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29-02-04, 10:31 AM
How does everyone decide a suitable horse trainer for their horses? I am in a situation where I feel my experience is not enough for the little problems I'm having with my horse, and that a re-trainer might be needed.

Do you really get what you pay for? Does anyone look at facilities/care/feed when looking at trainers, and experience?

I have seen/met a couple in my area, that charge close to $400 a week, horse is ridden/trained about 1 hr a day, only feed is hay, and kept in unsheltered yards. These couple of horse persons also have full time jobs (not horsey jobs), so it's not like the horse training is their only source of income.

Any advise is appreciated, I've never had my horse at a trainers before.


Cyndi :-)

29-02-04, 01:52 PM
$400 seems rather a lot for the conditions you describe. Where do you live - perhaps someone living in that area could give you a recommendation.

R Craig
29-02-04, 03:18 PM
Cindi Hi,

Im sorry but I dont think I would be sending my horse to that trainer/s.
I think that what they want to charge you and what your horse is getting is not a case of value for money (even if it were its still too much) !

Look else where you can do a lot better I think.

I have one of Sydneys leading trainers, and my horse has a stable in his yard, is worked every day, fed 2 hard feeds a day (and hay) for $230.00 a week, that also includes rugging ect. I would not pay anymore because you have shoeing,teeth ,worming ect on top.
I also pay more for showing and transporting.

For $400.00 week you could rent a property with a indoor arena and spa bath in which through a window (your glass of champers in hand)you could watch your horse frolicking in the lucern sewn fields outside ( well almost )!
Good luck !

R Craig
29-02-04, 03:22 PM
Sorry Cindi, I made a error- my trainer works my horse 5 days a week with show days on top.

29-02-04, 03:49 PM
Hi Cyndi

Well your trainer charges more than anyone that I've ever heard of, and keeps your horse on a low energy diet to make sure it is pliable!!

Let us know where you are as I can recommend some people very highly in the Western Sydney area who charge nearly half that.


01-03-04, 04:25 AM
I live north Brisbane. Thanks for the replies guys. I had the feeling that those prices were abit too dear. Not that I mind my horse living in a paddock, as he does at home, but I do expect a little bit more TLC. I'd expect my horse to have silver service every night for those prices. :D


01-03-04, 09:19 AM

what problems are you experiencing with your horse and what do you want fixed - that way a couple of the brisbanites may be able to find someone who can help.

If its just getting the horse going (eg a breaker) I thought the going rate around Brisbane was around $150 per week. But if you're looking to put your horse in show or dressage training, it really depends on who you are using.