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09-11-03, 04:59 PM
What's the best product to use for Qld itch. My little pony has it around his wither and lower neck. Save him.... just watching him is making me scratch:(

10-11-03, 04:49 AM
I have pony that get this problem every March, like clockwork.

He even rubs out his tail down to weeping sores.

After trying everything under the sun I found the only thing that works really well is cortizone injection.

I'd really prefer to avoid this approach to the problem but it was a last resort and it works.

Good luck.

11-11-03, 02:46 AM
There is an ad in the Queensland Country Life most weeks for a product which it says stops itch instantly. I contacted the people, who operate from their home in Redland Bay producing Dr Chet's Herbal remedies, and tried the product on our horse who had a mild case. While the result was not instant, he has now had a full mane for a couple of years and we only have to treat him a few times a year. It is definitely worth trying.

I ended up buying a 5 litre container which has lasted 2 years.

11-11-03, 06:16 AM
Rosco where abouts are you, sounds a bit early for Qld itch, Im in NSW and i haven't seen any yet. Could it be a reaction to something your feeding, seaweed meal can cause itching exactly where you describe.If not, I have had a lot of success spraying the itchy areas with Flints medicated oil,rugging and this year i have cut out molasses in the feed and have started feeding black sunflower seeds and rosehips and the difference in their skin condition is amazing and these two had the driest skin,so it will be interesting to see how we go this year. If you do try the Flints oils just make sure you put a clean old rug on the horse cause it doesn't wash out real easy but i swear it works and i've tried everything.

11-11-03, 06:50 AM
Meg, we are in Brisbane. I bought the pony only a few days ago and although his case is not real bad he may have had it for a while. His mane has been hogged and he is constantly rolling and scratching. Could it have carried over from last year?. Where he was paddocked it was very wet area and he has never been rugged. If it may not be Qld itch what else might it be? I also thought it may have been rain scald but then we are in a drought after all.I am trying to find a rug right now so this hopefully won't happen again. Thanks for all your replies.

11-11-03, 01:34 PM
We've used a product called Brute with great success. Its an insecticide that u run along the topline of the horse once a week. I've tried heaps of things and this has been the only thing that has really worked.

12-11-03, 01:21 AM
Hi Lily

I have a mare with itch and it drives be nuts. Where do you get brute.

12-11-03, 04:48 AM
You should be able to buy Brute from Rural vet supply shops or feed merchants who also stock supplements and shampoos and stuff, it's about $50 and comes with a mit to apply it. I didn't have much success with it because you can only apply it once a week and in this weather my horse was sweating lots and i was rinsing her after every ride so i think that cuts down the effect. If the horse is not ridden i think it would probably work well or before they have scratched themselves raw.if it is a bit sore or scabby i still reckin try the Flints it's got tar in it which is very soothing. It's like putting a kid with measles in a Pinetarsol bath.Actually i have also heard of people washing the horse in pinetarsol and getting relief. Good luck it's a bugger

12-11-03, 05:09 AM
When my mare was in Sydney she got Queensland Itch really bad.

I tried every single product available - horse and human alike and found three things that worked really well: Tea Tree Ointment (from Chemist); Calamine Lotion (for itchiness & from Chemist) and Canastine Cream (recommended by a nurse & from Chemist).

I used the above anywhere there was a sore and kept using it even when the sores cleared up. One of insects bite will causes extreme itchiness for up to 4 weeks and is 100 times worse than we get bitten by a mosquito.

The best thing you can do is move your horse to another agistment centre or if that is not possible rug your horse from head to tail. My mare ended up wearing a light cotton rug, tail bag and hood. I hated rugging her as it was hot but I got the thinnest cotton rugs available and the only thing that will really work with Qi is coverage so the buggers can't bite your horse in the first place.

I tried feeding garlic (cloves and powder) but my horse wouldn't eat them even disguised in molasses. Steer clear of any sweet feeds especially molasses as you are sweetening your horses blood for the insects. I was feeding her Mitavite Economix when she first got QI but as all their products (they confirmed this) have molasses in them, I could no longer use their brand.

I ended up feeding her Prydes Bio Mare Cubs with lucerne and wheaten chaff + lucerne hay. Worked a treat and I found I was feeding less and paying less than before! The Prydes Bio Mare Cubes can be fed to any horse despite the title and the Prydes specialists recommended it for QI.

This is also about the time last year that smy mare got QI due to increases in humidity so it is definitely not too soon.


12-11-03, 05:25 AM
I have a mare that when I first got her she was one huge scab from the tip of her nose to the base of her tail. Anyway the only way I god rid of it was to wash her a few times a week in a tar based soap/shampoo(cedal) from Chemist then rug her with rug/hood/tail bag. I managed to get in under control, but it took weeks. She actually grew hair back over the parts that were scabed right up, something I thought would never happen.
Once you have it under control, keep her lightly rugged and clean. Only wash in a tar based soap/shampoo. Now I know how to manage QLD Itch my mare has NEVER had it again. But she does live her life rugged lightly from nose to tail.
Good luck and let us know how you go?


12-11-03, 08:07 AM
We use Swift every few weeks and lightly rug and it works really well. The trouble with creams is you really have to get something into the horses blood stream to stop the insects from biting, the cream only treats the damage really.

We have a shetland mare who had no mane or tail when we bought her and had sores on her crest and rump but we don't have any more problems now, but she would have been rubbing before this time of year and we are in Brisbane.

12-11-03, 08:16 AM
Cortizone injection, follow up injection if needed, light rugs from tip to tail (even have ears put in your hood if you can)and swift seems to be doing the job.

12-11-03, 08:47 AM
I had a horse who had it really bad when i first got him, i used quit itch constantly and it helped a tiny bit, he now gets cortazone shots when the itch season starts! Good luck!

12-11-03, 03:27 PM
I have purchased Swift. I will see how it goes. I will start rugging him too to keep the nasties away. Now...how long does it take for a hogged mane to grow back?