View Full Version : Don't know if this will work - but here goes...

23-03-00, 01:28 AM
Smiling is infectious,
you catch it like the flu,

When someone smiled at me today,
I started smiling too.

I passed around the corner

and someone saw my grin

When he smiled I realized

I'd passed it on to him .

I thought about that smile
then I realized its worth,

A single smile, just like mine
could travel round the earth.

So, if you feel a smile begin,

don't leave it undetected
Let's start an epidemic quick,

and get the world infected!

Keep the smile going by
sending this on to a friend.
Everyone needs a smile!!!

Bummer! the little smily faces didn't come out... oh well - the message is still good.

I hate the Equinox - my dad says when the days and nights are equal length the wind always blows... boy is he ever right!

so this little verse may brighten your days as the wind howls round our ears...

23-03-00, 12:55 PM
This is so cute! I love reading all your little poems and things. Keep them rolling! :-)
*** BL ***

Black Beauty
23-03-00, 01:03 PM
Its even better with all the smiley faces !!

23-03-00, 01:28 PM
Sometimes I think that Walter Mathau and TGh have much in common , although he had Sophia Loren ..ah well. But it did work ..not all day , but I had to go to the doc to try to rid myself of this Hong Kong Bug and I infected the whole place , had em all sniggering away ..and felt lots better for it myself too ..so thanks for the inspiration Fran..maybe one day if Jan spills the beans I can have a new Pseudonym GOM :-)

Jan Heine
23-03-00, 02:27 PM
Oh TGH - how could you even suspect that I could do that to you - you are my darling neutral gender friend of unknown "doings" who wanders in to visit us here in cyberspace every now and then - but Geri, Geri, Geri - you must know your secret is safe with me! Even when you make over-excited gaffs like the Ricky one! Mmmmm oh ye of little faith who thought that Bill was not up with the latest! Now have you got your direct results site set up so that you can check in every 4 minutes to see who is doing what at the World Cup final and see if you can beat Bill to it with results as they happen!
All jokes aside I am ready for the jumping finals - I just wish we could get the visuals - last year I sat up all night as it popped on to my screen - it was awesome though because it had the course plan and everything! Can't wait for jumping - so I guess you guys feel same way about dressage-ing!