View Full Version : It's nice to be on line again

23-03-00, 01:44 PM
I have been off line for two weeks now and I am glad to say - nothing has changed - at least some things stay consistent.

Jan Heine
23-03-00, 02:39 PM
OK Stroudy what do ya mean - nothings changed! Mmmmm we have had heaps of fun in the last two weeks and some serious stuff as well and just by the way - you had better wander on in to the profiles post and add yours - you have been conspicuous by your absence! We are aiming for the biggest ever number of replies to a post - guiness book of records and all that stuff - trip around the world first class for the wittiest entry! Nah just kidding ya! So what have you been up to that has been more exciting than us over the last two weeks!

All said with huge grin on face and chuckling loudly!

Jan Heine
23-03-00, 02:41 PM
My cat went missing but turned up again - now how can you say nothing has changed?!!!