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16-01-04, 02:51 AM
There is an old (30years)horse in the same paddock as my horse. Apparently he is fed every day but I find it strange that neither I or any of my friends have ever seen the owners.

Now I am not out there all day and night but I often go out at different times and still never seen them or the remnants of any feed that either I or my friend have left behind.

The horse developed rainscald along his back and some hair loss. He still hasn't got the hair back but now has little white dots on the bald spots that kinda look like coconut flakes.

Does anyone know what this is? I don't want my horse catching lice etc. The little conconut flake like stuff moves when you touch it. The horse is looking a bit scruffy in his coat and a bit dull but he appears to have his feet done pretty regularly so they must see him fairly frequently.


16-01-04, 07:50 AM
It could just be a form of dermatitis..., if you are concerned about your horse catching something, and i know that no one should have to do this for someone else, but i would give it a sponge over with a betadine solution (betadine and warm water) a couple of times, then if it starts to clear you should be a little more comfortable with horse horse being around this other one.

Also seeing as thought the horse is old, it could be that his body is having trouble with the 'repairing' process after the rainscald, also if he is not being fed as you suspect, he may be deficient in some vitamins/minerals and that will not help a horse that age to heal.

16-01-04, 07:55 AM
Thanks Melsy.

I will use the betadine wash (and warm water)and hope it clears it up.

I don't think the paddock can now provide all the horses require which is why my friend and I have our horse on a diet developed for them by Victoria Ferguson and the horses are really healthy and keeping condition well.

A bit worried that the horse is not being wormed either, luckily our horses are regularly wormed and we have worm counts done to determine worm levels and type and adjust accordingly.


16-01-04, 08:48 AM
Dont treat the horse without contacting the owner - not the right thing to do. I know at our agistment worming is so strict that you have to hand them the empty packet - just a suggestion and a great idea for paddocked horses all in togther! Poor old horse - hope his owners feed him appropriately for his age? I would approach the owners about all concerns!

R Craig
18-01-04, 11:25 AM
I think if white spots move when touched it definetley sounds like a bad case of lice.

I agree that you first (unless it is a life threatening situation) should seek owners permission before treating the horse as frustrating as this can be, could you get the owners phone number and give them a call with your concerns about the horses feeding regime and health and hear from them whats going on with it?
Goodonya for looking out for this horses condition.

20-01-04, 04:36 AM
Have approached owner of property about getting the horses owner number or giving the owner mine so they can contact me. Property owner refused.

Am going to leave note on paddock gate asking horses owner to contact me as I have never seen them once! So much for them feeding every day as the horse is losing weight and looking unhealthy.

If this continues, I might ask if I can buy the horse.


20-01-04, 05:06 AM
Good luck for trying to do the right thing and I hopw something gets sorted out! Just don't be disheartened when these people are rude to you - I know the sort and they most definitely shouldn't own horses! Sounds like the owner of your property needs to learn a thing or two as well - you think they would have the health of the horses agisted on their property as a pretty high priority! Good on you for trying to do the right thing!

30-01-04, 05:09 AM
It's confirmed, the horse has lice! The horses owners have another (younger and rideable) horse in a different paddock so I am wondering if they no longer care about the old horse? He has dropped weight again and his coat is looking very dull. The lice has spread and I don't want him suffering or my horse getting lice.

I had the vet out for some blood tests for my horse(Patterson curse toxicity - 0% liver damage, thank god) and he had a look at the old horse for me and said he's got lice.

Anyone got any suggestions of how I can approach the owners about the horse? I have never seen them and the owner of the property told me off and said the horse is being fed every day which I thinks strange as no-one ever sees them near the horse.

I am thinking that I might offer to buy him or see if they will give him to me as I am very worried about his detoriating condition. Would a herbal shampoo be sufficient in getting rid of the lice?

Any advice?


30-01-04, 06:12 AM
Herbal Shampoo may work, but i doubt it...
Ask your vet or at your local saddlery and they will be able to help you out!!!