the past year and a half as a swab official, collecting samples for equine drug testing at all metropolitan and provincial race tracks around Sydney. I can work up to 5 days a week doing it from Newcastle to Wollongong, and of course all the biggies - Randwick, Rosehill, Warwick Farm and Canterbury. I'm spoilt with members'/access all areas passes, free lunches, fantastic pay and great people to work with (not to mention some fabulous horses - Lohnro and Defier this saturday!!) including my colleagues, the vets, stewards, majority of strappers and of course all the big trainers. And you just can't beat the atmosphere of big race days!

I have recently graduated from the university of sydney with a BSc in Agriculture and the job was pinned up on one of the message boards at uni one day. It has been the most fantastic job I could possibly ask for! Of course my horse experience helped me get the job (i've had horses for the past 10 years and I did my honours thesis research on equine semen) but it was more due to the fact that I could work whenever they wanted me to. Right place, right time I suppose!

I'll be really sad to leave but, as i've graduated and completed my epic european travels (yep - they even kept my job for me when I was away for 4 months!!!), I'm currently looking for full time employment. I'd love to stay in the racing industry but I just can't see a position for me without doing all the ##### kicking first. I didn't go to university to become a stablehand!!! And unfortunately the thoroughbred racing industry does not do AI or use any assisted reproductive technologies. I do have some contacts in the standardbred racing industry so that is a possibility.