View Full Version : Neck Sweats..Do they work???

Miss Roll
08-12-00, 02:54 AM

Have a pony who is fat - can only now start to work her properly - wondering if anyone knows if neck sweats work or are they a waste of time? I have a old throat sweat, but don't know if I should spend the money and get a full one.


08-12-00, 07:55 AM
A neck sweat would be similar to you running round the block in a garbage bag. The only weight lost will be fluid which will dehydrate your pony if used in excess. Some showies do use them the night before a show as they believe it gives them a more streamlined neckline. I have my doubts even about this but definitely no advantage to working your horse in one. No magic answer to this. Increase your work and restrict feed if need be.

09-12-00, 02:52 AM
We use neck sweats all the time when we are showing. Granted we show western horses and the trend is to have pencil slim necks and over-bulked bodies.
Anyway the manner in which we use neck sweats is very effective and our horses do not dehydrate. We rub glycerin over the extra fatty areas on the neck and then use a full neck sweat.
The horses are worked on alternate days for 10 minutes in the round yard, free lunging, and then are lightly rugged and left tied up for up to an hour afterwards. If you think about yourself, when you do some hard work, yes, you do sweat, but when you stop the sweat pours off you. Same with the horses. Many people make the mistake of taking the neck sweat off as soon as they finish working the horse, but we have found that the way we do it works really well. On the alternate days when the horse is not worked, the neck sweat still goes on and the horse is again tied up as before.
It really depends on how much you want to get off the neck and the manner in which you feed your horse can contribute greatly to weight gain.
We have found that a simple diet of whole oats, lucerne chaff, vitamin supplement, pinch of salt and hay is good for the western horse. If you feed pellets and sweet feeds (with molasses), the horses tend to get big in all the wrong places.
Hope this "sheds" some light on neck sweats for you.

09-12-00, 03:31 AM
Stop!!! Apply some logic and education to your problem and you don't need to go anywhere near a neck sweat.

Have you trained for sport or fitness yourself? Are you aware of the dangers of overheating the body during and prolonged overheating after training? Repeated heat stress causes serious damage to the body. If you don't have an understanding of this then call Fitness Australia and they have a white paper on the subject.

Fitness, weight loss, muscle conditioning in horses follows similar principles to human training. There are no quick fixes. Educated diet and exercise combined with time produce excellent sustainable results.

There are a multitude of experienced individuals to assist you with advice. Spend your money on their services rather than a crappy neck sweat.

If you are still in doubt, pop the bottom half of your wetsuit on, go for 20min run then sit in it for the next hour. You will find the answer to your own question.

Miss Roll
09-12-00, 08:00 AM
Thank you very much - I will leave the neck sweat thing alone. I did think about it after the garbage bag comment. A long time ago I used to be a dancer and remember having sweat pants on for hours. Yes I will definitley leave the neck sweats alone!