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13-11-99, 04:11 AM
Can someone fill me in on the correct way you rotate different chemical based wormers? ie. an oximinth drug based wormer then next 2 times another sort of drug. If I'm going to do it I'd like to do it the most effective way. Thanks everyone.

25-11-99, 06:13 AM
hi whizz
Wormers sould be rotated from B-Z to no B-Z compounds every 7 wormings at normal 6-8 week intervals (B-Z compounds are drugs containing Benzimidazole, or anything ending with bedazole, check ingrediants on label) This prevents resistance. DO NOT change wormer type at every worming because all this will do is build up resistance to a broad range of wormers. I think equimec wormers do not contain BZ and oximith ones do but dont quote me on that.
What I genrally do, which is very effective, Is have my horse drenched when she comes back from a spell (late january) my vet combines a wormer with a drench. The she gets drenched again beginning of spring. Make sure you pick up all manure immediatly, as this prevents them from coming back (the worms, that is)
hope this helps